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(all songs written by Rafa Skam, unless indicated)

SUNDAY MORNING (The Velvet Underground)


This song talkis about the need to get away to a quiet and silent place, getting away from your noisy and dull way of life, getting away from the daily urban pressure, and then you look anxiously for a more different and calmer place to rest for a bit...

...and if I´m drowning in my problems
I´m going away
And if my ears are nearly bursting
I´m going away

And maybe nowhere
I´ll find a silent place
Or even somewhere

And on every train station
I´m calling your name
I feel there´s no communication
So I´m going away

Day by day I´m back again (nobody knows it)
And all this time I´ve been so young (nobody trusts me)
But just since now I´m going to change (nobody knows me)
I think I´m going to a silent place (maybe today)


This song reflects love indifference, when everything goes wrong, and at the same time, some attempts to get away from it: depression-hope...

No quiero hablar
Para protestar
Quiero marchar
Hoy me encuentro mal

Lo nuestro terminó

Y mientras que
Tú no estás
Yo lo paso mal
Quiero olvidar
Y pensar
Que puede cambiar

Aún guardo la ilusión
Que tuve al empezar

Puedes llamarme
Podemos hablar
No quiero esperar
Puedes llamarme
Podemos quedar
En el spiral


SUNDAY MORNING(The Velvet Underground)

Sunday morning
Brings the dawn in
It´s just a restless feeling by my side

Early dawning
Sunday morning
It´s just the wasted years so close behind

Watch out the world´s behind you
There´s always someone around you
Who will call it´s nothing at all

Sunday morning
And I´m falling
I´ve got a feeling I don´t want to know

Early dawning
Sunday morning
It´s all the streets you crossed not so long ago