‘Repertorio B’ CD

'Repertorio B' CD

Debut album, released on Pussycats. 9 songs (plus 12 hidden ones), including a cover by Gene.

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‘Repertorio B’ CD

Como ganadores del Concurso Murcia Joven, The Yellow Melodies facturan su álbum de debut, en el que incluyen 9 temas de pop refrescante, y en el que se atreven con algunas guitarras psicodélicas, sonidos más rockeros e incluso flirtean con la electrónica. Letras cuidadas, estribillos de los que se te quedan desde la primera vez que los escuchas… Preciosas canciones como «The Secret Garden», «Stupid Girl», etc…

Winners of the Murcia Joven Contest, their Award is this beautiful debut album. Their first LP includes 9 songs with gorgeous arrangements of strings, synths, oboe,… They make a fresh pop, and dare with psychedelic guitars, experimenting also with electronics. Excellent lyrics and choruses that remain in your mind from the very first moment you listen to them! Lovely songs such as «The Secret Garden», «Success» or «Stupid Girl» have made these guys from Murcia be an interesting and surprising band in the Spanish independent scene.

01. The secret garden 02. Success 03. Crazy little snowgirl 04. I broke the glass 05. Stupid girl 06. Your love, it lies 07. Pretend 08. Somebody finds someone somewhere someday 09. Ireland 13. Hydrogen 14. The hanging bulb 15. Sonic party 16. Tangerine Juice 17. Get a wonderful nap! 18. Israel 19. Apocalypse tomorrow 20. Industrial dance 21. Dear vinyl 22. Odd sounds from an outer space 23. Time tunnel 24. Final theme

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