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50-Review of the year 1999. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 24-12-99


1-"They seem to have found the definitive name for the band. The Yellow Melodies. Firstly they were called RAFA SKAM and they came out from anonymity with a weeping song close to Chris Isaak. Then they were called SKAM, and later beatloss. It´s one of the most prolific and lively bands. Their demos are probably the most spread all over the country, and they have made two independent record companies (Pussycats and Rock Indiana) pay attention to their exquisite songs for an adult audience. Maybe they don´t make a new kind of music, but their compositions are there, stood still despite the change of the times, paying attention to the singing of a bird or the whistling of a baker. Rafa Skam, who keeps on this despite musical business, is an architect of short melancholic odes, with some kind of poetic load, where he expresses autobiographical feelings carefully, suggesting that there´s nothing lost. Kind songs with some power-pop clues."

(Presentation of the band the week before their concert at the Murcia Joven´s Final. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 10-10-97)

2-"The Yellow Melodies: Fascinating Melodies. Rafa Skam is an important character in the new pop scene of Murcia. Anxious and prolific like a few ones, his Yellow Melodies are the result of a logic and right evolution of previous projects like SKAM and beatloss. If there´s one thing that features his music is just the naturalness and fluidity of his songs. The other important feature is the great importance they give to the melodies, which are the true essence and life of their songs. They are the Fernando Redondo of the team. They have just released a song (Dad) in a compilation on PussycatsRecords and in a little time they´ll release another one on Rock Indiana."

(Presentation of the band the week before their concert at the Murcia Joven´s Final. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 11-10-97)

3-"...There was a beautiful full moon. And it seems that it supported the Rafa Skam´s kind melodies, a pop crooner who stages on with an acoustic song ("Ireland"), and then the band comes in and they begin performing kind songs to listen..."

(Murcia Joven´s Final Review. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 18-10-97)

4-"...the Yellow Melodies began the show risking. Rafa Skam (voice and composer) greeted the audience with the only company of an acoustic guitar and his warm and soft voice, and then the band came in, a band which improves with every concert and whose best argument is their love to melodies.

...A good performance, good songs and a naturalness and fluidity in their developing 90´s pop that made them win the contest."

(Murcia Joven´s Final Review. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 18-10-97)

5-"Murcia Joven´s Final 97. Finalist bands: Amalthea, Popstal, Rockcinante and the Yellow Melodies. There were no favourite ones. Ended the concerts, the panel of judges decided to give the first prize (by 4 points of difference) to the Yellow Melodies, because of a nice risky concert, supported on nice melodies.

...The band is very young (less than a year), they were called beatloss in their beginnings and they have never been a band specially supported by the Murcia press (I include myself here). Maybe because they´re so young as a band and all things need some time to develop, but in the contest they were certain and well performing. What they do best is POP, with capital letters. A pop music made with freshness, fluidity and a naturalness, but high quality. A certain riff, a natural chorus, the essence of the best pop,... Rafa Skam talks about this, the prolific composer of a band that develops every day. They almost reached the final of another contest, Creajoven, just a few months ago, and since then, they have been closed in their rehearsal room, have been staging on almost every weekend, have recorded all their songs, have taken them to the most important press, radio stations, record companies, magazines,... they´ve been developing avoiding the inactiveness of other bands from Murcia. Nacho adds one thing: "The opinions and critics have helped us a lot, because they always teach you something, and help you to get better."

One year of life has been enough for them to record two demos (Sunday Morning Sun, and the brand new Magic Land, both recorded at Javi Desiderio´s El Señor Guindilla) with up to 17 bubbling songs (19 Yellow Flowers), emotionally fragile (Crazy Little Snowgirl) or attempting to be an instant hit (The Secret Garden) but always smart, (almost) always shining and unfailing pop.

David López, RCA´s headhunter and member of the panel of judges of Murcia Joven pointed out that, although he had liked Popstal and Yellow Melodies, he wouldn´t invest in them, since they sang in english. So, we asked them: ¿why don´t you turn to spanish? "We have tried, but english sounds better and more natural. But we don´t have a closed attitude, it´s only that I feel uncomfortable singing in spanish". His addictive vocal harmonies talk about close and universal situations, at the same time, like Dad´s ones: "We´ve got to fight / we´ve got to go out to the streets / we´ve got to wait outside and play until somebody trusts what we say". Everyday more people do trusts what you say, Sr. Skam, every day more people do."

(Murcia Joven´s Post-Final Review. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). el 25-10-97)

6-"What´s happening in Murcia is not a nonsense. There are a lot of interesting things in Murcia. Beatloss is the project of a presistant musician called Rafa Skam, who with 4 Murcia´s people else, have POP as his flag. They´re very influenced by The Beatles (and also by Suede), but they have their own identity, a present sound and which it´s most important, a particular sound. Pay attention to the chorus."

(Magic Land demo´s review, still known as beatloss. Javier Sánchez. Prisma Magazine (Fuenlabrada). December of 97)

7-"The Yellow Threat. Enthusiasm and courage for the first Yellow Melodies´ album.

