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Nov-2008  -New album!!! On 24th November the fourth record of THE YELLOW MELODIES is finally released. It's called 'The championship cup', a 10" vinyl MINI-LP on the Clifford Records label, featuring 6 songs.
Oct-2008 -New VIDEOCLIP: "Mr. Sand & Mrs. Sea", from the forthcoming 10" MINI-LP 'The championship cup' (Clifford Records, 2008)
Sep-2008 -They play in the Caceres Pop Art festival, in Spain, collecting very good reviews.
Aug-2008 -They enter the studio to record 14 new songs, at PM Studio, in Murcia - Spain, with Pepe Moreno as the sound engineer.
Jun-2008 -The argentinian label Licor de Mono Records includes "Mr Sand & Mrs Sea (happy on the beach)" in a compilation CD titled 'Hablame, decime algo, por favor!!!'
May-2008 -They play again at the 12&Medio Club (Murcia - SPAIN), this time supporting the scottish band THE PRIMARY 5 (ex-TEENAGE FANCLUB).
-At last... they finish their new demo, recorded, mixed and mastered at Rafa Skam's home studio, and that they began to record a year before. The demo is called 'New identities', and has 12 new songs.
Mar-2008 -THE YELLOW MELODIES come back on the stage after 4 years! at the 12&Medio Club (Murcia - SPAIN), on 14-3-08, supporting EMMA POLLOCK, ex-guitar player and vocalist from the glasgowian THE DELGADOS.
Ene-2008 -Recording of "16 de septiembre", a JUNIPER MOON's cover for a tribute to the band from Ponferrada (Spain).
-Recording of "Canada", a cover of THE FIELD MICE, for a tribute to the band on the spanish Bubbletone label.


Jun-2007 -The band is now formed by Rafa Skam (Voice and Guitar), Pilar (Bass and Backing Vocals), Jaime (Keyboards) and Jesús (Drums). They El grupo se pasa la primera mitad de 2006 maquetando nuevas canciones.
Feb-2007 -Jaime joins the band, playing keyboards.


Nov-2006 New release: "Pop a porter 06", a double-CD compilation on the Bon Vivant label, including "Everyday is like today", from their first demo 'Sunday morning sun'.
Oct-2006 -The Yellow Melodies start rehearsing again, after 2 years doing nothing. The new line-up is formed by: Rafa Skam (voice and guitar), Pili (bass and backing vocals), Jesús (keyboards) y Yolanda (drums).
-The Yellow Melodies are on the UK TV 'Channel 4', which describes the 'Making of the championship cup' as 'A brilliantly entertaining documentary".
<-- HERE you can watch The Yellow Melodies on Channel 4 -->
August-2006 -A Genius Production works in the 'Making of' the new YELLOW MELODIES' videoclip.
July-2006 -New release: "Bikini beat, volumen 01", a CD compilation on the Bon Vivant label, with 2 new YELLOW MELODIES' songs (from the last demo 'The championship cup'): "Mr. Sand & Mrs. Sea (happy on the beach)" and "I want to be with you".
-The band films a new video-clip. The chosen song is "The championship cup", from the last demo "The sunshine of our dreams'. The videoclip was produced and directed by Martin Ellerbeck, A Genius Production.
June-2006 -New release: "Acá está la cura. Tributo a The Cure", a 4CD tribute to THE CURE on the argentinian label Licor de Mono Records. Here THE YELLOW MELODIES perform "Play for today". In this compilation, Rafa Skam also gives 3 other versions under different names: "Three imaginary boys", by IMAGINARY KIDS; "Grinding halt", by RUTH & RAFA VACACIONES (with Ruth, from VACACIONES); and "Just like heaven", by THE NEWSIES (with José Alberto, from VACACIONES). The only way to get this 4CD is downloading it for free from their website:
January-2006 -The band is still waiting for those 2 members to arrive...


Nov-2005 THE YELLOW MELODIES are looking for a new keyboard player [+ INFO]
Nov-2005 -New release: A compilation called "Moderno pero español. Vol. 5", a CD under Bon Vivant label, that features 2 Yellow Melodies' demo songs: "A silent place" and "Have you ever...?".
July-2005 -A new release is out now! It is a compilation called "Megaton yeye", a double-CD with spanish bands, on the Bon Vivant label, that features 2 Yellow Melodies' demo songs: "Change" y "Everyday is like today".
-Meanwhile, a second edition of the 'Entresemana' compilation is released in Peru, accompanying the issue #4 of the magazine 'Freak Out!'', and this comes with 2 extra tracks, both Yellow Melodies songs: "The championship cup" y "I want to be with you", so a total of 4 Yellow Melodies' songs are featured in this compilation.
January-2005 -The band does not rehearse since last November...


