(I´ve) got to believe in the world that I see
in the things that I do
(I´ve) got to believe in something
(I´ve) got to believe in me or I´ll die
All that I want are the things I don´t have
And the people I love never live forever
Never live near me and I´ll die

Live, let me live in my dreams, live forever
Shining a light in my life
I´m free to believe in my dreams, love forever
shining a light in my life

I do believe in the friends that I love
In the songs that I sing
I do believe in magic
I do believe in dreams or I´ll die
All I can see is a light in the sky
It´s a shooting star
Maybe it´s just the answer
Maybe it´s so real, then I´ll die

I´ll try to understand
(and) believe in what I can
and today will I have another chance to believe?