You and I and they and we try to move and try to run outside and cry
why are we the same as them and why are you the same as me when I try to smile

Today we´re going to play a game in which we all can win
the stars will lose their bright tonight if you don´t stay
tomorrow it will be another day we cannot wait
we needn´t run but we must spend this night the best we can,
and the best we are, the best we have,
inside our hearts there is a land
a place where we can stand and run (to hide)

You and I and they and we try to dream and try to fly away everyday
should we go or should we wait ´till the end of a lonely day, we´ll stay or go away

My land is covered with amounts of sand but we must run
if we don´t want to lose this chance we´d better dance
we could slowly walk along this path, the shore we are
now it doesn´t matter much to me where you are
if you can come and take my hand
I´ll lead you to the magic land where we can reach the sun
close we are (and fly)

You and I and they and we try to stand up try to sit down here where we lie now