Hello. Welcome to the new EL PLANETA AMARILLO e-zine.

    I´m Rafa Skam, the coordinator of this new e-zine. I play in two bands here in Murcia (Spain): The Yellow Melodies and Vacaciones, and I love music 24 hours a day, so I do this e-zine as I was thinking about it. But the main problem is that I´m not a good writer, but I try. I´d like to transmit the special sensations I have when I listen to a good record or a good demo, or I go to a special gig. Although I´ve ever written (and I still do) in a paper fanzine (ISLA DESIERTA;YESCA JOVEN; LA HOJA SIN OTOÑO;...) and in another e-zine (SONAR e-zine, de Brasil: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Stadium/1389/sonar_drone.htm), with this own e-zine I want to tell you about my musical preferences, and I am very grateful to all my friends that have helped me to release this first number (Ángel Pop, Ángel Sopena, Ana Vacaciones, Ruth Vacaciones, Javi Nasty, Israel Sánchez Fuster, Carmelo, José Esteban and Benigno Sánchez) and I hope they keep on making this e-zine get better in the future.

    Although the first idea was to make an e-zine only on internet, my nostalgic side has mede me think about translate this e-zine into a paper fanzine, but only in the spanish version, as this e-zine is written in spanish and english, but not all contents are translated into english, because they have a local character, only the most interesting ones. Sorry for my translation and for my english, too, as I´ve only been once in England, and I only want that you can understand what I say.

    I only talk about bands that I like or that I love, so I will never talk badly of a band nor a record. Sometimes a bad critics can be bad for a young band that begins making music.

    This is just a POP e-zine, with an independent attitude, although a bit eclectic, from power-pop bands until naive electronic bands, for example...

    And of course, I will never be objective. I couldn´t be, trying to be honest. I´ll try to be descriptive, but with a big subjective point of view. I´ll try to transmit you my passion for the band or record I´ve listened. So will the rest of writers in this e-zine. The most important thing is to be a FAN of music. It´s the engine that moves everything: Pop always helps you feel good.

    I´m not and I will never be a good writer, but I only want to learn and get fun with it.

    Another thing: EL PLANETA AMARILLO doesn´t try to be a "cool" fanzine, only talking about the latest hypes. I try to be honest with myself and talk about good bands, never mind if they´re in fashion or not. Sometimes I will tell you about more mainstream and well-known bands and others about more independent and less known ones.

    The e-zine is divided in:
        FESTIVALES: a review of the most important festival we´ve been: Reading, Benicassim, BAM and Purple Weekend.
        ARTICLES: the most of them are not translated into english, as they have a local character.
        INTERVIEWS to interesting bands.
        REVISION: a revision of a band in each number of this e-zine so that you can know its history, albums, life,...
       RECORD COMPANIES: in each number you will be able to know all about a record company, with all their most important releases and so on.
       ALBUMS and DEMOS.
       FANZINES: Other Fanzines and E-Zines...
       And if you want to suggest something, do it!

    I hope this e-zine can release every three months, more or less. And I also hope to count on more friends that can help me to make of this PLANETA AMARILLO a better e-zine. All suggestions are welcome!

    Collaborations and Very Special Thanks To: Ángel Pop, Ángel Sopena, Ana Vacaciones, Ruth Vacaciones, Javi Nasty, Israel Sánchez Fuster, Carmelo, José Esteban and Benigno Sánchez.


    Contact address:

Rafa Skam
Avda. Monte Carmelo, 14 - 4º D
e-mail: rafaskam@nexo.es
Tlf.: (+34) 968 / 34-40-45
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