Recording sessions of...
PM Studio (Murcia)

1. Pili recording the Fender bass

2. Pili recording the Rickenbacker bass

3. Pepe Moreno, the sound engineer

4. Rafa, recording the acoustic guitars

5. Javi, recording the darbuka

6. Rafa, recording the electric guitars

7. Pepe Moreno, trying and arrangement for "Shooting star"

8. Antonio, recording the trumpets, with Maria del Mar

9. Maria del Mar, viola

10. Laura, recording the keyboards

11. Ismael, with the percussion

12. Rafa, recording some keyboards

13. Carlos, recording the flute arrangements

14. Pepe Moreno, recording an arrangement for "Shooting star"

15. Rafa, recording the analogic synths

16. Records that inspired and helped the recording of "Surprise"