There´s a new CHAT channel called "yellowmelodies" in the mIRC.
You have to join it!!!
Some members of the band (often Rafa Skam) will join the channel from time to time so you will be able to talk to them.

If you have no idea about IRC, here are some instructions (with the help of Juan Alonso)

A very basic guide to enter IRC:

This is for Windows, and it´s made for mIRC 5.5.

First of all, you need an IRC programm. If don´t have any, use mIRC.
You can download mIRC at
It´s very large: nearly 1Mb, but with a bit of patience you´ll finally get it!!

When you download it, you have to install it. As it´s an .exe file,
you only have to make double click and it will install itself.

Once installed, you run it and if you can´t see a window with
"mirc options", then press Alt+o (o the letter, not the number)

On the left side, in "Category", press "connect". Firstly,
we have to make the server works. Then, up on the right there are
four buttons. Press "Add" and fill it up like this:

Description: Jet
irc server:
ports: 6667

You must not write anything at Group and Password:
Press 'Add'

(you only have to do all of this this the first time)

Now you have to fill up the rest of the fields. At "Full Name" you must write
a name. You don´t need to write your real name. Nobody does it.
At "Email Address" never write your real e-mail. You can write only @ and it´s enough.

Now you have to write the "Nickname" (an imaginary name) and the "alternate nickname".
The Nickname is the name which you will be known with in the channel.

Press the button "Connect to irc server!" and the window will close, and
some texts will appear on the screen.

When it stops appearing text, write /join #yellowmelodies, press Enter and you will
join the channel

It´s not so difficult, and this is only the first time. When you enter for a second time,
you´ll only have to press "connect" and write "join #yellowmelodies"...