Maybe they have recorded this album in a hurry, but they have been forced to do it this way. But finally they have recorded it, because they know it´s an important album for them and it´s going to make them broadcast all over the country. Rafa Skam told me some days before something about the record, and the senseless decisions of the politicians, so they´re going to call the album ironically: "Repertorio B" so that we could release another certain album without any silly pressure with Pussycats Records, and this would be called: "Natural Pop" and this would contain our best songs, but "Repertorio B" also contains our best songs.

Nacho: "Well, it´s a "Repertorio C". It has everything." We haven´t been able to listen to the definite recording, but as they say about the same, the result has to be an enormous book of recipes from all musical corners.

"We could reflect the latest stage of the band, but we had to do it carefully, because we didn´t control neither the copies of the album nor the promotion, delivering, and so on. We have recorded some brand new songs and we have also experimented a lot. But we have left some good songs out just for a second album that we could control more". "Anyway –Nacho points out- there are also some old songs from our demos, some covers (Gene´s Your Love, It Lies; and The Newsies´ Stupid Girl), an acoustic song (Ireland) with we used to start the Murcia Joven´s Final, but now with a fuzz from behind and with a lot of orchestral arrangements...". "Firstly, we couldn´t think of it, but finally we called our friend Vicente Navarro, the Banda del Conservatorio and Guadalupe Orchestra´s conducter, who spent some nights looking for arrangemente for the songs. We have used cellos, violas, violins, trumpets, piccolo, oboes, fagots,... a mini-orchestra that we improvised at the studio". Extremely arranged, this is a production that, as they describe, tries to be solid, huge, and made with enthusiasm and courage. A kaleidoscope of kind madness and rebel melancholy. Almost a "Whatever" in album...

Repertorio B contains 9 songs, and 25 tracks on the CD. "We keep it as a secret because we want to wake up curiosity from people. We´re going to make a contest so that people can vote some options. For exmaple, the rest of the CD is full of blank spaces, or silences to revenge with the typical end increasing the volume, or maybe a techno-dance song to dance or to relax yourself in a chill-out, or unbearable sounds from the Nacho´s guitar, pink noise, and so on... Can you guess the right option?" It doesn´t mind, as they´ll surely pass the exam with dignity.

In the album mix we have used some albums like: Oasis´ Be Here Now, Teenage Fanclub´s Songs From Northern Britain, and The Verve´s Urban Hymns, "but the most important has been Be Here Now, because it sounds powerful and solid". They feel totally satisfied. The album releases on PussycatsRecords and it´s delivered in Spain by Discmedi: "The important thing is that it can be well distributed, it can be in catalogue, and it can go everywhere, so that it doesn´t get lost as other Murcia Joven albums, this is, all the rest." The front cover, that describe accurately, will contain the Pepe Moreno´s son´s motorbike.

(Dossier about the album "Repertorio B" before its release, just after finishing the recording. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 12-12-97)

8-"Only few times there has been released an album from the Murcia Joven´s winner with such good songs like this. The quality of the songs and their melodic charism goes further on what a contest offers... They can pick the Beatles essence, and they fit it to their "Natural Pop"... The songs transpire sincerity and hope... Some tracks keep the flame of power-pop alive, with certain melodies (accompanied by excellent metal and string arrangements), refreshing chorus, and a light psychedelic clue that raises climax to unreaching limits... After a pair of blank tracks, then the b set appears: a surprise hidden track divided into 12 intrumental parts under a generic title: Experimental Sonic Fuzz, with programmings, synthesizers, guitars and lots of effects, all of them mixed with convincing samplers, mixing different atmospheres and creating panoramical landscapes of electronic techno-ambient fantasy that remind us to bands like Rinocerose."

("Repertorio B" review. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 9-1-98)

9-"The Yellow Melodies are smart composers of a refreshing, natural and kind pop, and with no doubt, they are a band that improves every day. Rafa Skam sings better every day and it doesn´t mind if The Beatles hide in the spirit of the album, Elvis Costello at the beginning of I Broke The Glass or Teenage Fanclub at the end of Crazy Little Snowgirl. The references are only those. And besides, you have a chill-out with Experimental Sonic Fuzz, so listen to me: you pay 1 and take 2. Who offers you more?"

("Repertorio B" review. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 18-1-98)

10-"Carlos (Keyboards), Ismael (Drums), Raúl (Bass), Nacho (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Rafa Skam (Voice, Guitar and Main Composer) are the Yellow Melodies, the band from Murcia with a nice career, and whose love for the melodies make up their most solid reason. But not the only one. In their short life, they have taken part in 3 compilations and they have won the Murcia Joven´s contest. That was last October, and only three months later, next Friday, they´re going to show their brand new album at De Nai Clú. That´s taking advantage of time.

