Interview to FLIRT

    This was a very important interview to me, because Flirt are my favourite new spanish band, and I interviewed Lucas by e-mail. Lucas is the composer, singer and plays the guitar... I first met Lucas on the #Spanishpop channel of the IRC chat, and we were talking for long, and we had very similar musical likes. So I asked him for their only demo, and when I received it I felt astonished, because it was delightful and really nice!!! I think I´ve listened for that demo plenty times. (you can see the comments at "Albums and demos´ section)

-EPA: A less known band, but with only a 4-song demo, Flirt has turned to be my favourite band. Tell me about the beginnings, who are you, and what do you do in Flirt.

    Lucas: We are Rodrigo (main guitar), Joaquín (piano; he studies filology and he´s just finished piano career), Alberto (drums; he also studies filology and works in a computers´ company), Néstor (bass, just finished the law career) and Lucas (voice and acoustic guitar, and a good person). Flirt were born a year and a half ago, but the current line up is different from the initial one. And what do we do in Flirt? Our initial purpose was get some money for a non-goverment organization, but we don´t know now...

-EPA: Any parallel bands or previous bands?

    Lucas: Rodrigo comes from a punk band called Los Nervios Rotos, and Lucas was fired from a punker band, called Glamour. Alberto has played in nearly all the bands from Barcelona of this decade and the previous half: Marea Baja, Sosas Cáusticas (the best), Minema, Peanut Pie...

-EPA: Who writes the songs?

  Lucas: The 90% of the songs are written by Lucas, and a 10% are co-written with Rodrigo.

-EPA: With only a demo, you have achieved to play at BAM and other festivals, and get nice comments about the demo... can you tell us more about your demo? are you proud of that demo?

    Lucas: We were proud in its moment. And we see it far now, but we´d never talk badly about it. We entered the studio to record the four songs, and we had the songs finished in our minds, so it would be easily. We didn´t experiment too much. Gloomy Words is still the same is our set, but there are others that we add new arrangements, and others we wouldn´t play.

-EPA: The record companies pay attention to you. How are your contacts now with the record companies?

    Lucas: Embarrased.

-EPA : Multi or indie?

    Lucas: Sincerely, multi.

-EPA:  Which label would you prefer?

   Lucas: Any which does not act only by artistic criteria.

-EPA:  Do you prefer gigs or the studio?

  Lucas: The studio.

-EPA: Which are your main influences? what music do you listen now? do you prefer national bands or english ones?

  Lucas: Albums that I listen now: Sparks (we make a cover of them), Olivia Tremor Control, New Musik, Beach Boys, One Dove, Marc Almond, Tim Buckley and Franco Battiato.
   Songs that I listen these days:  Te Busqué (Mecano), Autobiography (Dakota Suite), So Payaso (Extremoduro), The Wanderer (U2 con Johnny Cash), Cry Baby Cry (Beatles), 25th December (Everything But The Girl), Instant Pussy (Robert Wyatt), All The Madmen (Bowie)

-EPA: Last bought record.

  Lucas: A fantastic one of Olivia Tremor Control and a horrible one of Mr. Wright.

-EPA:  Why do you sing in english? don´t you want to be famous?

  Lucas: I don´t know... Yes.

-EPA: Next Flirt projects.

  Lucas: BAM´s gig and we hope to record something soon.

-EPA: Tell me your 5 favourite bands of Benicásim-99.

  Lucas:    -Vacaciones. I´d copy Poppy Girl´s melody if it would not be yours.
                -Ultrasound. Great gig, and a great sound.
                -Hefner. I have never liked them until I saw them on Benicassim. Now I love them.
                -Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. But I wouldn´t make you believe that I listen to it at home.
              -Patrullero Mancuso. A grateful surprise.

    This interview was made some days before BAM´s Festival. After it, Lucas told us about the Flirt´s song list they played at BAM...

    1. Any Of Those Crazy Things: Talks about a very ugly girl who thought she was very pretty, an so she WAS very pretty. This is one of my favourites, but it hasn´t got a special chorus.

    2. Gloomy Words: It´s Flirt oldest song, so it´s very special for us. In live it´s a disaster. I never get to listen to the guitar at the beginning. I remember that the day I wrote it, I spent the whole night beating up the piano with Rodrigo, and the neighbours called three times.

    3. Caustique: This is the one in which I play the piano with Joaquín. It´s the second version of a ballad that Rodrigo and I wrote a long time ago. The lyrics are different in every gig. It´s the Flirt´s song where the instruments best match together, maybe because I don´t play the guitar on this?

    4. Aro Emo Emotional: The chorus of this song is sampled from a song that Aleix wrote in Peanut Pie, and the rest is mine. It´s a very free version of Damaged.

    5. Arquitectura: This is the one of the flute. I like it very much as it´s easy and simple, and the piano and flute arrangements are fantastic.

    6. Why Do I Dance Alone?: This is a song too bossa when it first was written, but now we play it as a disco song. Alberto always hurts everything after playing it, so we always play it at the end of every gig. The title is too explicit. The chorus changes its rhythm and turns into a ballad.



© Interviewed by Rafa.