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(all songs written by Rafa Skam, unless indicated)

 #THE ACOUSTIC SIDE (March, 1999)

STUPID GIRL (The Newsies)
    SUNDAY MORNING (The Velvet Underground)


STUPID GIRL (The Newsies)
This song talks about feelings, despair,... of those times when everything goes wrong and turns confused. It talks about wandering and wasting time.

Everything is going wrong because my baby left me
every night I lay awake thinking about you, honey
every time the phone rings like a police siren
I wish somebody´d come along... along...

And I always lose my mind when I´m fine...
every night I lay awake dull affairs...
you´d better stop the siren like a stupid girl...
you´d better stop the siren, girl... my girl...

And I always waste my time
in a winter´s garden,
like a stupid girl
And I´m making up my mind
like a police siren,
like a stupid girl
And I´m making up my mind
like a police siren...
Stupid girl!!

And I always lose my mind when I´m fine...
You´d better stop the siren, girl... my girl...


This is a rebel but a positive song, which talks about change, of breaking with the past and doing new things, breaking with everything and starting a new life. Breaking with prejudgements, with ourselves, and turn everything to something better, changing our points of view, and our life style,... fighting for our dreams with strength and conviction, fighting for our ideals, being always in a positive attitude to reach whatever we wish... changing always for better, and doing everything JUST NOW!!!

Change, change your point of view, change your ways
change the games you play, change again...
change for better...
You should have changed, changed your way of life, changed your name,
changed your clothes, changed your old ideas
for newer ones...

Fight with the strength of your new dream...
fight with the strength of your new life...

I can´t understand why you´re walking back home
you told me you´d never surrender
I can´t understand why you´re leaving me alone
now that we´re having new chances

Change, don´t believe the promise they have made,
don´t believe the world that they have built,
don´t believe them...
Make up your mind, don´t let life pass you by this time,
don´t let them wash your brain again,
don´t surrender...


This is a semi-surrealistic song that talks about taking advantage of everything, taking advantage of life, and sometimes it´s useful to get away to your favourite place, your dreamed land, and spend such good times.

You and I and they and we try to move and try to run outside and cry
why are we the same as them and why are you the same as me when I try to smile

Today we´re going to play a game in which we all can win
the stars will lose their bright tonight if you don´t stay
tomorrow it will be another day we cannot wait
we needn´t run but we must spend this night the best we can,
and the best we are, the best we have,
inside our hearts there is a land
a place where we can stand and run (to hide)

You and I and they and we try to dream and try to fly away everyday
should we go or should we wait ´till the end of a lonely day, we´ll stay or go away

My land is covered with amounts of sand but we must run
if we don´t want to lose this chance we´d better dance
we could slowly walk along this path, the shore we are
now it doesn´t matter much to me where you are
if you can come and take my hand
I´ll lead you to the magic land where we can reach the sun
close we are (and fly)

You and I and they and we try to stand up try to sit down here where we lie now


This is a surrealistic song, crowded of yellow flowers, goblins, coloured skies, shining stars that fall on the ground, and so on...

What can you see? if there is nothing painted here ... and
what can you feel? nineteen yellow flowers shining
what should I say? three words that you won´t remember
why should I wait if there is something I should do now?

Go, go, and go, go now, nineteen yellow flowers in my dreams
Go and go now, nineteen yellow flowers shining

Have a good trip, and tell me later what you see
three yellow kids painting nineteen yellow flowers
run through the fields and find the key which shows the way out
don´t trust the wind, it will blow against your way

Over you there is a blood red sky
turning into deep blue
shining lights and bright stars that fall
and give you nineteen flowers


This song talks about an ideal little princess who we pay all our attention to, and with we find out new and pleasant sensations.

Hey, little princess, come into my arms and don´t look back
come, little wonder, hold me tight and never go away

Time to discover
new sensations hidden by the sea

And little princess, let me be the heroe of your dreams
come, little wonder, let me feel that you are just like me

Time to discover
new sensations hidden by the sea
look for me walking on the rainbow
look for me waiting all this time

Little princess, little wonder,
give me just one chance...then I will understand...
little princess, little wonder,
lead me to your land...a place where we can stand...


SUNDAY MORNING(The Velvet Underground)

Sunday morning
Brings the dawn in
It´s just a restless feeling by my side

Early dawning
Sunday morning
It´s just the wasted years so close behind

Watch out the world´s behind you
There´s always someone around you
Who will call it´s nothing at all

Sunday morning
And I´m falling
I´ve got a feeling I don´t want to know

Early dawning
Sunday morning
It´s all the streets you crossed not so long ago


This song talk about autobiographical feelings, like the most of the lyrics. It talks about saying "yes" to everything, and never say no. It also talks about realizing of things that happen to us in the right moment when they happen to us, as we usually remember good times when we feel down. It talks about those moments when your dreams come true and everything you do in your life is worth, then you feel identified with your aims.

Sí, di siempre que sí
No dudes un instante, confía, no es tarde

Y es que así, yo me he fijado en ti
Para hacer este viaje tan largo y extraño...
sin final

Y ahora aquí, ya ves
Que después de tanto tiempo intento ser
Feliz, haciendo lo que más quiero que es vivir
Así: caminar sobre mis sueños y sentirme bien,
Derrochar cientos de notas de color

Y es que en fin, intento conseguir
Que todo sea redondo, perfecto, distinto...
nunca igual


This song talks about opposite feelings, and the need to get away off them, looking for new senations in the dreams world and relaxing emotions like being flying.

And if you tried to be more conscious
it would be easier to forget...
and if you wanted all or nothing
my crazy little snowgirl (little snowgirl)

But if I have to do what I am told
I don´t want to go
I feel as if I was dreaming
And if I have to live inside the cold
I will have to moan
I feel as if I was flying

Tell me something I can understand
give me something I can feel
the kind of things that you know I like
my crazy liitle snowgirl (little snowgirl)

I feel as if I was flying...



While chimneys seep
my room is dark, the wardrobe sees you sleep
there´s nothing here that rumbles from our street
and I´m left wanting more...

I´ve tried to ask
while sleeping down your mouth began to gasp:
"Oh, look at that, I think I´d better pass"
so I´m left wanting more...

Given time and a cheap dark room
and I will show you all the love and wonder...
you could buy

This town lies calm
the low sun climbs and if you give me time
I´ll take your arms and tend you like a vine
still left wanting more...

Your love, it lies
those hands deny the hatred in your eyes
so turn that down and give me a reply
but I´m left wanting more...

All great loves of this world
are cast asunder because here comes my thunder
just for tonight, no need to buy


This song talks about the sensation of breaking a glass, which means something like giving the first step ahead, and being brave, moving, acting, being fed up and with the need of doing something interesting and let nobody can stop you from making your dreams come true, and the need of finding someone who shares your same dreams and help you to reach your dreams.

...and maybe I´m a dreamer
but I´m not the only one...

I want to see that thing that hides behind the yellow curtain
I want to realize that someone hides and I don´t mind
but I still cannot recognize you

I broke the glass into a million pieces
and now I can realize that nothing´s going to stop me now
I broke the glass and maybe I need someone else
to get a way and find the way to learn that we can grow together

I saw you in the distance and you disappeared so quickly
I called in the evening... as I got home, picked up the phone...
I didn´t want to lose you, baby

I broke the glass and spent the night-time holding you
and now I can realize that nothing´s going to stop me now
I broke the glass and spent the night-time kissing you
to get away and find the way to learn that we can grow together