The Madrid´s label SIESTA is born on 1992 and as they say: "Siesta keeps on offering you a parallel, autonomous and fantastic world, a lost paradise controlled by its inner coherency and always fighting the market laws and fahion tendencies". So this is an atemporary record company.

    The "invent" came up from two guys called Mateo and Manuel, young lovers of the best indie-pop and with a special love to labels like SARAH, POSTCARD, ÉL and 4AD.

    Siesta is well-known abroad. Bands such as La Buena Vida are famous even in Japan.

    The delightful pop of their bands fits to their graphic designs, made almost usually by true pop artists, like Javier Aramburu.

    We can divide Siesta into two stages: the first one with a more spontaneous, happy, naive and a bigger pop energy, just like they released the La Buena Vida first album, and the first singles of Daily Planet, the Tramway album, etc. And the second stage fits to a mature style. Although they also like the happy side of pop, they begin releasing albums of people like Louis Philippe and his adult pop. They also like bossanova and start releasing things of international artists; albums of Laila Ameizan and others are really fine.

    They have now a great catalogue with several styles, but in a certain line of coherency. Their exquisite indie-pop keeps with very valuable pearls like Free Design, Vigil, The Legandary Jim Ruiz Group, Loveletter, Girlfrendo and with their most important and well-known band like La Buena Vida, with their new album called "Panorama".

    They also prepare tours to bands they like, such as the spanish tour of a german band called Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can!. And they keep on, of course, releasing very interesting albums.

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