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ON THE KEYBOARD THROUGH ALIEN IN LOVE: Paco (voice and guitar) tells us about the first steps of the previously called Popnautas via e-mail.

-EPA: Where does the name come from?

   Paco: We simply made a selection of names, and Alien In Love finally won because it collected the most of the votes, and it sounded very good. Besides, its meaning is very important for us, and it´s just what we try to express as a band.

-EPA: Why the change of the name?

   Paco: We were called Popnautas before. It was a first name but never definitive, since some members of the band never accepted it. But now, we all feel identified with Alien In Love.

-EPA: Which is the current line-up of the band?

   Paco: Well... we are Paco (voice and guitar), Cristóbal (guitar), Pablo (bass) and Manolo (drums). Now we´re changing of female singer. We´re looking for another one, as we think it´s important.

-EPA: Main influences?

   Paco: Whatever you think of us when you listen to our demo or in a gig. I love bands such as Teenage Fanclub, Pixies, Matthew Sweet, Los Planetas, Surfin' Bichos (Chucho, Mercromina) and, The Beatles, of course. Cristóbal has the same likes, but he would add R.E.M. The luck is that we´re very identified with what we make, as we´ve got close likes.

-EPA: ...and what could you tell me about your sound? Teenage Fanclub mixed with sedated Pixies?

   Paco: I could´t tell you about our sound. One thing is the bands you like and another one (sometimes very different) what comes up when you write a song or even the sound of the band. It´s funny hearing that comment, but I´d prefer that people could have a personal and free opinion about us, not telling them: "We sound as..."

-EPA: Any contact with any label? Are you going to record anything soon?

   Paco: We´ve just signed with Paká Payá Records, the Arena Music´s pop-rock section, an indie label from Madrid. We´re going to include two songs from our demo ("Bloody Valentine" and "Sometimes" -renamed "Tell Me"-) in a compilation with other 6 or 7 bands that will release next October. We´ll make some gigs in different Madrid´s venues to promote it. But before it, We´ll be next 20th August at Sonorama Festival, that will be held in Aranda de Duero (Burgos), with Automatics, Hank and Pili Perkins. The problem is that the posters are made, and we´ll appear with the old name. I hope it can´t be a mess.

-EPA: Why singing in english?

   Paco: Because it´s natural to me when I write the songs. But the songs written by Cristóbal (except "Tell Me", in which I wrote the lyrics) are in spanish, so we can mix both languages without any problem. And also Pablo is beginning to write songs, so our set will be of a greater variety.

-EPA: You just have released a 3-song demo. When was it recorded?

   Paco: We recorded it in February at G&G studios, in Madrid. We had some songs and needed to record them. It´s very important to promote your band. Thanked by this recording, I´m now talking to you!

-EPA: Good luck, Paco.


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