(by Rafa Skam)

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BELLE & SEBASTIAN - "TIGERMILK" (Jeepster, 1996- re-edition 1999)
MARINE RESEARCH - "SOUNDS FROM THE GULF STREAM" (Elefant, 1999 (Spain) / K, 1999 (rest of the world))
SUEDE - "HEAD MUSIC" (Nude, 1999)
CINERAMA - "VA VA BOOM" (Cooking Vinyl, 1998)
ASTRID - "STRANGE WEATHER LATELY" (Fantastic Plastic, 1999)
AUTOMATICS - "DUTY" (Elefant, 1999)
THE SUETERS - "SOMETHING NEW" (Animal-PM-Región de Murcia, 1999)

"VERANO DEL 99" (Elefant, 1999)
"MASCOTAS" (Jabalina, 1999)
"GRABACIONES EN EL MAR" (Grabaciones en el Mar, 1999)

EPs and 7"
(EP) POLAR - "SLIDE E.P." (Tranquilo Niebla, 1999)
(7") CINERAMA - "PACIFIC" (Elefant, 1999)
(7") ROSITA - "LIVE IT DOWN" (For Us, 1999)
(7") MISS MEND - "LIVING CITY PLAN" (Piao!, 1999)
(7") ME ENVENENO DE AZULES - "IMÁGENES" (Elefant, 1999)

FLIRT - "WITH ME" (July-98)
MATSURI - "CREAJOVEN ´99" (27-3-99)

(Jeepster, 1996- re-edition 1999)

    Of course that I couldn´t afford the original edition of the album, released on 1996. So I have had to wait until now so that I could taste these beautiful songs. I only knew the first song, "The State I Am In", which they would later include in their EP "Dog On Wheels". This is also my favourite, but each time I listen to the album, I add another favourite song. The songs talk about daily stories, such as in "Expectations" (where you know what you expect every monday morning when you wake up), "I Could Be Dreaming" (about if we should do in the real life some things we dream) or the "Mary Jo"´s story. The album has excellent pop songs like "She´s Losing It" and even a psychedelic techno-pop experiment like "Electronic Renaissance". A nice album of a nice 90´s band.

(Elefant, 1999 (Spain) / K, 1999 (rest of the world))

    After the sad end of Heavenly, the band is back again. Amelia Fletcher comes back with a record full of pop delicatessens more worked out than previous stages of the band, like Heavenly or Talulah Gosh, but they still keep the freshness and they seduce at a first listen. They are more melodic, quieter and emotional than Heavenly, but as charming as them. We can enjoy so many gorgeous songs in this album like the single "Paralell Horizontal"; "You And A Girl"; "Hopefulness To Hopelessness"; the other single "Queen B"; "Chucking Out Time"; a Beatles´ tribute on "Glamour Gap"; and... all the album is great! Without a doubt, my favourite album of the year.

ELEFANT Records:

(Harsh Moon Music, 1998)

    Debut album for this psychedelic american band, with own melodies difficult to classify, between Love and Super Furry Animals, although I find them closer to Super Furry Animals. But they´re also influenced by the most lisergic stage of The Beatles.
    These brothers, called Justin and Christiaan, take us sometimes into their particular power-pop universe beyond the milky way, with strange and suggesting vocal harmonies robbed from another galaxy, and other times they invite us to float comfortably into their biosphere, giving us away eccentric but beautiful cello and wind arrangements which come up somewhere some time to make their world a bit more fantastic and kaleidoscopic. It´s just an album that will take you to a place you have never been.

PO Box 578950
Chicago, IL  60657

(Nude, 1999)

    Ok. Maybe this is the worst Suede´s album, but I like it and I have to recognize it´s a great album, but light years ago from 1993 Suede´s first album. The guilty is not Bernard Butler, because Richard Oakes is an excellent guitar player. Brett Anderson is the engine of the band, the mind. The album is only some months released and it has just a lot of singles out, like the powerful "Electricity", the dancing "She´s In Fashion" or the round and smart "Everything Flows" (my favourite one since the first time I listened to the album),... and the singles still bound to release, that I guess they could be "He´s Gone", "Savoir Faire", "Down", "Elephant Man", "Hi-Fi", and so on…
    The compositions are fine, but I don´t like this album as much as the others maybe because of the electronic abuse, that has decreased the temperature of the album, and I feel it a bit colder and further than the rest, less emotional. Maybe it´s Steve Osbourne (also producer of bands such as Happy Mondays).

