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"they are the authors of a smart, natural and high class pop"

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 23-8-97)

"It´s one of the most prolific and lively bands. Their demos are probably the most spread all over the country."

"Rafa Skam, who keeps on this despite musical business, is an architect of short melancholic odes, with some kind of poetic load, where he expresses autobiographical feelings carefully, suggesting that there´s nothing lost."

(Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 10-10-97)

"...the Yellow Melodies began the show risking. Rafa Skam (voice and composer) greeted the audience with the only company of an acoustic guitar and his warm and soft voice, and then the band came in, a band which improves with every concert and whose best argument is their love to melodies.

...A good performance, good songs and a naturalness and fluidity in their developing 90´s pop that made them win the contest."

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 18-10-97)

"A certain live, high melodic quality and risky."

"They have never been a band specially supported by the Murcia press (I include myself here)."

"What they do best is POP, with capital letters."

"A pop music made with freshness, fluidity and a naturalness, but high quality."

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 25-10-97)

"They´re very influenced by The Beatles (and also by Suede), but they have their own identity, a present sound and which it´s most important, a particular sound. Pay attention the the voices."

(Javier Sánchez. Prisma (Fuenlabrada). December of 97)

"The Yellow Threat. Enthusiasm and courage for the first Yellow Melodies´ album."

"Extremely arranged, this is a production that, as they describe, tries to be solid, huge, and made with enthusiasm and courage. A kaleidoscope of kind madness and rebel melancholy. Almost a "Whatever" in album..."

(Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 12-12-97)

"Only few times there has been released an album from the Murcia Joven´s winner with such good songs like this."

"The quality of the songs and their melodic charism goes further on what a contest offers"

(Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 9-1-98)

"The Yellow Melodies are smart composers of a refreshing, natural and kind pop, and with no doubt, they are a band that improves every day."

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 18-1-98)

"The Yellow Melodies, the band from Murcia with a nice career, and whose love for the melodies make up their most solid reason. But not the only one."

"Repertorio b   is probably the best improved album of the recent story of Murcia Joven."

"Rafa Skam sings better every day and the band seems to be wisely inspired."

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 31-1-98)

"In "Repertorio B" they have showed two faces of their personality. On one hand, a kaleidoscope of kind madness and stolen melancholy, full of luxurious strings and wind arrangements achieving songs who transpire sincerity and illusion, and show a melodic charism, which they call Natural Pop. On the other hand, they have experimented with technologies and rhythms, under landscapes of techno-ambient fantasy, which they have called "Experimental Sonic Fuzz".

(Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 6-2-98)

"...And the Yellow Melodies have made a nice album, whose songs are based on pop melodies and with a certain show on the stage."

"The Yellow Melodies, who have just also been chosen for the final of the Villa de Bilbao´s contest) offered a short but intense show, excellent of quality."

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 9-2-98)

"They´re receiving all kind of praises from all over the country by their "Repertorio b"

(Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 13-2-98)

"The 36 pop finalist and the 12 metal ones must be proud of themselves this year. Their names have been chosen among 781 demos. A new record for the most important independent spanish contest"

(Ruta 66. Marzo-98)

"It´s an album of beautiful pop, inspired by 60´s age, but with symphonic arrangements that make of it a great album, mixed with intense guitars and with a solid rock base. There´s something good in them, and if they´d record in better conditions they could even improve it"

(Manolo Torres. Ruta 66. April-98)

"They achieve to communicate that spirit of typically british grace."

(Mari Carmen Pérez. Diario Visto Bueno (Valencia). 25-6-98)

"The Yellow Melodies, from Murcia, have been able to survive in the hard jungle of pop in hardly two years of life."

(Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 21-8-98)

"Their evolution is on the right way."

"Their melodies are still yellow but their sample of tones increases for better."

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 5-9-98)

"In a little time, they have changed from recording demos to recording albums and taking part in some compilations."

(Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 11-9-98)

"In it they offer a particular side of their natural pop spreading to ways and sounds close to the second last brit-pop age (Boo Radleys, Menswear,...), ancient 60´s melodies adapted to 90´s sound and cooked with exquisite orchestral arrangements: trumpet, violin,..."

(Juan Antonio Mateo.Diario Sur (Málaga). 9-10-98)

"And since listening to the first chords, I couldn´t stop shaking my head and feet."

"The Secret Garden´s guitars made me forget all the f***ing institutions and politicians."

"Their Natural Pop (as they call it) can pick yourself up with wonderful instrumental arrangements (there are flutes, violins, trumpets... everything), nice and powerful guitars that reminded me to the best british pop."