Repertorio B is probably the best album of the recent story of Murcia Joven. And not only from the artistic point of view, but also from another point of view: It will be released on Pussycats Records, distributed all over the country by Discmedi, and the band are even taking part in the promotional deliveries. I insist that this is not very common. "We couldn´t waste our work, like all the rest from Murcia Joven, so we fastly started to negotiate with the politicians."

The album is a box a surprises. Rafa Skam sings better every day and the band seems to be wisely inspired. Their orchestral arrangements are nice, like in Success, Stupid Girl or Crazy Little Snowgirl, with an end that Teenage Fanclub could have made. "Strings´ arrangements were composed during the first week in studio, and recorded during the second one. Some songs came from our demos, but we changed their structures and we recorded them again, and some arrangements were also thought in advance." And if we talk about certain classical structures or melodies, will you agree? "The structures and melodies can be classical, but we don´t have a classical sound. Although the essence comes from the 60´s, I think that it sounds totally present time".

You listen to "Repertorio B" and when the nine songs finish, and after some minutes´ silence, a second part of electronic music called Experimental Sonic Fuzz comes out, in a surprising and unexpected way. It´s hard to believe it but they´re still the Yellow Melodies. Are you interested in club culture? "Well, I´m also interested in it, but the most interesting thing to us is POP songs. It´s only an experiment, difficult to repeat again, and we recorded it because we weren´t sure of the fate of our songs, then we also recorded something of a different nature." Experimental Sonic Fuzz has certain moments of dark and sampladelic electronic minimalism as Industrial Dance (the best one), echoes of etno-techno (Israel) and even Kraftwerk´s techno-pop (Tangerine Juice) working out a set that is more similar to chill-out atmospheres than dance stages.

Anyway Rafa wants to ensure that Yellow Melodies is a pop band.

Yellow Melodies of pop seduction, that´s what they make. They´ll show it next Friday and it will be available at an interesting price since then. They´re working for it (unquestioningly) and you enjoy it (optional). Bye."

(Official presentation of "Repertorio B". Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 31-1-98)

11-"They´ve been hardly two years together as a band. They have changed their name for some times and have released a good number of demos, that they have promoted all over the country. Then they have taken part in 3 compilations, In "Repertorio B" they have showed two faces of their personality. On one hand, a kaleidoscope of kind madness and stolen melancholy, full of luxurious strings and wind arrangements achieving songs who transpire sincerity and illusion, and show a melodic charism, which they call Natural Pop. On the other hand, they have experimented with technologies and rhythms, under landscapes of techno-ambient fantasy, which they have called "Experimental Sonic Fuzz"

(Official presentation of "Repertorio B". Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 6-2-98)

12-"...And the Yellow Melodies have made a nice album, whose songs are based on pop melodies and with a certain show on the stage.

the Yellow Melodies, who have just also been chosen for the final of Villa de Bilbao) offered a short but intense show, excellent of quality. They put down the motorbike of the front cover on the stage. They began with Ireland and ended 45 minutes later with The Secret Garden. During the set, the audience could enjoy I Broke The Glass, Stupid Girl, the previously unreleased The Kiss I Didn´t I Give You Yesterday, some covers of The Beatles (I´m Down) and of the Auteurs (Showgirl) and their best album and studio song, Crazy Little Snowgirl, with a vibrant and great melody. These were just the best three minutes that made the audience feel nice."

(Review of the Official presentation of "Repertorio B" in Murcia. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 9-2-98)

13-"They´re receiving all kind of praises from all over the country by their "Repertorio B", which they´ll perform again in Contraseña next 19th"

(Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 13-2-98)

14-"The 36 pop finalist and the 12 metal ones must be proud of themselves this year. Their names have been chosen among 781 demos. A new record for the most important independent spanish contest"

(Classification for the Villa de Bilbao´s Final. Ruta 66 Magazine. March-98)

15-"This alternative noisy pop band was the winner at XIV Edition of Murcia Joven contest. Now they have released this CD with 9 songs plus with a surprise track, called "Experimental Sonic Fuzz". It´s been recorded at PM studio in Murcia, with Pepe Moreno as their sound engineer, and they are five: Rafa Skam, voice and guitar; Nacho: guitar and backing vocals; Raul: Bass and backing vocals; Carlos, keyboards; and Ismael: drums and percussion. The first track "The Secret Garden" stands out. Only for lovers of guitarful power-pop close to Manic Street Preachers"

("Repertorio B" review. Metal Hammer Magazine. March-98)

16-"It´s the debut album for this band from Murcia, after taken part in some compilations like "New Wave For Your Pretty Face" where there are two yellow songs; in "Canción Ligera" they release their "Dad", and in the "Guía Esencial de la Nueva Ola Española" they make a cover of Los Secretos. Repertorio B is an album crowded of details, with up to 25 tracks during an hour total time. The Yellow Melodies are clever creators of refreshing, natural and kind pop, and it´s a band improving every day. Rafa Skam sings better every day and it doesn´t mind if The Beatles hide in the spirit of the album, Elvis Costello at the beginning of I Broke The Glass or Teenage Fanclub at the end of Crazy Little Snowgirl. The references are only those. And besides, you have a chill-out with Experimental Sonic Fuzz, so listen to me: you pay 1 and take 2. Who offers you more? Highly recommended."