BLACK BOX RECORDER - "England Made Me"
(Chrysalis, 1998)

    I know. I know this album is maybe a bit old to you, as it was released last year, but I want to talk about it, and make you buy it and listen carefully, since it´s one of the greatest records I´ve ever heard this year. With its ugly cover, I could have never imagined the gorgeous songs it enclosed inside.
    It´s another band of the ubiquitous "auteur" Luke Haines, but I´d better say it´s just a super-band, lined up with Luke, the ex-Jesus & Mary Chain (Darklands stage) John Moore (also in Revolution 9), both at the guitars and commanded by the sweet and tender voice of Sarah Nixey, and they altogether have recorded an album with splendid songs with only two guitars and a magical voice, and with songs like "Girl Singing In The Wreckage", "England Made Me", "Child Psychology", "New Baby Boom", "Ideal Home", "I. C. One Female" or "It´s Only The End Of The World", this last one is my favourite. I can´t stop listening to these songs again and again. Except for the only version of the album, signed by Althea Forrest & Donna Reid, the rest of the songs are written by Luke and John. The lyrics talk about their particular view of England nowadays, where disillusionment and scepticism live in the same street.

(Cooking Vinyl, 1998)

    Another album released last year, but I can´t help talking about it, because I´m trapped since their first listen. It´s the new David Lewis Gedge´s band, who was the leader of The Wedding Present, and he has recorded an album with the company of Sally Murrell and with collaborations of friends from bands like The Church, The Delgados or Animals That Swim. An album with a different sound from his  Weddoes, but with the unmistakable and personal voice of David, sometimes accompanied by the delightful voice of Sally, and where the guitars are almost hidden and they slide carefully under the atmospheres created by the lovely strings and keyboards arrangements, coming out songs like the famous "Kerry Kerry", which was the one that made me fall in love with this charming band that makes me dream and takes me to quiet paradises full of subtle emotions of peace and harmony...

(Setanta, 1999)

    Latest album of the band from Cork (Ireland), full of beautiful and sweet songs like "Plenty Times", their first single of this new album, or like "Something Happened To Me", my favourite one, or "Woman", "Let Me Know", "Until The End", "Don´t Stop", the instrumental "7.30", and I could go on and on this way with all the songs of this fantastic album. It´s a record that you have to listen to more than twice, and then you´ll discover new details with every listen. Their melodies show out delight and hope, and the lyrics talk about falling in love again and again...

SETANTA Records:

(Fantastic Plastic, 1999)

    Listening to this album again and again has made me wonder about how and why I like an good album, and I have realized that I like a record when that record reminds me to other ones that I also like, so this album reminds me to sounds of other bands that I love, so I love this album, because it reminds me to bands like Catchers and Fountains Of Wayne, and even the best melodic power-pop bands, where the most important thing is just the melodies, and the melodies in this album are so gorgeous, that justify the money you´ve spent buying this debut album of this british band: "High In The Morning", for example,  reminds me to Placebo, but in the album there are some echoes from such different bands like The Beatles, Everly Brothers, The Police and even the Creedence Clearwater Revival, but only in some melodies, as this is an album crowded of guitars, but sounding very pop and fresh, produced by Edwyn Collins.

(Elefant, 1999)

    This is the third album of the most well-known spanish band from Linares. This is a less electronic album than their previous one, Space Rock Melodies, and with a greater guitar atmosphere, fitting their studio sound to their live sound, but this is also an album full of details and carefully arranged, like the piano in "Like A Girl"; more acoustic guitars and the use of the Ernesto Pribata Idaho´s 12-string rickenbacker guitar, making "She Used To Make Me Smile" sound very fresh and turning it into one of the best songs of the album; Sex Museum´s Marta Ruiz has collaborated with her hammond organ, in "They Will Be Forever", one of my favourites; HD Substance has played the moog in "Electric Captain"; Manuel Fernández has played the flute in the last song of the album, called "Tell Me What To Say"; and Javier Hernández, the previous bassist of the band, has recorded the bass of some songs too. The album has been self-produced, as they have their ideas very clear, but not enough, because I think that in the next album they´ll count on any well-known producer almost surely. An album as good as their previous one, Space Rock Melodies, but never better.

