THE YELLOW MELODIES want to thank all the people that have helped us to grow during these three years of life...

(in no special order)


Chon ("A wah chi for")

Pedro Jara (psychologist-fan nº 1)

soy pedro jara


Our parents, so that they can understand us (not for having understood us)

César Gutiérrez (by his hours at the computer)

Richard (dolby HX-Pro)

Jam Albarracín

Pedro Walker (by his critics)

Ángel Sopena

Fede (by his cover of Secret Garden)

Ana (by her patience with Javi every time we enter the studio)

Manuel (by the darts)

Euterpe (by the people)

Marcos Screw Coco (ex-Skam)

Mª José Planes

Vicente Especie (Ride The Storm)

Archena´s people

Playa Honda´s people


Mª José Puche (Ireland)

Mª José Castellanos, Ana and company

Irene and Elena (by their ice-cream in Madrid)

Águilas´ people


Those fanzines who answered us: Wonderzine, Super 8 Insider, Tingugi, Grasa e-zine, Sonar (Brasil), Make No Sense (Brasil), Flanzine, Isla Desierta, Avo-Kaos, Peter Pan, Miracles For Sale, Marca Acme, El Argonauta, Club Daltónico, So Young, Vibraciones Pop, El Jardín de Octopus, Nasty and the forthcoming ones...

José Carlos Escámez (by the demo distribution and by recording Sopena´ programm every night)

David Escámez (by helping us with the computer)

Sport Psychology

Sexy Sadie and Edu



7 Iguanos

Sr. Guindilla (the band)

The Newsies


Javi Nasty

Garrucha´s tambourine man

Andrés (improvised drummer in Moratalla)


La Boheme (Zipi, Pinetti, Ram and Najo, by their inconditional support)

La Nave (by our debut)

Spicy egg

The birds and the bee of Secret Garden

Pequeñín (by his inconditional support)

Javi Desiderio (by his everlasting patience)

J.A. Beltrán "Juez" (by Stupid Girl)

Ángel Pop

Ruth Vacaciones

Carlos (ex Yellow Melodies), who got off the train in a very interesting moment

Miguel (he invited us to some drinks and other things in Mazarron concert)

Calimero (Jumilla) (by their inconditionality)

Culebras (fine people)

Guillermo (another Yellow Melody)

Nacho Abadía (another Yellow Melody)

Chelo (our image consultant)

All Jumilla´s people: Mª del Mar, Tata, Mati (Nacho´ sister), Ana, Marta, Pirata, Zanussi (or Centauro, and all he carries), Fracho, Carnicero, Pili, Teresa, the teller of the owl´s joke, and so on...

Radio 3

José María Rey

Jesús Ordovás

Julio Ruiz

Conde and Ariane (Pussycats Records)

Béznar Aries (Norte-Sur)

Pablo Carrero (Rock Indiana)

David López (RCA)

Roberto (Astro)


Raflanzine (by his first e-mails)


Viola (Mª del Mar Violanda)

Vicente Navarro (by his wise orchestral arrangements, and by his fagot, flute and violin)

Ana María Navarro (Oboe)

Ángel Luis Pérez Molina (Cello and Violin)

Pedro Javier Grau (Trompeta and Piccolo)

Pepe Moreno and María del Mar (Programmers, synthesizers, talk box, guitars, and so on)

The Runarounds (High-Pop Festival)

Lorenzo Bond (Red Jaguar)

Miguel Ángel Keaton (Rickenbacker)

Dani (Contraseña)

Spiral (Murcia)

Chema Iborra (Marshall 30 Anniversary)

Alberto Moreno (for his motorbike)

Pablo and Carmen (for their b cover)

José Luis Navarro (Blue Jaguar)

Hugo de Pinós (for this web-page)

Corleone (for the concerts)

Juanfra (for the concerts)

Cristina and Virginia (Isla Desierta Fanzine)

Manuel Treviño

Álvaro Runaround (JCM-900)

José María Górriz

Felipe Bueno

Felipe Fresón

Marisa (for her Teenage Fanclub contact attempts and her home in Valencia)

Teenage Fanclub




Cecilia Ann

Juan de Pablos

Cristiano Santos (Make No Sense)

Ivo A.P. Escossia (Sonar E-Zine)

Xavier (Miracles For Sales)

Xabier Moreno

Carles (Marca Acme)

Rocio and Pippa (Granada)


Miguel and Olaia (Peter Pan Fanzine)

Space Cakes

Malelä and Nosoträsh

Miguel and Virginia (Konziertto Blues Bar)

Fernando Gegúndez

Javi Gómez

Segovia´s little pig

Alberto Cachero (ex Space Cakes)

José Luis Supertube

Esther María Millán Morales

Dani the helper

Darío (yellow photographs)


Igualada Musical´s Jesús, Ángel son and Ángel father

Jorge Albi

Javier Sánchez


El Señor Guindilla Records (Ana, Javi and Manuel)

Guillermo Carrión (best photos)


Fernando "el terrorista" and his brother

Pili Guindilla

Brothers´ 6 people (Jesús, Herminio,...)




Puchero del Yayo

The Tarabilla´s "peña" in Espinardo (by the wine and the pork loin sandwiches)

Biar´s people (Antonia, Fermín, Fernando Forte and company, Ross´ brother and Olvido, and Melchor)

All Ismael´s friends: Julián, Juan, Miguel Ángel, Carlos and Carmen

All Rafa´s friends: Carmelo, Lolo, Armando, Charlie y Mª José, Guillermo, Yasmina, Nico, Susana bicho, Marta, Natalia and boyfriend, Ginesito, Basilio, Quique, Belén, Cristina, Carmen, Mariano,...

Murcia Musical

Grabaciones Acolchadas (GRAC)

Contraseña Records

Devil Surf-shop

Hermanos Dalton

José Madrid Muñoz (first e-fan)

José (from Alcantarilla)

Antonio Piñero (first cover)

Carlos Campoy

Felipe Nicolás (Onda Regional de Murcia)

Eduardo Martínez (scanner)

Luis Calvo, Montse, Talulah... and all Elefant´s family

Tanis and Jabalina´s team: Xavi, Joan, etc...

Luke Haines (The Auteurs & Black Box Recorder)

Laura Plá (Castellón)

Marisa, Maite, Ruth and Rocío

Viaje A Los Sueños Polares (Luis and Joako)

Antonio (Trumpets on "high")

Maria Dolores (ex-Popstal)

Miguel Ángel Orengo (Bells on "high")

Maki (for coming to all rehearsals)

Angie (by the cello on "high")

Benigno Sánchez

Israel Sánchez Fuster


José Esteban "Octubre"

Ana "Vacaciones"


JC Toxicosmos

Miguel Ángel "papa basauri"

Iñaki "Gambrinus-Basauri"

Gorka Rodrigo


Javi "Hotel Julia"

"Rastatoo" people (Aranda de Duero - Burgos)