("Repertorio B" review. Jam Albarracín. Yesca Joven. Nº 4 Magazine. (Murcia). Abril-98)

17-"Winners of Murcia Joven 97´s Contest, the Yellow Melodies firstly released some exquisite demos, and one song from them belongs now to the compilation "Canción Ligera Vol. 1". But the album "Repertorio B" was the prize of the contest, and it´s an album of beautiful pop, inspired by 60´s age, but with symphonic arrangements that make of it a great album, mixed with intense guitars and with a solid rock base. There´s something good in them, and if they perfect the voice and they record in better conditions they could even improve it"

("Repertorio B" review. Manolo Torres. Ruta 66 Magazine. April-98)

18-"After Bliss´ tortured compositions, the Yellow Melodies from Murcia staged on with optimistic and happy songs, worked out melodically, extensively, clearly and in gradation. Pop that reminds you of the british bands and that can be enjoyed by mods, Smiths´ fans... They sing in english, and it´s a pity because in spanish they wouldn´t need to explain the lyrics."

(Villa de Bilbao´s live. Óscar Cubillo.Diario Vasco (Bilbao). 14-4-98)

19-"The first album for the brand new winners of the Murcia Joven Rock Contest of Murcia, shining pearls of the most authentic power-pop, adorned with some psychedelia drops and sophisticated pop. An unexpected surprise."

("Repertorio B" review for Pussycatscatalogue of 1998. Conde / Ariane (Málaga). May-98)

20-"Among the 9 songs included in the first part of the CD, there is a cover Olympian´s album of Gene: "Your Love, It Lies", where they achieve to communicate that spirit of typically british grace.

The "dance" part is just a surprise at the end of the album, since track n. 13, and lasting more than 20 minutes of an experimental present, reminding of Kraftwerk structures and Tricky sound"

("Repertorio B" review. Mari Carmen Pérez. Diario Visto Bueno (Valencia). 25-6-98)

21-"The Yellow Melodies, from Murcia, have been able to survive in the hard jungle of pop in hardly two years of life. They have been winners of MJ ´97 and finalist of Villa de Bilbao contest, and they have taken part in some compilations of different record companies, and they have released their first album, "Repertorio B", a title that shows two sides of their personality. They try to assimilate the spirit of 60´s british pop with arrangements of 90´s pop, and they call it Natural Pop"

(Introduction of the band for the Jumiyeah! Festival. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 21-8-98)

22-"The Yellow Melodies are well-known in this province., but what´s still not well-known is that their evolution is on the right way. In their gig, they´ll mix songs from their album "Repertorio B" with new and interesting compositions. The more trusted they are in themselves and the more capable of making slower songs, the more attractive they are. Their melodies are still yellow but their sample of tones increases for better.

(Introduction of the band for the Lemon Pop Festival. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 5-9-98)

23-"The Yellow Melodies promise a pop party. The Mj 97´ winners haven´t lost his enthusiasm since they won the contest. Even they have been finalist in Villa de Bilbao´s contest. In a little time, they have changed from recording demos to recording albums and taking part in some compilations. The clear pop of the Yellow Melodies closed Jumiyeah!´s festival, and at Lemon Pop Festival they´ll give way to Selenitas. "

(Introduction of the band to their stage at Lemon Pop Festival. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 11-9-98)

24-"The Yellow Melodies perform their set totally in english. They have apperaed in some compilations on the record companies "Rock Indiana", "In The City Records" or "PussycatsRecords", and they have released finally their first album with Pussycats. In it they offer a particular side of their Natural Pop spreading to ways and sounds close to the second last brit-pop age (Boo Radleys, Menswear,...), ancient 60´s melodies adapted to a 90´s sound and cooked with exquisite orchestral arrangements: trumpet, violin,... Although their melodies come from excessively common sources, all songs keep a great skill, pointing out: "The Secret Garden", "Crazy Little Snowgirl" or the Gene´s cover "Your Love, It Lies". They add a 12-track bonus called "Experimental Sonic Fuzz"

("Repertorio B" review. Juan Antonio Mateo. Diario Sur (Málaga). 9-10-98)

25-"I don´t like when I find a CD with the logo of an institution, because it´s usually won by a f***ing band where the mayor´s son or any politician´s son is always a member of the band, or what it´s still worse, they make a music so that the politicians can like. I admit that I have some prejudgements, so I listened to the Yellow Melodies album unwillingly and with a sensation of panic, but with a point in favour: they make a Gene´s cover.

