Discos Imprescindibles (‘Essential Records’) is the name that Rafa Skam (member of VACACIONES and THE YELLOW MELODIES, and the author of ‘El Planeta Amarillo’ Fanzine) thought of naming an indie label, if one day he was mad enough to create one, and that day has come! and the second album by VACACIONES, called ‘Emmaboda’, has turned out to be the very first reference of the new label.

    As the label name itself shows, all the references appear to be absolutely essential, but now the only real reference is the VACACIONES’ second album, so up ‘till now we can just say it is a label to release their own records, but any day the label can grow up and spread to release other fantastic records and bands.

   Discos Imprescindibles have a romantic origin and aim: you can guess the bands that could join the catalogue by knowing his creator’s (Rafa Skam) likes, and you can get to know this by looking up in the CDR compilations that come with ‘El Planeta Amarillo’ fanzine that Rafa makes.

   The label hasn’t got a lucrative aim. That even has no sense nowadays. What gives sense to Discos Imprescindibles is the need to make new shiny and exquisite proposals to be more known.

   Maybe as Rafa has been working on Elefant Records for some years, he once thought that someday he would start a label and the first reference would be a beautiful blue 7” vinyl by a band from Barcelona called FLIRT, with the 4 songs from their first demo... that will always be the first dreamed release... but the real first record (DIMP-001) has been the second album by VACACIONES, ‘Emmaboda’, which is also the introduction reference of the new record company. And this adventure has been possible thanks to Autopop (an Elefant Records’ sub-label), whose help and collaboration has been totally essential... to make Discos Imprescindibles be finally possible!