Pub Heavenly - Glasgow (UK)
8-9-10-11 de Diciembre de 2011



Jueves 8  Viernes 9  Sábado 10  Domingo 11
7.30     Apertura de puertas

8.00   Park
8.45   Asleep
9.30   Cineplexx
10.15  The Understudies


6.00pm till bands finish: 
Bubblegum and Colour Me Pop (London)

Club 12.00ish to 3.00am: 
Anaphylactic Pop with guests Tweendie (Paris) and Another Sunny Night (Paris)

7.00   Apertura de puertas

7.15  Spook School
8.00  Bubblegum Lemonade
8.45  The Starlets
9.30  The Hardy Boys
10.15  Manda Rin and The Rinettes
11.00  Amphetameanies


6.00pm till bands finish:  Bubblegum and The Rescue Club

Club 12.00ish to 3.00am: Popkiss!  with guests Manda Rin and Foolin’ Around

5.00       Apertura de puertas

5.15     Standard Fare
6.00     The Hobbes Fanclub
6.45     Nico’s Bike
7.30     Cola Jet Set
8.15     Westfield Mining Disaster
9.00     Edinburgh School for the Deaf
9.45     Zipper
10.30   Tender Trap


4.00pm till bands finish:  Bubblegum and Dandelion Radio (Mark Whitby)

Club 12.00ish to 3.00am: Hotwire with guests The Rescue Club and Colour Me Pop

(Estreno del documental sobre BMX Bandits)
-en The Glasgow Film Theatre 

3.40   ‘THE BEAT ROOM’
(The Beat Room era un programa musical de la BBC escocesa, dirigido por Duglas T Stewart y Monty Cantsin) 

6.30  Apertura de puertas

7.00     Baffin Island
8.00     Lenzie Moss
8.45     The Electric Pop Group
9.30     Maple Leaves
10.15   BMX Bandits


Fleapit Soundtrax and Foolin’ Around

Información de los grupos (por orden alfabético):

Amphetameanies (Glasgow, Scotland)

Marking their 14th year together are Glasgows favourite nine-piece indie-ska eccentrics. Revenge of the Meanies, the band new long player, which is due out midsummer on vinyl, CD and download was was recorded at Belle and Sebastians Banchory Studio, with B&S boy Mick Cooke engineering, and Bis-kid John Disco producing.

Asleep (Oslo, Norway)

In 2009 Asleep released the glorious Sation SwHv. In 2010 they took planes, trains and automobiles so as not to miss their set at Glasgow Popfest.  We salute them!

Baffin Island (Bosie, USA/Glasgow Scotland)

Jeremy and Mel haven’t met yet!?  They released a joyous 3 track single on Eardrums. I would urge you to seek it out.

BMX Bandits (Glasgow, Scotland)

When Duglas formed BMX Bandits in the mid-1980s, he didn't expect the group to last 25 years, To mark this occasion BMX Bandits will end 2011 with a celebratory show at Glasgow Popfest. The premiere of Serious Drugs - The Film about BMX Bandits, to be shown in conjunction with Glasgow Film Festival 2012, explore the band’s 25 year career.

Bubblegum Lemonade (Glasgow, Scotland)

One of the most prolific songwriters in pop, Laz offers a rare opportunity for us to hear those much loved gems live.  Check out the albums and singles/eps available from Matinee.

Cineplexx (London, England)

Sebastian brought the warmth of summer to a freezing Glasgow Popfest in 2010.  Who will his guest(s) be?  You’ll just have to wait and see.

Cola Jet Set (Barcelona, Spain)

Having missed them due to illness, at Madrid Popfest, we just had to invite them to play their summer pop sound in Glasgow.

Edinburgh School for the Deaf (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The single Orpheus Descending/Orpheus Ascending will herald the arrival of this mesmerising band. One of the finest live bands it has been my pleasure to experience.

Lenzie Moss (Glasgow, Scotland)

A must for the Popfest line –up.  After just one listen to their free to download ep Where Eagles Dare, we were all hooked!

Manda Rin and The Rinettes (Glasgow. Scotland)

Following an illustrious pop career with bis, The Kitchen and Data Panik,  Manda’s next adventure in pop is here!  Don’t sit back. Don’t  relax. Dance!

Maple Leaves (Glasgow, Scotland)

Honestly!  They weave joy like spiders weave gossamer.  Do spiders ‘weave’?  Does it matter?  Sit back, relax and enjoy this folk- tinged, pop masterclass.

Nico’s Bike (Glasgow, Scotland)

Swamp trash is back.  Scratchy guitars, oft-times shouty vocals and pulsating drums, expertly intertwined with girl group knowingness.  Let’s dance.

Park (Kiel/Hamburg, Germany)

Park is a one-man band, except when it’s not!?  A Glasgow obsessive David pulls out all the stops to engage with his post punk, Postcard sound.

Spook School (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Post punk pop noise merges with gorgeous vocal harmonies and leaves you wanting more.  Much more.

Standard Fare (Sheffield, England)

Fuzzy, poppy, girl group-y and jangly.  What’s  not to like? The instant hit Suitcase is out now on Melodic/Thee SPC.

Tender Trap (London, England)

Inspirational to so many and the very essence of independent pop music, Tender Trap released the highly acclaimed Dansette Dansette in 2010. We are thrilled to welcome them to Glasgow Popfest .  Enjoy sugary sweet, and politically astute lyricism, laced with  girl group harmonies, post punk guitars and  DIY  attitude.  A must!

The Electric Pop Group (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Fragility is their strength. Gentle, soothing pop music that has the ability to brighten the dullest of days. Signed to Matinee, we await album number 3.

The Hardy Boys (Glasgow, Scotland)

Poetry, melody and harmony ooze from this astonishing band. Recently re-formed they have reclaimed their rightful status as a Scottish treasure.

The Hobbes Fanclub (Bradford England/Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Jangle, fuzz, heartbreak and love – they do what it says on their tin. Leon and Fabi have still to meet, but I think they have been reading the same fanzines. Get their singles now!

The Starlets (Glasgow, Scotland)

Recently described as Glasgow’s Best Kept Secret, they are a secret no more.  Richly deserved recognition has been garlanded upon them, and they nod with a whiskey and a wry smile.

The Understudies (London, England)

With their debut single on Oddbox receving praise from every direction, one listen and it’s easy to see why.  Perfectly crafted pop from a band that loves to play live.

Westfield Mining Disaster (Bristol, England)

Country tinged, 60s pop music that jingle jangles with warm, bittersweet lyricism and delivers some of the best song titles in town.

Zipper (Madrid, Spain)

The Ramones meet Talulah Gosh and decide to write some original material.  Classic pop/punk from Madrid’s finest and a real treat live. Yippee!

El festival se celebrará en el Heavenly:
185 Hope Street, Glasgow, G2 2UL

Y las películas tendrán en lugar en: The Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT)
12 Rose Street, Glasgow, G3 6RB



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