And since listening to the first chords, I couldn´t stop shaking my head and feet. The Secret Garden´s guitars made me forget all the f***ing intitutions and politicians. Their Natural Pop (as they call it) can pick yourself up with wonderful instrumental arrangements (there are flutes, violins, trumpets... everything), nice and powerful guitars that reminded me to the best british pop but with not a perfect voice when he tries to emulate Martin Rossiter (nevertheless he passes the exam with a high qualification). And the qualification is also high in potential pop-hits like Success, Stupid Girl (no!, this is not a cover) and songs from their demos but remasterized, like Pretend or Somebody finds Someone Somewhere Someday. And they finish the A side with an acoustic song called Ireland (only for this name they must be really nice) with bells and everything.

And for those indie people who haven´t enough yet, I advise them to change to the other side, which is covered totally by Experimental Sonic Fuzz, I don´t know if it´s a joke or an arty jewel. Telefilme or Tortoise lovers should judge. What I really matter is the wonderful afternoon that these kids made me spend."

("Repertorio B" review. David Saavedra. Tingugi 60147 Fanzine (La Coruña). October of 1998)

26-"Repertorio B is not a demo, it´s just an album. Nine songs accompanied by a techno demo on b side (that I still don´t know why it´s here, but it doesn´t sound badly), with a perfect sound and an exquisite presentation thet they show. The album was recorded as a result of their victory in Murcia Joven Pop-Rock Contest. If they came from Liverpool instead of Murcia, they would just be the latest sensation of british pop now,.as their main influences seem to come from that country, and they even dare to decorate their guitarful pop with wind and string´s arrangements. A Great pop album of a band that must borne in mind."

("Repertorio B" review. JSZ. Super 8 Insider Fanzine. Nº 2. (Salamanca). Oct-Nov of 98)

27-"The Yellow Melodies keep on improving. Besides their sound evolution, the band attempts now to the shooting of their first video-clip of their song "Success", included in their album "Repertorio b", and it will be produced by a video-company from Madrid, which have shot videos of Sobrinus, Los Piratas or "il bello" Alejandro Sanz, this is, a serious thing. Moreover, the band is working on a (huge) web-page, the recording of a new CD-single, and even the TV serie "Al Salir de Clase" have asked for them to include a song of them in a compilation about the serie, which will release on the first term of next year, and the song will be "The Secret Garden".

(Some projects. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 21-11-98)

28-"Yellow News. And other ones who are working on a (huge) web-page are the prolific and persistant the Yellow Melodies. Their cyber-birth is very close, but the piece of news now is their record increase, this is, the record company: Norte-Sur are releasing a new Yellow Melodies´ CD with four songs in spanish. It will be released on the first term of new year, the same date of Pixies´ tribute that GRAC are going to release, and where they will include their cover of "Motorway To Roswell"

(Some projects. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 28-11-98)

29-"From Murcia I want to introduce you to the first album of one of the most hard working bands of the last indie generation: the Yellow Melodies. Under the title of "Repertorio b", these lovers of the most baroque and emotive british pop make you travel by the hand of Lloyd Cole through vibrant moments like "Crazy Little Snowgirl" or "I Broke The Glass". They dare with a Gene´s cover, a brave declaration of principles. And they elaborate everything with a careful prosuction, brilliant arrangements of wind and strings and thorough details which enrich their important songs."

("Repertorio B" review. Arturo. Avo-Kaos Fanzine (Granada). November-98)

30-"The Yellow Melodies will start next year successfully, including their Secret Garden in the score of the TV serie Al Salir de Clase, where Los Piratas, Primate, Pollos Clónicos or Fila India also take part. In January they also release an album on Norte-Sur with 4 new songs in spanish. They perform an acoustic session including a strings´ section tonight at Brother 6 (Santiago de la Ribera, 22h.) and tomorrow at Café Itálica (Molina, 23h.)"

(Some projects. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 11-12-98)

31-"But, besides Bullas´ Festival, other projects like Parade, Musidora, Iluminados, the Yellow Melodies, Vacaciones, Schwarz, The Braslips or Hello Cuca have achieved that Murcia turns into a paradise of the new spanish pop."

"Yellow Melodies´ album appears among the recommended albums of 1998, by Evasión"

(Resume of the year 1998. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 26-12-98)

32-"Murcia. The interesting Yellow Melodies, whose first album had one of the most important hand-to-hand distributions, enter studio to record an EP on Norte/Sur Records, which they will show in their gigs, and the shooting of a video-clip."

(EP recording. Los Rutachismosos. Ruta 66 (Barcelona). January-99)

33-"The Yellow Melodies have well planned the first months of the brand new year. They have just recorded the songs (in spanish) for an EP on Norte-Sur Records. They´re going to take part with Motorway To Roswell in a tribute to Pixies on Grabaciones Acolchadas, and also, with Corazones Estrangulados´ Aeropuerto for a tribute to the feminin voice on El Señor Guindilla Records. They´re expecting the shooting of their video-clip of Success, which will be directed by Pepe Abellán, and they will include their Secret Garden in a compilation on Pussycats Records that will be announced in Al Salir De Clase´s TV serie"

(1999 outlooks. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 8-1-99)

34-"The Yellow Melodies appear in the chart of the best concerts of 1998, by their gig at Lemon Pop Festival."