December-2004 -The Yellow Melodies take part with 2 songs from ther recent demo, "They´ll come true" and "Mr. Sand & Mrs. Sea (happy on the beach)", in the compilation called 'Entresemana' that comes with the new issue #4 of the magazine 'Freak Out!', from Peru.
November-2004 -Rafa sends the demo to the 'Villa de San Adrian' contest, and they get the direct classification to the final, having to play live in the first days of January, but half the band cannot play those dates, so they would never not play in the end. 
-At last!!! on 18th December The Yellow Melodies get back onto the stage, after nearly 2 years without a gig. This would be in the 'El Planeta Amarillo #7' Fanzine party, at Super 8 (Murcia - Spain), supported by The Shake. It would be the first gig in almost two years, and with the next new line-up: Jesús (drums), Maria del Mar (keyboards and backing vocals), Pili (bass) and Rafa (guitar and voice). Two weeks before, Maia del Mar announces that she leaves the band, but she would play the next dates. 
October-2004 -After the summer, and keeping the regular rehearsals (except for the months August and September), they record a new demo with 6 songs at PM Studio, with Pepe Moreno: "The sunshine of our dreams", "The championship cup", "They´ll come true", "Something that you do" (MONOGRAPH's cover), "I want to be with you" and "Mr. Sand and Mrs. Sea (happy on the beach)"
January-2004 -2003 was not the year of Yellow Melodies: no gigs, no releases (except for the compilation "10 años de espíritu jabalina"), other small problems,... but 2004 starts with a new rehearsal room for the band, shared with Rafa´s another band VACACIONES... we hope that this means a new age for the Yellow Melodies...


June-2003 -Yellow Melodies split up with their management:
Octobre-2003 -A new compilation is out: the "10 años de espíritu Jabalina" double-CD, where Yellow Melodies take part with "Someone special", from "Surprise" (Jabalina, 2002)
June-2003 -At last the new Yellow Melodies website is updated!!!
-The debut VIDEO-CLIP of Yellow Melodies is finished and ready to be seen! The song chosen for the videoclip is "Believe", from "Surprise" CD, and the video has been directed  by Martin Ellerbeck (A Genius Production)
May-2003 Yellow Melodies take part in a forthcoming tribute to the PIXIES, under the Argentina label 'LEWIS CARROLL' (it will be a limited edition), and the Yellow Melodies make the 'Motorway to Roswell' cover.
April-2003 Yellow Melodies record their first videoclip with Marty, from the english company "A Genius Production". The video-clip is recorded in Granada (Spain) and the chosen song for the video is "Believe", from 'Surprise' (Jabalina, 2002)
January-2003 The band is now a 4-piece band, when the Yellow Melodies find at last the last piece of the puzzle, the drummer, called Jesus, from Jumilla (Murcia), then Angel Pop leaves the drums (he was helping the band until they found a drummer). The line-up is now: Rafa Skam (Voice and Guitar), Pilar (Bass), Maria del Mar (Viola, synthes and backing vocals) and Jesús (Drums)


December-2002 Laura (keyboards) leaves the band
November-2002  The band is involved in a mini-tour. They play in a party of, in Madrid; in Valladolid (Subterfugio), and in Albacete (La Competencia)
July-2002 Yellow Melodies play the Contempopranea Festival (Alburquerque - Badajoz - Spain)
17-5-2002 Release of the new mini-album "Surprise" (Jabalina, 2002), with 6 new songs.
May-2002 The band records a new mini-cd, called "Surprise", at PM Studio (Murcia). Ismael (ex-Yellow Melodies) plays the drums.
March-2002 Yellow Melodies record a new demo with new songs that would turn out to be the seeds of their new album. These songs are recorded at Gratis Studio, in a 4-track recorder.


3-11-2001  Yellow Melodies play  with Ladybug Transistor in Black Note (Valencia)
26-10-2001 Yellow Melodies play with Astrid in Mundaka (Murcia)
6-9-2001 Yellow Melodies perform the Lemon Pop festival.
17-5-2001 The new Yellow Melodies make their debut with the new line-up in the Contempopranea Festival.
3-2-2001 Yellow Melodies perform their last gig (Magic - Barcelona) with the original line-up from 1996.

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