love dance
 Here just some words from Eirik, from LOVE DANCE, when they were still called TRY HAPPINESS:
 “Shortly about the band: The band´s name is TRY HAPPINESS. It consists of my dearest friend Kristopher and I. Kristopher: vocal, guitar, bass. Me: guitars, drums, vocal. We're making songs at my bedroom. We've been in contact with Oliver from Marsh Marigold, who wants to release a 7" and a album with the band. That´s about it. We've just started making music you see. “You should know where I'm standing” is our first recorded song. Hopefully we'll do several more songs within a short periode.”

1. Who are LOVE DANCE? Where are you from? Who plays each instrument? and how old is the band? when was it born?
 The members of LOVE DANCE are Eirik, 22 (lead guitar, drum machine), Kristopher, 25 (guitar, vocals) who started the band in late 2003 after talking about it for 2 years. And then Kjetil, 25 (bass) joined last spring. We're all from Bergen in Norway.

2. Why the name of LOVE DANCE for the band? Before you had a different name, TRY HAPPINESS, why did you change it?
 Because we tried happiness and it didn't work for us... No, seriously, we wanted a name that didn't take the focus away from the music, and a name that didn't give associations to other bands or a certain genre. And to be honest, we like it better.

3. Who writes the songs? Which things make you write those beautiful songs? What are the lyrics about?
 The songs are made through an interaction between Eirik and Kristopher who has clear visions of what they want the band to sound like. The songs come about as a result of all the references our lives are based on, from literature to music to football to love. One can say that some of the lyrics are relationship related.

4. Which bands influence the sound of LOVE DANCE?
 Here it's important to draw a distinction between the bands we like and the bands that directly influence our sound. Refering to the sound of LOVE DANCE a suitable description will be the sound of the bands who are associated with post-punk/new wave/indiepop-era, and the bands who are inspired by these bands on a later stage.

5. How many songs have you written? how many ones have you recorded?
 We have written about 9-10 songs, and are always in the process of recording songs. 4 songs have been demoed so far.

6. It seems you are going to record an ep and an album with the german label Marsh Marigold. How was the romance?
 The plan is first of all to release a 7" ep on Marsh Marigold, and that's what we're concentrating on now. We got in contact with the label as record collectors, buying some of their releases. We have always looked upon Marsh Marigold as sort of a Continental European forerunner in promoting the sounds we like. Also some of our favoruite bands are on the label.

7. When will the ep come out? Which songs will it have? And the album?
 We don't have an exact date, but hopefully within the end of this year. We are working on four songs for this ep, and they are: “Stay handsome!”, “What does this tell you?”, “You should know where I'm standing” (of course not the demo version which appears on the cd-r for this fanzine, but a new and improved version!!) & “A month of sundays”.

8. Have you played any gig? Where? How are your gigs? Any cover?
 We've played one gig at a place called Hulen in Bergen. The concert was quite straightforeward, but based on what people have told us, it was good, so we're happy. Actually the first song in our set was a cover version of BLUEBOYS "Lazy Thunderstorms". We're definitely looking foreward to play more, hopefully one day in Spain...

9. Do you prefer gigs or the studio?
 Both things are great as long as it turns out great. But we must admit due to our line up, that it's easier to get the sound right in the studio where we can increase the complexity of the songs.

10. How would you describe your sound to someone who has not ever heard your music?
 Our songs are pretty much pop. It's us trying to make songs we like and hopefully other people like. And this is of course based on our influences. The wheel has already been made up, and we're just trying to use it in the best way possible.

11. As almost no-one lives on music nowadays, what do you usually do in a normal day?
 We are all students. Eirik and Kristopher study Comparative Politics and Philosophy, Kjetil studies Literature.

12. Which are your hobbies?
 Our hobbies are music and football, particulary terrace culture. We are all from different parts of Bergen, and we met in the stands supporting our favourite team Brann. And after a while we found out that we liked much of the same music.

13. Which is that amazing record that you are listening to lately and can´t stop listening to it?
 Kristopher: RED HOUSE PAINTERS - Ocean Beach

14. Are there more pop bands in Bergen? Which ones do you suggest us? Is there a pop scene in Bergen?
 Yes! there are more pop bands in Bergen. To bands we like: KINGS OF CONVENIENCE (which you probably already have heard about), and our friends and favourites in PROFESSOR PEZ, who has just released an album on Galant Records. Galant Records is also the center of an up and coming pop scene here Bergen, connecting bands from different indiegenres.

15. Is there a pop scene in Norway? are there any pop labels in Norway? and which are your favourite norwegian bands?
 See question 14. We can also mention Perfect Pop in Oslo, with THE LOCH NESS MOUSE  being our favourite band on that label.

16. Do you know any labels or bands from Spain? Which ones? Do you like them?
 Yes we do, especially Eirik who has through time developed a special relationship with the spanish indie scene. It started with Siesta, through Elefant, through Jabalina, through Acuarela and ended up with our new favourites Annika. Our favourite spanish bands are: FAMILY, MIRAFIORI, NIZA, LA CASA AZUL / MILKYWAY, ME ENVENENO DE AZULES, etc... and of course the beloved VACACIONES.

17. What music do you usually listen to? which are you favourite bands?
 Kristopher:  As well as different bands from the genres mentioned under influences (question 4), I also listen to Northern Soul a lot, and some Hip Hop / R'n'B. If I were to mention a favourite band of all time it would probably be THE SMITHS, but McCARTHY, RED HOUSE PAINTERS and BLUEBOY are also up there.
 Eirik: (see also question 4) I'm mostly listening to pop music, widespread through different genres of pop; neo-acoustic, sunshine pop, c86, bossa etc. Following Kristopher´s example I can mention two bands of particular importance: McCARTHY and BLUEBOY.

18. Which are your plans with LOVE DANCE for the next months?
 Rehearsing, writing songs and recording.

19. Any thing you want to add...
 Feel free to contact us at or

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