(Best 1998 concerts. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 8-1-99)

35-"The Yellow Melodies. They enter studio today to record the four songs (all in spanish) which will release in an EP album on Norte-Sur Records, and they will also record two songs for two compilations. And pay attention, because the Al Salir De Clase TV compilation will release on 8th February, where they take part with The Secret Garden. The more you insist..."

(EP recording. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 9-1-99)

36-"The Yellow Melodies have recorded in Sr. Guindilla studios an EP for Norte-Sur. , a song inspired by Teenage Fanclub, which will be the title for the album, that will also include Escapar, Puedes Llamarme and Importante."

(EP recording. Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 22-1-99)

37-"Yellow Melodies are a band from Murcia just settled down in the summer of 97, after some changes with their too explicit name beatloss.

Their album "Repertorio B" (Pussycats, 1997), although you can compare it simply with the fans of Norman Blake and company, they have achieved to sound currently, but with the 60´s pop reference ("It´s great! Have I ever told you this? It´s just how we try to define our music"); on the other hand, they take care of their songs, so they even add in some songs some orchestral arrangements: oboes, violins, trumpets,... ("It was a madness. We have a friend who loves our music, and he´s the conductor of the Music School Band, and he spent several nights translating the musical arrangements to pentagrams. And then, he came up in the studio with a little band, and we recorded in just one evening"); and finally, their album contains one of the most impacting surprises of the last months: although in the official credits there are only 9 songs, if you go to the 13 track you´ll enjoy "Experimental Sonic Fuzz", a new 12-parts´ composition of more than 25 min. long, all of them pure techno ("It´s an experiment we tried in the studio because we had some time left and we wanted to experiment with all the synthesizers and other apparatus that there was in the studio, and mix them with guitars, of course. Anyway, our concerts are about the first Yellow musical style. By the moment...).

But anyway, all these compliments (and we also have to add their good choice with the covers: The Auteurs, The Velvet Underground, The Beatles, Gene or Los Secretos) must not let them forget that their album is almost one year old, and here, the one who shuts up, the nearly disappears ("Our main aim in the close future is, as Jesús Llorente told us, jump from being an ignored band to an important one. And then we must play and play, but all over the country, not only in Murcia, and send our songs to radio-stations, fanzines, newspapers,... as there´s always someone who reads the end of this interview and gets willingly of hearing us, and so, he goes to our gigs or/and buys our album")."

(Dossier. Raflanzine. Flanzine. January-99)

38-"The Yellow Melodies are a band from Murcia, and I don´t know the critics they have received in the called "specialized press" of our country, but even I don´t mind. What I really know is that all the fanzines that are the true specialized press agree in the importance of this band.

    As nearly all the good bands, in their beginnings, they win some contests, and they release 2 demos (Sunday Morning and Magic Land) but their first album is Repertorio B, that I have in my hands, released on February of 1998 on Pussycats.

    Well, the album has two different parts like the day and th night: a second part with sampled and dancing rhythms, but mixed, of course, with acid guitars loaded of distortion and strength. Although it is an interesting proposal, by the variety of musical messages, I´ve let the first part to comment now: Delightful Pop songs and coloured melodies which are not dull at all and with some matching wind arrangements, songs that cheer your life when you walk quietly on your favourite city, with your walkmans switched on in a morning of spring... They remind me to the beginnings of Primal Scream... I´d like to point out their good taste with the compositions and the production of the CD.

I wish them the best luck in the strange and difficult world of the National Pop Rock."

("Repertorio B" Review. Los Hermanos Dalton. Club Daltónico Fanzine. March - 99)


39-"They started their musical career almost three years ago. Then they were still called SKAM, and a bit later they changed to Beatloss. With this name they recorded a pair of demos and you can imagine their main influence by this.
    Those demos showed the future of the band.
    Beatloss´ age and the recording of the demos makes a name change and a new recording.
    These demos were "Sunday Morning Sun", with eight songs, and "Magic Land", with nine.
    Both demos stand out among some independent labels like Rock Indiana and Pussycats Records.
    With the new and the current name, The Yellow Melodies, they make now a more sophisticated pop, giving a personal tocuh to the songs that they had never given.
    They win some contests, and the most important is the Pop Rock Murcia Joven Contest, as they can enter the studio to record their first album.
    An important thing in the young band with Ismael (drums), Raúl (bass), Nacho (guitar) and Rafa (voice and guitar) is their live acts, where they give out their rock side, and it´s based mainly on heir own songs. They remember the recording of the album this way: "It was a bit fast. We would have liked to work on the songs before entering the studio, but we couldn´t. Everything was too fast. Lo que pasa es que ganamos el premio y ya tuvimos que meternos en el estudio. We recorded some songs we played in our live concerts, and at the end of the CD we made a little electronic experiment."
    Some songs were new, but the most came form the demos. They point out that in their live appearances they are a bit more like a rock band. "We are drums, guitars, bass and voice, and we are close to a rock band in our concerts. We open our minds and we like pop, the psychedelic guitars, even the electronic".
    Before recording their first album, they had taken part in some compilations on different labels, with 2 songs in In The City Records´ "New Wave For Your Pretty Face",  a song in "Canción Ligera", on Pussycats Records,  and a Los Secretos´ version in Guía Esencial de la Nueva Ola Española, on Rock Indiana.
    Maybe they are a rock band in their concerts as their keyboard player, Carlos, left the band, but he does appears in the album. Since then, the band gives a lot of importance to the voices to compensate the absence of the keyboards.
    Pussycats Records loved their demos, and then contected the band to invite them to take part in their compilation.
   The name of their brand new album is "Repertorio B" and contains nine power pop bombs. Close to their neighbours Ross, the music of both bands is very close. Murcia is a pop mine now. The Yellow Melodies is so a very important band.
    The band will release soon a new album. "Repertorio B" picks up the popper side of the band, but their open sense of their style can be one of the best aspect of the band.
   ¡We will have to pay attention to them!"

