TOP 100 de J. Morales:
1. Love me do (THE BEATLES)
2. Paint it black (THE ROLLING STONES)
3. Autumn almanac (THE KINKS)
4. The kids are alright (THE WHO)
5. Understanding (THE SMALL FACES)
6. Funny how love can be (THE IVY LEAGUE)
7. Smile a little smile (THE FLYIN' MACHINE)
8. Saynia (TURQUOISE)
9. I can't let maggie go (HONEYBUS)
10. From the distance (P.F.SLOAN)
11. Don't think twice, it's alright (BOB DYLAN)
12. Day is done (NICK DRAKE)
13. Belle isle (BOB DYLAN)
14. The trip (KIM FOWLEY)
15. Forever (THE BEACH BOYS)
16. Brian is back (MIKE LOVE)
17. Do you believe in magic? (THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL)
18. I must be dreaming (THE TIKIS)
19. Mushroom clouds (LOVE)
20. Sad and lonely times (COUNTRY JOE AND THE FISH)
21. Waterloo sunset (THE KINKS)
23. Julia (THE BEATLES)
24. Blue turns to grey (THE ROLLING STONES)
25. Yellow balloon (YELLOW BALLOON)
26. The two of us (SUEDE)
27. Travellin' light (TINDERSTICKS)
28. Unloveable (THE SMITHS)
29. Life is born today (EAST RIVER PIPE)
31. The killing moon (ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN)
32. Grinding halt (THE CURE)
33. London's burning (THE CLASH)
34. Sunday girl (BLONDIE)
35. I wanna be your boyfriend (RAMONES)
36. Life goes on (THE DAMNED)
37. English rose (THE JAM)
38. Stereotypes (THE SPECIALS)
39. Bed and breakfast (MADNESS)
40. Here comes the summer (THE UNDERTONES)
41. Time for action (MANUAL SCAN)
42. Twisterella (RIDE)
43. Fool's gold (THE STONE ROSES)
44. All together now (THE FARM)
45. Loaded (PRIMAL SCREAM)
46. Belfast (ORBITAL)
47. Cyber car (EAST RIVER PIPE)
48. Rented rooms (TINDERSTICKS)
49. Outside (BABYBIRD)
50. Halloween mary (P.F.SLOAN)
51. Nadie te quiere ya (LOS BRINCOS)
52. No sé qué pasará (MARI TRINI)
53. Veo visiones (LOS GRITOS)
54. Contenta (ROCÍO DURCAL)
55. Codo con codo (BRUNO LOMAS)
56. Días sin mañana (LOS HURACANES)
57. El final del verano (DÚO DINÁMICO)
58. Mónica (LOS ÁNGELES)
59. Un rayo de sol (LOS DIABLOS)
60. La flechas del amor (KARINA)
61. Los chicos con los chicos (LOS BRAVOS)
62. Summertime girl (LOS ÍBEROS)
63. Eva María (FÓRMULA V)
64. Daydream believer (THE MONKEES)
65. California dreamin' (THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS)
66. Echoes (GENE CLARK)
67. Sitting on the dock of the bay (OTIS REDDING)
68. She don't care about time (THE BYRDS)
69. Funny little world (THE LEAVES)
70. Un millón de sueños (CECILIA)
71. Toca el pito, rosario (KAKA DE LUXE)
72. Máquinas (TOS)
73. Groenlandia (LOS ZOMBIES)
74. Qué nos va a pasar (LA BUENA VIDA)
75. Nunca se sabe (DINARAMA)
76. Manga por hombro (BERLANGA)
77. Ivonne (RADIO FUTURA)
78. El mundo está lleno de maldad (LOS CARAMELOS)
79. No sé por qué (ALASKA Y LOS PEGAMOIDES)
80. Imperfecta (VACACIONES)
81. Jamás seré feliz (PARADE)
82. 500 theme (SAM COOKE)
83. Someone out there (THE FLIRTATIONS)
84. Thank you, baby (THE SHIRELLES)
85. The light will stay on (THE WALKABOUTS)
86. Ráfagas (LOS BÓLIDOS)
87. Teenager (CAMERA OBSCURA)
88. Wilderness of love (JOHN PHILLIPS)
89. Despedida (COSECHA ROJA)
90. Louie louie (THE KINGSMEN)
92. Two seconds (LAURA CANTRELL)
94. Father and son (CAT STEVENS)
95. Girl from the north country (BOB DYLAN)
96. It's cold outside (THE CHOIR)
97. She's sorry (THE JOURNEYMEN)
98. I'll see you in my dreams (DJANGO REINHARDT TRIO)
99. Je t'aime moi non plus (JANE BIRKIN + SERGE)