The Yellow Melodies are born as a band in Murcia (Spain) in November 1996.


        -March, 1996: Pedro, a friend of Rafa, tells him about a demos´ contest on the radio, in Onda Regional de Murcia, and in the very last day Rafa took part with some demos of various styles that he had previously recorded in his 4-track tape recorder...

        -April: he´s given a surprise as his song "Love Me True" becomes the winner of the 2nd Demos´ Contest on the radio program "Música de Contrabando" of Onda Regional.

        -May: Rafa records a demo in a professional studio as a result of the victory in the contest, engineered by Javi Desiderio, who´d be their sound engineer in the future. This is the first time Rafa dreams of becoming famous and would work hardly for it. Then, he firstly looks for a band to record these 4 songs: "Love Me True", "Hey", "Everyday Is Like Today" and "Acoustic Hey". The first name of the band is just his name: RAFA SKAM, and this demo releases under this name. The musicians here are Ismael (drums), Marcos (guitars), Antonio (bass), Carlos (keyboards) and Rafa (voice). Carlos and Ismael came from the Rafa´s previous band: La Especie.

        -September: after summertime, the name is changed to SKAM, and Antonio and Marcos leave the band. With their first demo they stand for another contest that they also win: the "Concurso Itinerante de Maquetas", organized by Antares. They also become finalist of I Ajá Rock Contest, where they reach the second position. In Ajá Rock concerts Victor would play the bass, and Marcos would play the guitar, although he was not in the band yet. Víctor would last for only three days in the band, so Rafa had to find guitar and bass players. In Aja Rock they met Raúl, who joined the band immediately, and a month later Nacho did the same and would be the guitar player since then...



        ... and so this is the beginning of the Yellow Melodies. Firstly of all, they change their name to beatloss, and start rehearsing in the place which the Euterpe Youth Association has in Espinardo (Murcia).

beatloss are:

Rafa Skam: Voice and Guitar.
Nacho: Guitars and backing vocals.
Raúl: bass.
Ismael: drums.
Carlos: keyboards.

They hold their first concert with the current band on 20th December in La Nave, at Puente Tocinos (Murcia)


YEAR OF 1997

        -in February they enter the studio again to record a new demo with three songs. In Sound Art studio they record: "The Secret garden", "Crazy Little Snowgirl" and "Magic Land", with Miguel Albacete as their sound engineer. They mix these three songs and the four previously recorded, and they make up a new demo with 7 songs, called: "Crazy Little Snowgirl" and they use this demo to look for some concerts in their province and in the bordering ones. They play in Almoradi on 15th February, and since them, they will never stop playing, having more than 3 concerts a month on average. The sound of the band now is more sixty than in the future, very influenced by the Beatles´ melodies. In their concerts they play some covers of their favourite songs, from bands like The Beatles, Suede, Gene, The Auteurs, La Especie and The Newsies, although the most of the songs are of their own.

        -in March, they have 4 concerts. In one of them, in Archena, Pequeñin, who´s got a pub where they would play, gets amazed with them and becomes their first manager.

        -in April, they enter studio again, with Javi Desiderio as their sound engineer at Javi´s own studio, called "El Señor Guindilla" in the future, and they record 5 new songs: "Girl", "Somebody Finds Someone Somewhere Someday", "Nineteen Yellow Flowers", "Roll With Us" and "Sunday Morning Sun", which added to the 3 songs from their first pre-demo, but masterized, make up their first official demo, called "Sunday Morning Sun", with 8 songs.

        -in May, they deliver some demos in Festimad concerts, and later, Nacho and Rafa travel to Madrid to Festimad Mercado, where they deliver some demos among all the most interesting record companies. Many of them would like this first demo, but there were two companies that loved it especially: Pussycats Records and Rock Indiana.

        -in June, they play in Albacete and in Moratalla, where they play with Sexy Sadie. They start the pre-recording of some new songs that they´ll record at the same Javi Desiderio´s studio, as they got very satisfied with the sound of the previous demo.