"Repertorio B" review:
    From Murcia lands it has been released this first album of The Yellow Melodies.
    As winners of the Murcia Joven Contest, the prize is just what we introduce to you now. On their first album, they hace recorded nine songs, a lot of them demo ones, but more arranged.
    The Yellow Melodies make a fresh pop, they dare with some psychedelic guitars, more rock sounds, and even they play with electronic.
    They don´t shut the doors to new sounds, although the main sound is pop music.
    Careful lyrics, choruses that remain in your mind once you´ve heard them. Beautiful songs as "The Secret Garden", "Stupid Girl", are the ones that have made that these kids are taking a place in the current difficult spanish music scene, but pay attention, as they come to take a bigger place, you´ll see.

(Dossier. Susana Laya. Vibraciones Pop (Villagarcía de Arousa). March-99)


40-"Good doses of british pop (Gene, Bluetones) and the american pop more careful about melodies (Posies, REM)... A lot of doses of quality music have been listened by the members of this band from Murcia who must be proud of this CD released on Pussycats and Comunidad Autónoma murciana (they won their contest), as it has a envying sound that lets you enjoy with nice songs like Crazy Little Snowgirl or Success. Nine pop songs full of melodies and guitars, and a FANTASTIC version of one of the best Gene´s songs,  Your Love, It Lies. A good way of remembering all the fine times I´ve spent listening to bands like Gallygows or Los Valendas. As they sing in english, they´ll surely find some problems, but we wish them success.
   And talking about languages, The Yellow Melodies have recorded recently something in spanish and Rafa Skam explains the reason: "i know that singing in spanish now is in fashion, and we still don´t how we´ll sing in the future. We are going to play the 4 songs in spanish we have recorded to know how we feel about them and to see the reaction of the people,... It´s still too soon to say something sure, but I think it will be similar to sexy sadie´s "señor nadie", this is, i think i prefer english (a question of influences), but i still don´t know..." We also asked Rafa about the latest news of the band: "the fresh of yellow melodies are maybe the songs in spanish + a version of Corazones Estrangulados for a tribute to the women´s voice on "el señor guindilla" plus a version of Pixies´ Motorway To Roswell for another tribute on GRAC. The 5 songs in spanish were recorded for an Ep on "norte-sur", but we haven´t decided yet, and maybe it will release on another company. The whole demo with the 6 songs is called "enero" and I´ll send it to you soon, wiht the last demos we have released..."

("Repertorio B" review. Xavier Guillaumes. Fanzine Miracles For Sale (Barcelona). May-99)

41-"Although they were born in Murcia in last 96, it has been now with their nice demo, called "Enero" (99) when The Yellow Melodies have got away from anonymity. Their up-to-date of 60´s british-pop have won hundred of points since Rafa Skam (also playiong guitar in Vacaciones) uses the spanish, and it´s just now when they´re composing greater songs with a dynamic impulse and easy beat that they seemed to look for from the very first moment. The new songs ‘’ or ‘Puedes Llamarme’ should delight to Los Flechazos, Cecilia Ann or La Habitación Roja fans. Here is The Yellow Melodies in 1999: righter and more inspired than ever. J.M.F.
Contact: Rafa 968.34.40.45"

(Dossier. Juan Manuel Freire. aB (Barcelona). May-99)

42-"Another album far in time, but I can´t stand talking about it as it has a lot of surprises. In the shown songs (9), which I suppose Yellow Melodies are, they show their pop of guitars, voices, melodies and choruses, an everlasting pop, and like like itself it´s difficult that surprises you and difficult that you don´t like it, above all, with songs like "The Secret Garden" or "I Broke The Glass". But the good thing comes later. Other 12 hidden songs (they are shown as an extra theme) in which we don´t know who (the band? the productor, Pepe Moreno? the Martians?), but they build techno-pop, techno and ambient experiments with so good songs like "Hydrogen", "Tangerine Juice" or "Get A Wondeful Nap!". It´s just like someone could have taken profit of recording two albums on one, which is even the prize of a contest. It´s just nice."

