A KEYBOARD PLAYER... is needed

THE YELLOW MELODIES are looking for someone who plays KEYBOARDS. Now we are a 3-piece band formed by Jesús (Drums), Pili (Bass) and Rafa (Voice and Guitar). We can go on as a 3-piece band, but sometimes it is a bit boring, we consider that it's very important to add a 4th member to the band, someone who plays keyboards, synths, guitar and even do backing vocals, as we want to add different colours to our songs. We just need someone who knows some chords are keyboards, guitar, and likes to sing... We have a rehearsal room and also our own keyboards: a Roland VK-7 -hammond sound-, a Korg Triton, and a monphonic synth Roland SH-101, so we need someone who plays these keyboards!

We are looking for someone...
-friendly --> as we are also friendly people! ;-P
-available --> that means he has to live in Murcia or near Murcia (south-east Spain), we rehearse 1 or 2 days a week, in the evenings, and in Murcia
-who likes our music --> you can download some mp3's from the website

If you are interested, please write to us at rafaskam@wanadoo.es