ELEFANT Records:


(Animal-PM-Región de Murcia, 1999)

    This is an album that I haven´t been able to listen to it carefully until now, and it has really surprised me. Can you imagine a very sixty band but sounding 90s, an eclectic album but compact and coherent, and influenced by so different influences and so many as The Jam, the psychedelia, Elastica, the surf music, Suede, the punk, Bowie, the power-pop, Iggy Pop, the mods, The Doors, the glam, Pulp... and many others that come to your head when you listen to this album again and again? So this is one of the best POP albums of an excellent POP band from Murcia, in Spain. The album opens with an intense and epic song, but with no violins, called "What´s Goin´ On", announcing that something will happen, and with a guitar riff at the end of the song which reminds me even of Led Zeppelin; "I Don´t Like You, You Don´t Like Me", is punk-glam (it tries to be punk, but it´s finally glam), sounding closer to bands like Bowie-Iggy Pop-The Braslips; the third song is the coolest song of the album, called "Loveliness", a hit, a pop theme with a singable and round chorus; "Something New" gives the title to the album, another epic and mystical ode, full of psychedelia from the american west coast; "She´s Gonna Get You" practices surf in the same beaches and gives us away a very easy chorus; "Everyday, Everywhere" is one of the best songs of this decade, and although can remind us of the Stonish "As Tears Go By", over all in the single version recorded only with strings and voice, but this is a more melodic power-pop version, and as good as the other one, of course; "Surfersmonstersong" is an instrumental interval whose identity is revealed in the own title; in "Quicksand (It´s Alright)", Jim Morrison and Paul Weller get together, with the support of Art School; "Remembrance" appeared previously in their second demo, but now without the long instrumental beginning, and even here the voice is not as close to as Brett Anderson like in the demo, and the song is also very well arranged with delicate and excellent violin and cello arrangements, sounding lovelier, and turning into one of the best songs of the 90s; "Fashion Followers" is shamelessly Elastica, maybe it´s Justine Frichman the girl who the song talks about?; "Everything ´About" talks about that you have to take care of yourself and pay attention to all that happens outside; "´Till The End" closes the album, with Bart disguising himself as Jarvis Cocker, announcing us the end, in a more intimate and epic place, with wonderful strings arrangements created somewhere in heaven...

ANIMAL Records:

(Greyhead, 1998)

    Schwarz contains: Peace but not too much. A kaleidoscope of acid efervescence. A dream within a dream. The piper at the gates of dawn. Syd Barrett. Lysergic polyedra. Group levitation in strawberry fields. Neurotransmissors travelling all over the universe. Multidimensional ethereal psichedelia. Tangerine Dream. Radiogalaxy. Astral trips. The doors of perception. Amanitha muscaria. Regressive Rock. A saucerful of secrets. Spiritualized. Cosmic fluids. Heaven and hell. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Melodies which cross doors. Underwater record stores. Surrealistic butterflies. Enigma. Chill-outs in the space. Unexpected secondary effects. Subliminal alteration of senses. Aldous Huxley. Interstellar sonic washing machine. Liquid melancholy capsules. ...These songs mean nothing.


(Keaton, 1999)