        -in July, they release their second demo, called "Magic Land", with 9 new songs. They record the same 3 songs that they had previously recorded with Miguel Albacete, whose sound didn´t fulfill completely to the band (The Secret Garden, Crazy Little Snowgirl and Magic Land) and add 6 new songs: Dad, Stupid Girl, Have You Ever...?, Change, Pretend and Little Princess, and besides having some gigs in Murcia and Almeria´s coasts, they travel to Madrid and to Malaga, just to contact, deliver and promote the 2 demos released up to now. Pablo Carrero wants to include one song in a compilation, and Pussycats Records would do the same. They visit the offices of the most interesting independent record companies: Elefant, Subterfuge, Roto, Por Caridad/Radiation, Munster, Animal, Siroco,... and even EMI, Radio 3 and other interesting radio stations which start to broadcast them. They´re also finalist of the Pedro-Pop ´97 Contest.

        -in August they go on playing all over the coast, and travel to Benicassim Festival with a great amount of demos to deliver there, and with the goal of being heard all over the world. On 15th August they change the name of the band from beatloss to Yellow Melodies, during a concert at La Manga´s ZM-101, but the band remains the same, with the same people and with the same style. They play half a concert as beatloss, and the other half as Yellow Melodies, and this name would remain forever.

        -in September they travel to Barcelona, going on delivering their demos, looking for a record company that believes what they do. They also keep on playing in some places.

        -in October they record two covers of a 80´s spanish band called "Los Secretos" for a Rock Indiana´s compilation: "Sobre Un Vidrio Mojado" and "No Me Imagino". This last one is the chosen one for the compilation. On 16th October they play in the Final of the Murcia Joven Pop-Rock Contest, and they win although they were not the favourite band for the press. The prize is the recording of an album and 4 promotional performances. This month it´s also released a compilation of 12 outstanding bands from Murcia, called "New Wave For Your Pretty Face" where they participate with 2 songs: "Love Me True" and "Magic Land".

        -in November the Pussycats´s compilation "Canción Ligera" releases with their song: "Dad". During the second fortnight, they enter PM studio to record "Repertorio B", that´d be their first album. They record 9 songs, and one bonus experimental track, trying to mix technology with guitars. They´re in a hurry, because they´re told to release the album just before the end of the year, and they have no time to pre-recording sessions and an external production, so in the end they did the best they could. The album releases on Pussycats Records, who are inconditional fans of the Yellow Melodies.

       -in December, while manufacturing the album, the band goes to the opposite part of the country, to Asturias (Oviedo and Gijón) to play there with other pop bands, like Neurotics and Space Cakes. They also record an acoustic performance and a concert to the Música de Contrabando´s sessions of Onda Regional de Murcia. Pequeñin leaves the offical management of the band, but from time to time, he goes on helping them.


YEAR OF 1998

        -January: The year begins with the release of Los Secretos´ cover "No Me Imagino" in the compilation "Guía Esencial de la Nueva Ola Española".

        -in February, at last, the Yellow Melodies´ first album "Repertorio B" releases, and they have the official performance of the record at "De Nai Clú", with Neurotics as the invited band. Some minutes before, they´re confirmed to be finalist of the most important spanish contest of independent music: "Villa de Bilbao", where they had been chosen among 781 bands all over the country, many of them with some albums, what was a more important victory for the band than Murcia Joven´s one. The press and radio start talking about them while the Comunidad Autonoma de Murcia is sending the album to worthless places, so the album is not going to be well delivered until after the summer, when the band themselves decide to send the album on their own to the most interesting places. They´re helped by the record company, Pussycats. They start some acoustic sessions, go all over the important radio stations to promote their album, and also go to television to some interviews and acoustic performances.

        -in March they travel to Bilbao to play in the Villa de Bilbao´s Final, and then they take profit of it and play in Asturias and Burgos. Before leaving to Bilbao, they do some gigs, one of them in Calimero, in Jumilla (Murcia), where they have their best performance, and where they know Guillermo, who´d be their manager in the future.

        -in April it´s the first time they play during 4 consecutive days. Carlos leaves the band after playing in Pub Xennon (Puente Tocinos, Murcia) on 24th April.

        -in May the band settle down their aims after Carlos´ departure, and decide to go on without him. They play in Festimad Mercado, in Madrid, and then they deliver their album among the most interesting places. They also play with "Los Hermanos Dalton".

        -in June they keep on having gigs, while Nacho fights his University exams.