"And for those indie people who haven´t enough yet, I advise them to change to the other side, which is covered totally by Experimental Sonic Fuzz, I don´t know if it´s a joke or an arty jewel. Telefilme or Tortoise lovers should judge. What I really matter is the wonderful afternoon that these kids made me spend."

(David Saavedra. Tingugi 60147 Fanzine (La Coruña). Oct-98)

"If they came from Liverpool instead from Murcia, they would just be the latest sensation of british pop."

"A Great pop album of a band that must borne in mind."

(JSZ. Super 8 Insider Fanzine. Nº 2.(Salamanca). Oct-Nov-98)

"From Murcia I want to introduce you to the first album of one of the most hard working bands of the last indie generation: the Yellow Melodies. Under the title of "Repertorio b", these lovers of the most baroque and emotive british pop make you travel by the hand of Lloyd Cole through vibrant moments like "Crazy Little Snowgirl" or "I Broke The Glass". They dare with a Gene´s cover, a brave declaration of principles. And they elaborate everything with a careful prosuction, brilliant arrangements of wind and strings and thorough details which enrich their important songs."

(Arturo. Avo-Kaos Fanzine (Granada). November-98)

"The Yellow Melodies keep on improving. Besides their sound evolution, the band attempts now to the shooting of their first video-clip"

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad. (Murcia). 21-11-98)

"And other ones who are working on a (huge) web-page are the prolific and persistant the Yellow Melodies"

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad. (Murcia). 28-11-98)

"Projects like Parade, Musidora, Iluminados, the Yellow Melodies, Vacaciones, Schwarz, The Braslips or Hello Cuca have achieved that Murcia turns into a paradise of the new spanish pop."

"Yellow Melodies´ album appears among the recommended albums of 1998, by Evasión"

(Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 26-12-98)

"Murcia. The interesting Yellow Melodies, whose first album had one of the most important hand-to-hand distributions, enter studio to record an EP on Norte/Sur Records, which they will show in their gigs, and the shooting of a video-clip."

(Los Rutachismosos. Ruta 66 (Barcelona). January-99)

The Yellow Melodies appear in the chart of the best concerts of 1998, by their gig at Lemon Pop Festival.

(Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 8-1-99)

"their album contains one of the most impacting surprises of the last months"

(Raflanzine. Flanzine (Valencia), January-99)

"I don´t know the critics they have received in the called "specialized press" of our country, but even I don´t mind. What I really know is that all the fanzines that are the true specialized press agree in the importance of this band."

"Delightful Pop songs and coloured melodies which are not dull at all and with some matching wind arrangements, songs that cheer your life when you walk quietly on your favourite city, with your walkmans switched on in a morning of spring... They remind me to the beginnings of Primal Scream..."

(Los Hermanos Dalton. Club Daltónico Fanzine. March-99)

"Those Beatloss demos showed the future of the band"

(Susana Laya. Vibraciones Pop (Villagarcía de Arousa). March-99)

"Good doses of british pop (Gene, Bluetones) and the american pop more careful about melodies (Posies, REM)..."

"Nine pop songs full of melodies and guitars, and a FANTASTIC version of one of the best Gene´s songs, Your Love, It Lies. A good way of remembering all the fine times I´ve spent listening to bands like Gallygows or Los Valendas"

(Xavier Guillaumes. Fanzine Miracles For Sale (Barcelona). May-99)

"The new songs or Puedes Llamarme should delight to Los Flechazos, Cecilia Ann or La Habitación Roja fans. Here is The Yellow Melodies in 1999: righter and more inspired than ever."

(Juan Manuel Freire. aB (Barcelona). May-99)

"Remember this. The band: YELLOW MELODIES. The album: "high". Fate: where they want to reach. Delight. Pop refinement, stylishness and songs like "" which will shake you as much as us. There are a a lot of albums. There are less good albums. And there are only a few excellent albums like this."

(Javi, Alberto and Alejandro. Poliester Catalogue (Madrid). August-99)

"THE YELLOW MELODIES: The most british band from Spain."

(Cristiano Santos. Cover of the 'Make No Sense' Fanzine (BRASIL). September-99)

"Fine tone that improves with Corazones Estrangulados´ Aeropuerto, by hands of The Yellow Melodies. With no doubt, one of the best moments of the album, that shows what the yellow boys can do when decide to sing in spanish without any fear"

("Homenaje a la Voz Femenina" compilation review. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 17-12-99)

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