    First self-released CD of this experimented band from Murcia, who have been making good songs since the decade of 80s, and leaded by Miguel Ángel Keaton (composer, voice and guitar), who´s accompanied by Platti (also producer of the album with Miguel Ángel), the english Tim Oldfield, on the bass; José, on drums, and Kiko, on keyboards, making together an album of excellent songs influenced by so a lot of bands from the past that I can only guess the most important ones, like The Beatles or David Bowie, but you´ll surely find heaps of other influences that come out all along the album. It´s a self-released album, with 10 songs, each one with its own personality and its own influences, but always POP (above all GLAM), although you may find some ROCK touches, and other styles, but always headed by the melodies over the rest of the elements, and always looking for the everlasting song, and all of this coherent and believable by the unmistakable voice of Miguel Ángel. Ten songs sung in english, and full of infinite and gorgeous details, from strings arrangements to analogic synthesizers, and the use of different samplers, so you may listen to these songs more than once to enjoy them best. My favourites are: "A Long Way", that opens the album, and can reminds us as Paul McCartney or even The Frank And Walters, and the third one, "You And Me", with delightful strings arrangements. They also play a tribute to Bowie with "Ziggy Stardust". "I´m a D.J." reminds us to The Beatles´ "Rock´n´Roll Music". "Another Dream" has some Ross supersonic touches. And finally, the strange experiment "End Time" closes the album. It´s just an album of... songs.



(Elefant, 1999)

A film directed by Luis Zulueta Elefant, and crowded of brand new characters, like La Pequeña Suiza (opening the film), Me Enveneno de Azules, Les Trés Bien Ensemble, Niza, La Monja Enana, Gasca, Vacaciones, Juniper Moon,... and other ones experimented and known like Le Mans, Cecilia Ann, Patrullero Mancuso, Beef, Automatics, etc... in a very interesting film, with quiet and intimist moments performed by Me Enveneno de Azules, Le Mans, LTBE, Niza,... other funnier moments performed by La Monja Enana, Gasca, Anti, Patrullero Mancuso, and other punkier ones, by Vacaciones or Juniper Moon, for example... The film starts with the "Viviendo en los 90" scene, performed by La Pequeña Suiza, and pointing out the story of the film, a film full of enthusiasm and colours, and with an excellent soundtrack, carefully chosen for the film, and with songs performed by the characters themselves!!!

ELEFANT Records:


(Jabalina, 1999)

The fifth anniversary of one of the best spanish indie-labels, which includes here the soul of this label, with the "mascotas" included here, most of them from their catalogue, and other ones are invited bands, like The Yellow Melodies (veruy good ones, of course...), Stereoskop or Cabeza Borradora. The compilation begins with maybe the most important band in the story of this label from Madrid, this is, Iluminados, that in these moments, they split up just to make up a new band called Musidora. There are also other older bands like Alias Galor, that are still alive. Other bands that were, but not are, like Venas Plutón, Ojos en Daphne, Onion or Loopside, although these latest ones have made really good songs and I miss them. There are also new bands, like The Umbrella Hating Generation, that I talk about them below at this page, and other young bands like Souvenir or Honey Pie. And there are also other interesting bands, like The Monkey Nuts, that I like a lot. And there are even bands belonging to the electronic part of Jabalina, like Humanoid or Ambilivebol, and although the selection of the songs included here is nice, my favourites ones are Yellow Melodies (of course), and The Umbrella Hating Generation, Loopside and The Monkey Nuts.



(Grabaciones En El Mar, 1999)

This is the compilation of the bands belonging to the indie label from Zaragoza (Spain) included in the spanish magazine Rock de Lux on its October number, opening the current banner of the label, La Habitación Roja, that have just released their second album, and although I haven´t heard it, I can guess it must be fine if all the songs are like this. Here they change their Los Planetas influences for Suede´s ones, and I guess Pau must listen to very good music: Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler (with Suede!),  because those guitars sound really wonderful... This compilation has some bands that I have heard before and other ones that this is the first time that I listen to them, and songs that I like, and others I don´t like as much... There are some intimist songs but carefully arranged and anyway interesting, like Bogusflow, Aidan Bartley,... although I prefer the classical pop bands, like La Nube, Los Magnéticos, and above all, a band called The Zinedines, or the one that has surprised me most, called Carrots. There are also the lately disappeared El Niño Gusano... It´s an interesting compilation to listen to and discover new bands...



(Jabalina, 1999)

    One of the most interesting spanish bands nowadays. So many good songs in this 5-song debut EP. So many few songs, only five, and at once I want more. They deserve glory and success. They sound close to bands like Belle & Sebastian, although they don´t like the comparison... and they really have a personal attitude and personality, a confluence of the seven intelligent contributions of each member of the band. Songs to hear at the end of autumn, maybe walking on a park watching the leaves falling down, or maybe at home, next to the chimney, alone and thinking about the wasted time, whether you see the rain dropping out of the window and you feel as a part of the umbrella hating generation. It´s a nice album full of delightful details. This is the spanish album that has surprised me best this year, and I´m hopelessly waiting for the long album. I want to be your special guest tonight.