        -in July they record a new demo, called "Ideas", with 14 songs, but this is a strange demo, because Rafa plays all the instruments (except the drums, by Javi Desiderio), and it´s a surprise for the band, and the purpose was only to be useful to the band just to work on new songs. They were not "songs", they were just "ideas" to work on them in the rehearsal room and they only deliver very few copies. They´re finalist again in the Pedro-Pop Contest, and play with Seguridad Social, and in a children´s party.

        -in August they go to Benicassim Festival, not to play but to see some of the best bands in the world. They carry some CDs to deliver wisely. They play in another Festival, called Jumiyeah!, in Jumilla (Murcia) with the best current national bands.

        -in September they play in two important festivals: Lemon Pop and Festival del Sol, with the best current bands. They do the promotional sendings of the album. Two friends, Guillermo, as an official manager, and Nacho Abadía, as a road manager, join the band.

        -in October they open the new pub "Konziertto Blues Bar", in Cartagena. They start working on new projects, like this internet website, a video-clip, and some future recordings for television programs, an EP album, and other two compilations.

        -in November they play in Biar and at Happy House, in Yecla, with Spring. They release their fourth demo, called "+ ideas", with 3 new songs in spanish, but for the band´s own use again"

        -in December they add a viola to the acoustic sessions, which makes them sound particularly different and better. They have some concert dates. They work on new projects. They work hard in the web-site.


YEAR OF 1999

        -in January (from 10 to 16), they enter El Señor Guindilla studio again, with Javi Desiderio as the sound engineer, and they record 4 new songs in spanish for an EP album with Norte-Sur label (, Escapar, Puedes Llamarme and Importante), where they even record a song made up the last week before entering the studio. The EP is produced by Javi Desiderio and Rafa Skam. They also record a cover of the Sevilla´s band: Corazones Estrangulados for the compilation "Homenaje a La Voz Femenina Española", that El Señor Guindilla Records will release on March. The song is called "Aeropuerto". They also record a Pixies´ cover: "Motorway To Roswell" for the tribute to the band of Boston that GRAC is going to release on May. For these 6 songs that they had pre-recorded the previous week, they added arrangements of hammond organ, analogic synthesizers, trumpets, and even a mini-band of strings (cello, viola and violin) just like they had made in their previous album "repertorio b". All these 6 songs are released on a new demo, called "Enero".

    With a positive tension and an intensive work during all this week, they achieve to record these songs, they mix and masterize them, and they even use the last day to record 5 current songs (in english) which could take part in a next album, but they record them live in studio, and they also record 10 songs in acoustic (also live in studio), with the special colaboration of Mª del Mar, with her viola, that makes songs sound particularly. Of course, they would mix and masterize these songs the next month. The concert they were staging on Bossanova (Almería), on 23rd is postponed, so this is going to be the first month since the band´s birth that they wouldn´t have a date.

        -in February, they release their 6th demo, called "The Electric Side", with 5 new songs in english, that they had just recorded the previous month, just live in studio. It´s also released a new compilation, called "Mucho Más que... Al Salir de Clase", on Pussycats / Get, where they take part with "The Secret Garden"

        -in March they travel to Madrid, to Radio 3, to promote their new songs in spanish for the forthcoming EP. They also release a new demo, the 7th one, called "The Acoustic Side", with 10 acoustic songs recorded live in studio and with the special collaboration of Mª del Mar, playing the viola.

        -in April they get the DAT tape with their live at III Lemon Pop Festival in Murcia, and they masterize it, releasing it with the name of "Lemon Pop Festival". They get back to the stage, though they are acoustic sets by the moment, and in their city, Murcia.

        -in May they contact a new record company from Madrid, called Poliester Records, which want to release them two albums. They also take part in the programme of Brothers´ 6, with bands like Girasoules, The Umbrella Hating Generation and The Satellites. They are the only band which have played twice in this venue.

        -in June they play an electric set in Valencia, with Los Sostenidos. They didn´t play an electric gig since last November. They also play in a festival called FAMI, with bands like Cecilia Ann and others. Nacho and Rafa join a sound course, and at the end of this, they record a new Rafa´s song that he writes the same day, and that would title their 8th demo: You Don´t Love Me Anymore, with this only song.

        -in July they take part in the Ice-Cream Pop Festival, in Barcelona, organized by the Xavier Guillaumes´ Miracles For Sale Fanzine, at Magic, and with other fine bands like Flirt, Vacaciones and Les Tres Bien Ensemble. It´s the first time that Rafa plays with the two bands the same night: Vacaciones and Yellow Melodies. They spend almost the whole month recording their new album "high", with 13 songs.

