VACACIONES are a six-piece from Murcia, in southern Spain, and this is their second album, which they have recorded, produced, arranged, and mixed in their own studio. This time the band delights us with 11 nice songs, plenty of sparkling melodies and multicoloured harmonies. The sound of VACACIONES is halfway through energetic, vibrant sixties pop (“Dis Berlin”, “Suelta los problemas ¡ya!”,...) and the sweetiest indie pop with female vocals (“Moral femenina”, “Mil piruetas”,...), featuring almost a dozen of songs with a special melodic intuition to bump into the catchiest chorus. The album title (and the first song) is taken from the swedish festival where they spent a wonderful holidays in the summer of 2004. ‘Emmaboda’ is a brilliant collection of pop gems as fresh and cheeky as their first creations but much more professional and effective, and these songs show they are talented enough as to be placed at the top of the current Spanish underground pop scene. The amateurism of their early recordings is left behind in order to reveal all the band’s potential in these songs: Ruth’s charming and naturally fresh vocals (Ruth sings better than ever!); beautiful guitar textures where some rocking and effective riffs get on really well with some magical guitar arpeggios; we must not forget that hammond organ sound which gives them that special sixties touch, the dancing basslines, and a wide range of lushy arrangements, where we can hear strings, horns, xylophones, sitars, pianos, and so on... we can honestly say that they have been up to the expectations aroused and have delivered a whole collection of songs without being boring or repetitive; and not every band can go through this succesfully.
    barcode: 8428846001999

-The release date in Spain is 3rd October 2005
-The album is distributed in Spain through PIAS.
-The album is distributed all around the world through Elefant Records ( (email)
-You can also get this album ordering directly from Elefant Records ( (email)