(Tranquilo Niebla, 1999)

    I still don´t know if this is an EP or a rare tracks long album, but anyway it´s an exceptional record given as a present with the new "Flanzine", and where we can listen to previously unheard songs, other songs belonging to their only album "Sixteen Second Communication", other ones recorded live on the radio and other ones recorded during their gig at Benicassim Festival ´98, last year. There are some own songs, as well as versions of Yo La Tengo, Damon & Naomi, Big Score, and so on… nicely played of one of the spanish bands with an international sound, close to bands like Luna. I don´t like "Barney´s Techno-Party", but somehow I like the rest of the album, songs such as "Slide", "Supermum", "Information Age" or "Crazy Cows".


(Elefant, 1999)

    Wonderful debut EP album of this super-band from Barcelona, lined up by the ubiquitous Felipe Fresón, also in Fresones Rebeldes and TCR (until some days ago); Miguel, drums, also in Fresones Rebeldes and Thy Surfin´ Eyes; Pablo, hammond organ, also in Los Soberanos; Jacques, bass; and the charming voice of Suzette, also main songwriter.
   This jewel has 4 fascinating pieces of french pop, two own songs and two covers of S. Gainsbourg and F. Hardy.
    My favourite songs are the sweet "Les Sucettes", where Felipe also sings with Suzette, and "La fille la plus douce du monde".

ELEFANT Records:

(Elefant, 1999)

    A trip across the pacific by the shocking voice of Sally, and the beautiful piano, violin and flute arrangements, but this is just a round trip, and on the return, it´s David who describes and tries to steal from us gorgeous and romantic emotions, in a trip without Weddoes´ kind guitars, but now with a loveliest orchestrated pop of the man who leaded The Wedding Present, but who now gives us away this pink vynil, released only on Elefant Records, with two fantastic songs of quieter and subtle atmospheres of this new David´s musical stage. Two songs not released on their album.

ELEFANT Records:

(For Us, 1999)

    Two kenickies are in this new five-piece band, that I could see live at last Reading Festival, in August, but I could´t pay all the attention I should, because of the 3 days´ tiredness, and I only saw a half gig, as it coincided with other also interesting gigs in other stages. So it hasn´t been until now that I have discovered these sweet songs, listening to this debut single, and really enjoying the songs of the new project of two blondes of Kenickie. Side A is a very beautiful beat pop song, that reminds me even to Heavenly, called "Live It Down", just a hit, and Side B contains a slow song, also beautiful, called "If You´ve Not Heard", with delicious backing vocals with "lalalalas" and "uuuuhhs".

(Piao!, 1999)

    Another band I didn´t know that release now a 7" single on the excellent english label Piao!, and they are the perfect cross of Stereolab and Air, making one of the best songs that I have heard lately, and that I can´t get out off my mind, "Living City Plan", sung by the sweet voice of Lisa Rosendahl. Side B contains two pop pearls of the same quality. The first one, "Grey Ground In Grit", with a constant melody of the guitar and a wrapping bass, sung by a man, while Lisa appears making strange but seductive backing vocals. "Top End Trouble" wraps us around with an hypnotic and psychedelic organ sound, appearing a harmonica from time to time, and here is again Lisa singing.

PIAO! Records:


(Elefant, 1999)

    The brothers Jesús and José García give us away from Yecla a beautiful blue vinyl with 4 delicious pop songs: "Como soy", "Juan Sin Miedo", "Confundido" and "Imágenes" in acoustic guitars, heavenly vocal harmonies and perfect lyrics in spanish, which make up a puzzle of lovely melodies, tender images and nostalgic daily feelings. A very beautiful cover and better songs inside, even with a version of Ray Davies.

