Interview to POP EYES

    Wednesday 15th September. My friends Lola and Sol, Pop Eyes leaders, called me to take a coffee, and they took me to Europe Square with their guitar and they sang me all their songs all over the afternoon, with their great and sweet voices, and I enjoyed all the set, so I looked for a sheet of paper to improvise an interview for this e-zine. Pop Eyes are a band from Murcia lined up almost only with girls.

    Although the most of the questions were answered by Sol (Bass and Voice) and Lola (Guitar and Voice), there also would come Salva (Drums), Pedro, and Yago García, who has a fanzine called Riff Raff and plays on Plástico 3000, with Salva, who also plays on Plástico 3000 and runs his own fanzine, named each number with a different name, such as: "Porque me da la gana" or "Mucho morro".

-EPA: Who are you? What do you play? Tell me about your beginnings...

    Sol: Ufff!!! Lola and I started the band four years ago, in 1995. A lot of people has joined the band, and some have left it. For example, our current keyboard player, Gloria, has been twice in the band, as a guitar player and as a bass player. Ana (now in Vacaciones) was also twice: as a bassist and as a keyboard player. And our current drummer, Salva, also plays in Plástico 3000. The previous drummer and keyboard players went to Italy. And now Pop Eyes are: Sol (Bass and Voice); Lola (Guitar and voice); Gloria (Keyboards) and Salva (Drums)

-EPA: Where does the name Pop Eyes come from?

    Sol: from Lennon´s "Give Peace A Chance", and it´s a useful name, because you can read it two ways in spanish...

-EPA: How would you define the music you play?

    Yago García, from Plástico 3000, defines Pop Eyes´ music as a mix of Jon Spencer and The Ronettes.

  Lola: we´re having a change: we´re adding some strange sounds to our music.

-EPA: How many songs do you have at the moment?

    Sol: Thirty-some…

-EPA: Oops, then you could record a debut double-album, couldn´t you?

    Lola: Yes, an anthology (laughs).

-EPA: Why do you sing in english?

    Sol: it´s our mother tongue (laughs)

    Lola: because we have listened to a lot of english music, it´s what we have absorbed (we have also absorbed some german)

-EPA: Who, when, where and how do you write songs?

    Sol:Lola and I write the songs, and Salva gives his opinion.

        There are three ways of writing songs:

            -Sol´s system: When Sol begins writing a song, she always ends it with the lyrics, the bass, the drums, the guitars, the arrangements, and so on.

            -Lola´s system: it´s just the contrary. When Lola writes a song piece, then she asks Sol for help, and she ends songs joining pieces from different songs.

           -The common system: Sol spends 4 hours with the guitar playing the same loop of chords, until Lola writes something.

-EPA: Who writes the lyrics? what are they about?

    Sol: We write the lyrics, Lola and me, and they are about everything except love.

    Lola: Er... yes... "Fucking Lola" is about love.

    Yago: not love, just resistance.

    Lola: the truth is that I don´t know exactly what they are about, and what is more, you have just made me feel with an existence crisis.

-EPA: What comes up first, lyrics or music?

     Sol and Lola: It depends. There are three systems:

  1. Lola hurries up Sol´s home and tells her: "listen to what I´ve written just now on the bus!! do you think you could find some chords?
  2. Sol plays some chords in the guitar and tells Lola: "do you think this would match a story about a trip?"

  3. -Lola imagines a melody in the street, and then at once, goes to a phone box and tells Sol leaving the song as a message.
-EPA:  What gives Salva´s particular way of playing drums to the songs?

    Sol and Lola: Chaos and spontaneity.
  Salva (defending himself): Geniality, and make us not to be a church chorus.

-EPA: Which are your main influences?

    Sol and Lola: The Beatles, Gloria Gaynor, the Rocky Horror Show

   Salva: Pram, Silver Apples, Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, Poiret, Meliès

-EPA: You haven´t released anything yet and you have only staged once, in a festival here in Murcia, so... when will be able to listen to a Pop Eyes´ demo (or album) and when are you staging again?

    Lola: there will be a demo in 2000.

  Sol: I suppose we´ll play before 2000, although it´s in my house, or even in our rehearsal room, here in Euterpe Association, in Espinardo, Murcia, every Friday morning...

-EPA: Next projects?

  Sol and Lola: Recording a demo.

They have some songs that I like and they can be good in studio, and some classical ones, that I don´t like very much. My favourite ones are:

    -Fucking Lola (it´s their favourite song, very punk)
    -Little like a star (their hit, a fresh, happy and very pop song)
    -Shining Sun (slow, funny with the two voices at the same time, one of my favourites)
    -Remember (a very psychedelic one, with an unusual structure and strange changes)
    -Frankie (in spanish, a gay hymn, very techno-pop)
    -46 grados centígrados (also in spanish, one of those beautiful songs that you need to listen to more than once)
    -Moon Dust (another charming song that you need to listen to more than once)
    -Bloody Love (very sixty-mod)
    -Time (another 60s classical song)
    -Science-Fiction (another different song)
    -Miserable Life (influenced by The Smiths)
    -Creative (dedicated to "The Sueters"´s singer Bart, still unfinished)

    Besides, another surprising point of this band is that they take care for the lyrics, and they bother themselves to write good songs. They pronounce english fine, and in their gigs (the only time they have staged), they play like they had played over 100 gigs before.

    Just a bad point that I see, but really important, and it´s that they must be up-to-date, they should listen to more music made nowadays, not only The Beatles, but also Velocette, Marine Research, Belle & Sebastian, Club 8, Cane 141, Black Box Recorder, Chicks, La Buena Vida, etc.

    Here´s an excerpt of "Fucking Lola":

"You are so morbid, you are so acid,
you undress my feelings and then you trumble on them
You, fucking Lola, you can´t be called as a whore, you´re not so,
You can´t be signed like a fucking bastard
because you should be the only one in the world
You think you are a superstar
And so you are in your lost head, in your dirty head,
in your fucking brilliant head"

            ... don´t you still think they are so funny?


Contact them at:

Sol García Orenes
Avda. Ronda de Levante, Ed. Gaudí, nº 4 - 7º B

© Interviewed by Rafa.