Interview to CECILIA ANN

    We talked to Arturo, Estrella and Francis, after their gig at FAMI, the first independent Festival of Alguazas, here in Murcia, last 13th June:

-EPA: Introduce us to the new line-up and why.

    Arturo:Juanma and Juan Luis left the band on february and the new incorporations are Sergio, with the drums, and Pablo, Estrella´s brother, who plays the bass.

-EPA: You have increased the use of the technology in Cecilia Ann... why? don´t you think that you may sound less fresh than before?

    Arturo: The technology helps us, but it will never break the pop structure...

-EPA: How many gigs have you staged ?

    Estrella: 60 since the album release, and 100 since we were born.

-EPA: Which has been the best gig and which the worst?

The best:

    Francis: the First BAM in 1996
    Arturo and Estrella: the first Benicásim and the first Lemon Pop we were.

The worst:

    Arturo and Estrella: with Manolo Kabezabolo in Granada.

-EPA: Arturo, why don´t you let Estrella sing more?

    Arturo: Because she doesn´t want to. If she wanted, I wouldn´t even sing anything!

-EPA: What do you think about the new spanish pop, maybe fresher and naiver than before?

    Arturo: It´s great, although it´s not the music we play, but it can act like a shove, and if they come to our label, the better it is for us, as they make our record company grow and be popper. We like Vacaciones, Me Enveneno de Azules, La Pequeña Suiza, Yellow Melodies,...

-EPA: and what about pop bands in Granada? new bands? which would you stand out?

    Arturo: There are a lot of bands: Niños Mutantes, Mama Baker, but it´s all a bit confused, as I don´t know if they are bands coming up right now or they are older bands which are becoming successful now with the help of bands like Los Planetas, Lagartija Nick, and even Cecilia Ann

-EPA: What bands do you listen now? do you listen more to spanish bands or to english bands?

    Arturo: English bands.

-EPA: Last bought album.

    Estrella: last of Pavement, Elliot Smith, Wilco
    Arturo: last of Elliot Smith y Wilco

-EPA: Why don´t you play "A Day In The Life" live?

    Arturo: We haven´t noticed, but we have been playing some forgotten songs now with the new incorporations. "A Day in The Life" was released just when we were recording the album, and we were totally concentrated on it, so we forgot it, and besides, it´s dangerous to try to do a Beatles´ cover.

-EPA: Next projects...

    Arturo: We are pre-recording our new album. We´re looking for a studio. We´re looking for a producer (our dream now is George Shilling, mixer, recorder and producer of bands such us Texas, Teenage Fanclub, Blur, Ocean Colour Scene, James Brown, Marc Almond, Paradise, and so on...) We don´t think of a spanish producer, and we don´t like to be our own producer, as we´re not prepared yet.

-EPA (Ruth): Arturo, can you cook?

    Arturo: Now Sergio, the drummer, and only 18, lives alone, so I have to cook for him, and he´s enjoying what I cook. Cecilia Ann love cooking. We´re the band which more money spends on food. We nearly spend more money on food than in records.

-EPA (Ruth): Tell us the alternative food to spend an endless and enjoying night...

    Sergio: Errr... one of those that Arturo cooks for me: curry with meat and tomato,... and a coke.

(with this we confirm that Arturo is a good cook)

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© Interviewed by Rafa and Ruth.