The Yellow Melodies are a band born in Murcia (Spain) in November of 1996, but they were really born some months before... In April of 1996 they were called RAFA SKAM; a bit later, SKAM, and afterwards,beatloss; they have had this name until August of 1997, when they finally changed their name to the current name: THE YELLOW MELODIES. They had had some problems with the previous name.

      The band has two stages. The first one goes from 1996 to February of 2001, where the band has more than one hundred gigs all over Spain, and they also release a lot of demos. Their live concerts are based on their own songs, but they also play some songs of bands like The Beatles, The Velvet Underground, The Auteurs, Gene or The Newsies...

        They win a local contest, and as a prize, they record their first album, Repertorio B, on February 98, on Pussycats Records.

        They also take part ina  lot of compilations: New Wave For Your Pretty Face (In The City); Canción Ligera (Pussycats); Guía Esencial de la Nueva Ola Española (Rock Indiana); Mucho más que... Al Salir De Clase (Pussycats); Homenaje a la Voz Femenina Española (El Sr. Guindilla); Mascotas (Jabalina); El Sol Sale Para Todos (Jabalina)
        Their second album "High"  is released on JABALINA, after the summer of 2000; they have a tour with this record. "High" is sold all over the world. In Japan they sell a lot of copies.

        In November they record a gig for Spanish Television TVE 2.

        Ismael, Nacho and Raúl decide to leave the band in November of 2000, just when the tour begins. The last gig would be on Barcelona on 3rd February of 2001.

        Since that moment, a new stage begins in Yellow Melodies, with a new line up: Rafa Skam (Voice and Guitar); Pilar (Bass and Backing Vocals); Laura (Keyborads and Backing Vocals) and Maria del Mar (Viola and Backing Vocals).

       The Yellow Melodies try to assimilate the spirit of 60´s british pop, but adding arrangements of the current 90´s, finally resulting in a kind of pop that they call: NATURAL POP.