        -in August Ismael, Nacho and Rafa go to Benicassim Festival, where Rafa plays with Vacaciones, and Nacho and Ismael are band-helpers. Jabalina releases the compilation "Mascotas", which contains one Yellow Melodies´ song. Rafa travels toLondon and Reading Festival.

        -in September, Poliester breaks unexpectedly all the obligations with the band, so the band keeps only a master of 13 songs to release,that will finally release under JABALINA MUSICA.

        -in October  they think about the album still unreleased.

        -in November they masterize "high" in Madrid, at the Carlos Torero´s "Rock Soul" studio. It is released the "Cinta Indiferente", a compilation tape with the number 7 of the spanish fanzine "La Indiferencia" where they appear with "The Secret Garden"

        -in December Rafa Skam moves to Madrid to start working on Elefant Records, but he doesn´t leave any of his projetcs. In fact, december begins with a long 5-day´s tour, when the band make their longest tour playing during 5 days in the provinces of Vizcaya, Burgos and Valencia. In this month it´s also released the compilation "Homenaje a la Voz Femenina" on El Señor Guindilla Records, where Yellow Melodies make a cover of Corazones Estrangulados´ "Aeropuerto". The sad piece of news of the month is that Raúl, the bass player leaves the band after three years full of adventures and good moments...

YEAR OF 2000

       -during the first months of the year 2000, the band faces a crisis due to Raúl´s leaving... and the bandstarts to find a new bassist and a better way to release their new album "high"... at last, on the month of April, Raúl decides to come back to the band, and all the things seem to get better... In April they play for a show on the regional channel of TV (Television Murciana) performing "Aeropuerto" in a party of "Homenaje a la Voz Femenina" organized by El Sr. Guindilla Records. Only Rafa Skam would attend this show as the rest of the band could not leave work or studies, so taking profit of the play-back recording, Rafa Skam would be accompanied by Carlos-Vacaciones on the bass, Javier Desiderio on the drums and Carlos-Cosmic on the analogic synthesizers...
        -this year 2000 is a year of contrasts, the year of a final age in Yellow Melodies.
        -July: Yellow Melodies finally sign for JABALINA, which release their second album at the end of July. Luis Calvo, from Elefant Records, would design the booklet.
        -the album sells a lot in Japan, and also would be sold in countries like England, USA, Italia,...
        -the band, totally supported by their label, JABALINA, would start a tour all over Spain, from November to February-2001.
       -the band records their last new song (with this line-up), "Christmas Time" for a local TV programm.
        -November: the 17th they start the tour in Madrid, at "Ochoymedio", supported by  Vacaciones. The venue is crowded. Two days later, Nacho, Ismael and Raúl decide to leave the band. Unbelievable, but true. At least, the band promise to carry on the rest of the tour dates.
On 29thNovember they record their gig for "Los Conciertos de Radio 3 / La 2".
       -December: the band performs in Petrel (Alicante), Villarrobledo (Albacete) and Jumilla (Murcia).

YEAR OF 2001

        -January: the end of an age. The band plays in valencia and Tarragona.
        -February: the last show of the band is the 3rd, on Barcelona, in a Magic in the Air! party, and with an atypical line-up. Nacho would not travel with the rest of the band, so the line-ip would be Ismael, Raul and Rafa. This would be last gig of the band, with the same line-up after 4 years.
        -This is the end of an important age for the band.
        -Nacho, Raúl and Ismael leave definitely the band. Rafa finally decides to go on with their dreams and with the band, as he was the one who started the band and the only onw who could destroy it. It would not be easy to go on...

      A NEW AGE for THE YELLOW MELODIES STARTS (March-2001 - ...)
        -March: The following members enter the band: Laura (Keyboards and Backing vocals), Pilar (Bass and Backing Vocals) and Maria del Mar (Viola and Backing and Bcking Vocals). Maria del Mar had previously been a part of the acoustic sets of the bands. It would be really hard to find a drummer. Samuel would be the first drummer of this age.
       -April: Samuel leaves the band after a pair of rehearsals. The band is confirmed to play at Contempopranea Festival on Summer.
       -May: Salva is the new drummer, who would last another pair of rehearsals.
       -June: the band is still looking for a drummer.