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ALBUMS  (section NO updated)
-only until year 2000-

(Pussycats, 1998)

(Jabalina, 2000)



1. REPERTORIO B (Pussycats, 1998)

    Listen.    1. THE SECRET GARDEN (4:01)
    Listen.    2. SUCCESS (2:28)   <--- ¡¡¡ DOWNLOAD THIS FULL LENGTH SONG !!!
    Listen.    3. CRAZY LITTLE SNOWGIRL (3:50)
    Listen.    4. I BROKE THE GLASS (2:56)
                     5. STUPID GIRL (3:25)
    Listen.    6. YOUR LOVE, IT LIES (2:12)
                     7. PRETEND (2:47)
    Listen.    9. IRELAND (1:42)

The album includes "a hidden bonus track", that you can listen if you press number 13 in your CD player. It has a generic title: "Experimental Sonic Fuzz", with 12 tracks where Yellow Melodieshave mixed technology , programmed rhythms, samplers, synthesizers, lots of effects and guitars.

    Listen.    13. Hydrogen (3:13)
                     14. The Hanging Bulb (2:05)
    Listen.    15. Sonic Party (1:24)
                     16. Tangerine Juice (3:23)
                     17. Get A Wonderful Nap! (1:35)
    Listen.    18. Israel (1:49)
    Listen.    19. Apocalypse Tomorrow (3:06)
    Listen.    20. Industrial Dance (3:17)
                     21. Dear Vinyl (2:11)
                     22. Odd Sounds From An Outer Space (1:46)
    Listen.    23. Time Tunnel (2:51)
                     24. Final Theme (2:40)

All the songs composed and written by Rafa Skam, except for Success (Music: Yellow Melodies; Lyrics: Rafa Skam), Stupid Girl (Lyrics and Music: J.A. Beltrán) and Your Love, It Lies (Gene)

Track 7 (Pretend) from their second demo "Magic Land"

Track 8 (SFSSS) from their first demo "Sunday Morning Sun". Both tracks masterized at PM Studio.

Arrangements: Yellow Melodies, Vicente Navarro et al.
Production: Rafa Skam / Pepe Moreno
Recorded, Mixed and Masterized by Pepe Moreno at PM Studio (Murcia) during November of 97.
Sound Engineer: Pepe Moreno
Graphic Design: Pablo Portillo / Yellow Melodies
Cover photo: Raúl Niñoles

Vicente Navarro "George Martin" (Orchestral arrangements, Fagot, Flute and Violin)
Ana María Navarro (Oboe)
María del Mar Gallardo Martínez (Viola)
Ángel Luis Pérez Molina (Cello and Violin)
Pedro Javier Grau (Trumpet and Piccolo)
Pepe Moreno and María del Mar (Programming, sinthesizers, talk box, guitars,...)

Thanks to: Pequeñín; all our friends who trusted us unconditionally from the very first moment ( you know who you are ); the local and national press and radio (by their support); our cars and families (by their patience); our second houses (bars, rehearsal rooms, Javi´s studio,...); J. A. Beltrán "Juez" (Stupid Girl); Álvaro "Runaround" (JCM900); Lorenzo "Bond" (Red Jaguar and Roland SH-101); José Luis Navarro (Blue Jaguar); Miguel Ángel Keaton (Rickenbacker); Chema Iborra (Marshall 30 Anniversary); Alberto Moreno (cover motorbike); orchestral musicians; Vicente Navarro´s conduction; Pablo and Carmen, ...

Equipment: VOX amps, Marshall JCM900, Marshall Valvestate, Marshall 30 Anniversary, Fender Twin Reverb and Mesa-boogie; Rickenbacker, Gibson Les Paul and Fender: Jaguar, Stratocaster and Squier guitars; SONOR drums; LAG bass; Takamine 12 String Acoustic Guitar; Fender 6 String Acoustic Guitar; Yamaha, Kawai, Casio: PT-82 and VL-1 keyboards; Roland MC-303 programmer and Roland SH-101, Mini-Moog and Prodigy synthesizers.

How to get it:
Available on CD and CASette.
If you´re from Murcia, you can go to their record shops.
If not, you can ask for it to Pussycats Records, by postal order, refund or check, at the price of 1000 pts. the CD and 700 pts. the CAS, plus the delivering costs.

Pussycats Records
P.O. Box 899
29080 Málaga (Spain)
Phone and Fax: (+34) 95 / 222-95-94

You can even get it in our concerts.


(Jabalina, 2000)

     Listen.  01.  She Says  4:02
     Listen.  02. That´s Just Me  3.09
     Listen.03.  Sí  2.48
     Listen.  04.  It´s Not Easy  3.31
     Listen.  05.  Let It Be Tonight  3.14  <--- ¡DOWNLOAD THIS FULL LENGTH SONG!
     Listen.  06.  Brand New Way  2.53
     Listen.  07.  Showgirl  3.49
     Listen.  08.  New Emotions  2.20
     Listen.  09.  The Kiss I Didn´t Give You Yesterday  2.22
     Listen.  10.  She´s Really A Star  4.54

    Besides, you can also hear the three songs that finally went out of the album, but perhaps they may release soon somewhere (some are out now). Anyway, the three songs are currently in the set-lists of their gigs:

     Listen.  001.  A Silent Place  3.16
     Listen.  002.  Puedes Llamarme  3.08  (featured in the "El Sol Sale Para Todos" compilation, on Jabalina)
     Listen.  003.  Sunday Morning  3.41

The distribution for the rest of the world (and mail order) is by ELEFANT:

P.O. Box 331
28230 Las Rozas (Madrid)
Tlf: (+34)  91 / 710-31-99
Fax: (+34)  91 / 710-35-43

or even you can order it (in Spain) to JABALINA:

Jabalina Música
P.O. Box 10431
28080 Madrid (Spain)