Hi Today, Tomorrow´s far away
and we cannot wait for long
and we cannot even stay

Hi Mr. Time, show us what you hide
and we will not be late
and we won´t waste the days

Well, we try, to have a real good time
if you come around tonight
if you really enjoy the show

And what we really miss
(is) the sunshine of our dreams
that someday in the end will come true

We are alive, sometimes we don´t realize
but life is worth, you say
we could have a chance again

We can smile, we could even fly
but heaven´s far away
there are lots of things to say

This is our land, always sunny in the dark
but this is where we´re from
you should really come

This is our song, and this is what we love
and I hope you get some fun
and I hope you enjoy the show