("Repertorio B" review. Xurxo. Fanzine El Jardín de Octopus (Vigo). Jul-99)

43-"Remember this. The band: YELLOW MELODIES. The album: "high". Fate: where they want to reach. Delight. Pop refinement, stylishness and songs like "" which will shake you as much as us. There are a a lot of albums. There are less good albums. And there are only a few excellent albums like this."

(Comments about "high" album. Javi, Alberto and Alejandro. Poliester Catalogue (Madrid). August-99)

44-"The Yellow Melodies. The most british band from Spain.
    In times of Internet it is not very difficult to meet people from anywhere in the world, so this way, one of the times I conect to the NME chat I met Rafa Skam, main composer of The Yellow Melodies.
    This is maybe the most beautiful name for a band, despite Beatloss (the third name of the band was also great, but they had to forget it because of some problems with it). But, anyway, let´s talk about the music of TYM.
    Born and living in Spain (Murcia is their city), don´t expect spanish sounds on their music. It´s easier to recognize The Byrds or some brit-pop tracks (they make a Gene´s cover of "Your Love, It Lies").
    They started to promote their music in April of 1997 with a demo called Sunday Morning Sun (with 8 songs), followed in July by Magic Land, their second demo. They take part in some local festivals where they get some success, and win Murcia Joven´s Contest, so they can record their first album, called Repertorio B, on Pussycats Records. It has 9 songs, 5 of them from their demos. The music of these kids sounds as bands like Teenage Fanclub, mixed with some Marion. "Success" sounds almost perfect, with their cello and violin arangements. "Somebody Finds Someone Somewhere Someday" could never be more pop. "Crazy Little Snowgirl" reminds me to The Church. "Ireland" is a way out acoustic enough and full of details, closing the album. "I Broke The Glass" is the sixtiest one, the most "mod" one. "Pretend", despite its simple story, reminds us to The Wake. And "Stupid Girl" is one of those teen songs. And moreover, "Your Love, It Lies".
    But the CD encloses a surprise: after tracks 10, 11 and 12 on the CD, that have nothing recorded on them, the band begins experimenting with everything, playing with electronics in 12 pieces. "The Hanging Bulb" reminds us to Kraftwerk, while "Sonic Party" and "Tangerine Juice" are funkier. "Israel" contains an indian ryhthm dressed in a chic ryhthm, followed by "Dear Vinyl". There are people who will like this part, as both parts of the album have their advantages. What it´s really  important is that Yellow Melodies have a lot to say to music real lovers.You can write to Rafa Skam. Avda. Monte Carmelo, 14 - 4º D 30011 Murcia. E-mail:"

("Repertorio B" review. Cristiano Santos. Fanzine Make No Sense.  (BRASIL). Sep-99)

45-"The Yellow Melodies plan to release High under their own label and with a distribution of a powerful indie label from Madrid. By the moment, they think about masteizing their songs at Rock Soul studio, and create the web page of the band."

(A piece of news about the forthcoming album "high". Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 8-10-99)

46-"The Yellow Melodies Enero.
"Enero is a fantastic demo that Rafa gave us in the party of "Viaje A Los Sueños Polares" in Valencia, last 12th March, where he staged on with his other band "Vacaciones". It contains 6 brand new songs, the four ones in spanish included in their "Si" EP for "Norte-Sur", and a spanish cover of "Corazones Estrangulados" for the "Homenaje A La Voz Femenina Española" compilation, and a Pixies cover. A great success by the band the attempts with the spanish... we hope that there are a lot of more songs in this language because they do it really good.
You can contact Rafa at 968 34 40 45.

47-"...but they have also invited some friends of the label to take part in this musical party, then Yellow Melodies, Cabeza Borradora and Stereoskop have appeared with one of their songs..."

("Mascotas" compilation review. Susana Laya. Vibraciones Pop (Villagarcía de Arousa). Dec-99)

48-"The Yellow Melodies will release their new album (high) in their own label Amarillo Discos, after having remixed it at Rock Soul studios. Rafa Skam has gone to Madrid to join Elefant Records, which release 15th January the forthoming album of Vacaciones: Espero una respuesta. The Yellow Melodies start a tour over Vizcaya, Valencia and Albacete."

(A piece of news about the release of their second album "high". Ángel H. Sopena. La Opinión (Murcia). 3-12-99)

49-"...Fine tone that improves with Corazones Estrangulados´ Aeropuerto, by hands of The Yellow Melodies. With no doubt, one of the best moments of the album, that shows what the yellow boys can do when decide to sing in spanish without any fear..."

("Homenaje a la Voz Femenina" compilation review. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 17-12-99)

50-"Yellow Melodies, bound to release their second album"

(Review of the year 1999. Jam Albarracín. La Verdad (Murcia). 24-12-99)