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(all songs written by Rafa Skam, unless indicated)
  1. THE ELECTRIC SIDE (February, 1999)

          BRAND NEW WAY
        IT´S NOT EASY
    NEW EMOTIONS (Ruth "Vacaciones")

This song is a song that talks about looking for a way out, a new way in the hard jungle of pop and life itself, taking a personal attitude and believe in what you think, and do things on your own...

I am laughing
Since the world, since the world for me is too small
And this day, and this day laughs with me too
I´m not waiting, I´m not waiting over you
I´m not drowning, I am living on my own

...and maybe I´m not here
I´ll try to disappear
(And) build a brand new way

I´m not a cool boy
In a cool world
(and I´m) trying to find myself
In a cool place
But I still can´t find my way

I´m just a fool boy
In a fool world
(and I´m) trying to find myself
In a fool place
Maybe I can find my way


This song talkis about the need to get away to a quiet and silent place, getting away from your noisy and dull way of life, getting away from the daily urban pressure, and then you look anxiously for a more different and calmer place to rest for a bit...

...and if I´m drowning in my problems
I´m going away
And if my ears are nearly bursting
I´m going away

And maybe nowhere
I´ll find a silent place
Or even somewhere

And on every train station
I´m calling your name
I feel there´s no communication
So I´m going away

Day by day I´m back again (nobody knows it)
And all this time I´ve been so young (nobody trusts me)
But just since now I´m going to change (nobody knows me)
I think I´m going to a silent place (maybe today)


This is a song of love. The chorus reminds us of the magic of unfinished stories. There always must be a spark, new adventures to find out, dreams to come true, wished places to visit (the Scottish Highlands) and enjoy the good sensations that life and love give us...

The kiss I didn´t give you yesterday
This is why I am loving you today

Tonight we´ll meet again
You´ll tell me some stories
And we´ll dress the night in blue and green

The things we said today
The things we´ll do tomorrow
All the places we´d like to see

I cannot wait too long
I cannot get you off my mind
Tonight I want to get away with you

I´ll take you to the sea
I´ll lead you to the Highlands
And we´ll sleep until the rain wakes us up


This song talks about getting away from the world where we live, and look for someone who also wants to get away with...

Come to me, we can get away
The world is upside down
Running fast in the road of life
Missing you tonight

Into this world of science we are thrown
So we´re still waiting for someone to get away with
We need to find a way to hide the trash,
forget the past and let this time remind us of today

Look for me in the roundabouts
Dancing on the wire
Look for me in the gossip tongues
Wandering alone

It´s not easy
It´s not easy
It´s you


NEW EMOTIONS (Ruth "Vacaciones")
This song talks about finding out and tasting new sensations that wrap around our whole body, about the effects of drugs...

Babe, put a space ship in your mouth
With the planets all around
We´ll take a picture

Babe, put a rocket in my eyes
With a rainbow near besides
Let´s write a story

Feeling new emotions growing me inside
feeling new sensations growing me tonight

Babe, like the water in the lake
With the fishes singing loud
I´m bubbling to you

Girl, going shopping with your mum
Like the colour of the sun
A sleeping T-shirt