‘Pleasant dreams’ CD / LP

'Pleasant dreams' CD / LP

Tribute to Ramones' "Pleasant dreams" album. Limited edition of 300 copies on vinyl LP and 100 copies on CD with a 16-page booklet and 3 bonus tracks.

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Tributo en clave pop al álbum ‘Pleasant dreams’ de los RAMONES, coincidiendo con el 40 aniversario del disco. Colaboraciones de Antonio Galvañ (PARADE) en “Come on now”, y de Ruth (VACACIONES) y Antonio (LOS ZAPATOS) en “All’s quiet on the eastern front”. THE YELLOW MELODIES no han perseguido sacar el mismo sonido de los RAMONES como tantos grupos de punk y garage han hecho durante décadas, sino ofrecer un punto de vista distinto, mucho más pop, siendo fieles a su sonido de melodías brillantes, actitud hedonista y canciones llenas de luz de sol, amor y juventud, capaces de recargarte el día con energías positivas.



Pop tribute to RAMONES’ ‘Pleasant dreams’ album, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the record. Collaborations from Antonio Galvañ (PARADE) on “Come on now” and Ruth (VACACIONES) and Antonio (LOS ZAPATOS) on “All’s quiet on the eastern front”. THE YELLOW MELODIES have not tried to do the same RAMONES’ sound as so many punk and garage groups have done for decades, but they have offered a different point of view, much more pop, being faithful to their sound of bright melodies, hedonistic attitude and songs full of sunlight, love and youth, capable of recharging your day with positive energies.

Discos Imprescindibles / Hurrah! / Snap!! / Old Bad Habits
1. We want the airwaves 2. All’s quiet on the eastern front 3. The KKK took my baby away 4. Don’t go 5. You sound like you’re sick 6. It’s not my place (in the 9 to 5 world) 7. She’s a sensation 8. 7-11 9. You didn’t mean anything to me 10. Come on now 11. This business is killing me 12. Sitting in my room 13. Don’t go (alternate version) [CD bonus track] 14. This business is killing me (vocal mix) [CD bonus track] 15. Sitting in my room (alternate version) [CD bonus track]
16 pages on CD / insert on LP

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