Oh, I´ve got a girl                         Why can´t I have luck                   Oh, I like your "scales"
in front of me                                   my pretty girl                              to swing the "ram"
I close my eyes                                if I´m with you                             to make me think

Oh, I can´t believe                       Believe the posted cards                Oh, don´t make me wait
the way she looks                         which show we´ll be                         I´ll fight for you
she looks like gold                         together someday                             ´till you are mine

I like her golden hair                       Oh, I won´t stop                         Oh, baby, kiss my lips
the way she dresses                        ´till I´ve got you                              then I will be
the way she walks                                by my side                                 your little prince

I don´t know if you´ll... love me true

The way I live the way I love you
The more I see you the more I want you
the way I live the way I love you
the more I see you the more I want you