Interview to
The Frank And Walters

    Last Saturday night we spent a very funny night with Paul, Niall and Ashley, this is, The Frank & Walters. And they were not only the gigs: Vacaciones + The Frank And Walters, but also the great supper, for example, and after it, when we went to the Camelot´s dressing room and we were talking to them and asking them some questions. We had designed an improvised interview that same afternoon. This time we tried to avoid the typical interview questions but I really don´t know if we got it at last. Well, more or less, you, that are reading this, can have a slight idea of what was all about in a night like a grand parade full of colours as beauty becomes more than life.

    I gave them away The Yellow Melodies´ first album, and Paul asked me about the song called "Ireland", and I told him that I had never been there, but I wished, and the lyrics were about that. Then he told me they had a song which talked about the same, called "Fashion Crisis Hits New York" and they had never been in New York. I asked him if he liked the name of the band, and he said yes, and he even added that "Yellow" is his favourite colour.

-EPA: Coming to Spain is one of the best things that can happen to The Frank And Walters. Which are some of the others?

    F&W: One of the best things has been going to America. We had never been there although we had that song "Fashion Crisis Hits New York", which was about something that had not happened yet. America... the gigs there, the people... the whole tour was really rewarding. We loved living in New York, and all that... the American audience was very good. There is not a great amount of indie bands, but we found there lots of people who liked european music, and we enjoyed both kinds of gigs: the ones on our own, and the ones with amercian bands.

-EPA: Tell us a very beautiful song and which are to you the ideal conditions to write a perfect song: mood, weather, place...

    Paul: Lately I listened to one song from the latest The Flaming Lips album, called "Raze for the prize", and I thought I wished I had composed that song. It shocked me. Well, I did really liked it. We "tink", what you need to write a song like this is... well, it depends on the mood you are in, maybe it´s better at night, but it always happens that when you want to write the perfect song, it never comes out, and in the most unexpected moment, it does. The drummer, Ashley, finds a good moment in the hangovers. Quite interesting to do so.

-EPA: Being Ireland a fairytale land, can you tell us something about a book, or a story or any wicked witch who put a spell on you?

    Paul felt devoted to Oscar Wilde.
  All the band coincide in pointing out that J.D. Salinger´s book: "The Catcher in the Rye" is an excellent book.
    And Ashley showed off for a while telling us about a horrid spell that in a sudden moment an old dark ugly witch made him play the drums.

-EPA: If someone tells you that your songs are like a rainy afternoon, what would you think about?

    F&W: We´d feel happy. It´d be good, because it would mean that your songs still steal lots of emotions from people, but it depends, as if everyone tells us that every single one of our songs are like a rainy afternoon, it wouldn´t be so good, it would be bad, since they´re not always like a rainy afternoon.

-EPA: Concerning to gigs, people, bands and friends, what would you take from Spain to Ireland, and what would you bring from Ireland to Spain?

 F&W: What we´d take take from Spain to Ireland, apart from the sun, is that everything is more easygoing. Well, there´s not snobbery (at least we hadn´t experienced that), but up there, the main band acts us if they had nothing to do or to say to the support band in a gig, and the support band all the same feel that they´re too cool to get along with the main band. The other time we came to Spain we brought only our instruments, but not the backline, and we had no problems using other bands´ equipments. And this is something it doesn´t happen so often in Ireland or Britain. Well, about what we´d bring to Spain... rain. You have a lack of water and you might wash your teeth with wine (laughs)

-EPA: If something happens to you, what´s exactly?

    Ashley: that I woke up!!! (laughs)
  Paul: That´s a song about falling in love.

-EPA: Make a wish...

    Paul: I think of it but will not say a word.
  Nial: Having bigger feet.
  Ashley: I wish I could have a baby.
  EPA (Ruth): My special wish is spending a while any time again in my life with The Frank And Walters, a band that the first time I was at one of their gigs, I really knew that smart gentlemen can play deep elegant pop songs.
  EPA (Rafa): I´d love to play again with The Frank And Walters, supporting them in the next whole spanish tour in February of 2000, and I still dream playing someday in Ireland or Britain.


© Interviewed by Ruth and Rafa