ELEFANT Records:

(Rock Indiana, 1999)

    Between The Beatles and Teenage Fanclub, and never forgetting The Beach Boys, is this excellent band from Madrid, with this EP with only 3 songs, where they even make a cover of Sidewinder´s Teenage Fanclub. Three songs full of delightful melodies with round choruses, nice vocal harmonies, careful string arrangements and gorgeous guitars creating a magical and special atmosphere altogether. They seem to like long titles to their songs. So short, but I can´t stop listening to it again and again.


(demo) FLIRT - "WITH ME" (July-98)

    Yes. You may think this demo it´s a bit old, but they have kept it hidden somewhere, and this year they have decided to make people notice of their privileged talent. They´re a 5-member band from Barcelona and headed by their singer, guitar player and excellent composer, Lucas. I received their demo in spring with 4 main songs ("Gloomy Words", "Where Do Stories End", "She´s a Rebel" and "Putz Boy") and other presents recorded on a 4-track tape recorder, and a good selection of songs that I liked a lot. When I first listened to that tape, I felt astonished, and I couldn´t believe such great songs. Since the very first moment, I was wrapped around the atmosphere with the guitar arrangements, the gorgeous piano, and the fragil and seductive voice. They are influenced by Love, Louis Philippe, David Bowie, Belle & Sebastian… Of course, this is the best demo I have heard in years. Lucas is a genious, an excellent songwriter, and I wish them all the success they deserve. Since the first moment, I turned into the best Flirt´s fan. Haven´t I talked about the songs in this demo yet? I can find no words to describe them, only exciting sensations at listening to them.



    A summer night listening to the radio I thought I was listening to a new The Frank & Walters´s hit, but I got surprised when I realized that they were not so. The song was called "It´s Not You" and it just belonged to a band from Murcia, called The Catfrog, that I hadn´t ever heard. The demo has 6 excellent songs which describe the daily adventures of a spanishman who has spent a long time in England and comes back again to Spain, I mean, the life of Juan Ruiz, the band´s leader. The first three songs describe their life in England, and they are optimistic love songs. The last three songs talk about his comeback to Spain, and they are sadder than the first ones. Influences of the best british pop paint this demo.


(demo) NOSOTRASH - "MAQUETA ABRIL 99" (April, 1999)

    Delicious demo of this spanish well-known band, with an album released and some singles. This was the demo with the songs for their second album, but they were fired from the company. In the end, they were lucky and they signed for Elefant Records, so we will be able to listen to all this songs soon on CD. The demo has 11 songs, more mature but as fresh as their first album. Sincere lyrics and less obvious melodies needed to be listened for a next time to enjoy them.
    I love the 80s "Rara sensación"; the lovely "Pijama para dos" with gorgeous string arrangements; the stereolab´s "El hombre invisible", with Cova on the voice; "Hacia el sur", very fresh and with a funny melody, just a hit, and it will be the first single on Elefant; "Tengo que elegir", the same way; the punk-naive "Maldito espejo", with narananás; and the autumn one "Gato al sol" with a string orchestral end.



    Carmelo told me about this band from Alicante, lined up by Paco and Lupe, voices; Cristóbal, guitars; Pablo, bass; and Manolo, drums. Round choruses and lovely and optimistic melodies, coloured by the voices of Paco and Lupe, that when they sing together, they sound nice! and who paint beautiful vocal pictures on sweet and dancing rhythms: three delightful songs on this demo: Bloody Valentine, Tell Me and Me In The Planet Of Sound. Three hits. I wish them luck.


(demo) MATSURI - "CREAJOVEN ´99" (27-3-99)

    Lo-fi techno-pop? Electronic psychedelia of the XXI century? five songs recorded live in the contest "Creajoven ´99", at Garage del Mambo, in Murcia, where this special artist, Javi Nasty, 100% of Matsuri, and who also runs the cutre-zine Nasty, gives us away these five difficult and odd pieces as a summary of their eccentric pop concept, follower of spanish bands like Telefilme, and hundred of more influences that take us into a naive chaos, a new lo-fi concept in electronic music, a very peculiar view of a new style, able to make lanterns dance, as he says. A board to do the ironing, a pedal, some casiotones, and even his own car,... are the elements used by Matsuri in his gigs, and also the source of the sounds and noises that he invents, and that make his shows unforgettable experiences.

Javi "Nasty"
Avda. Juan Carlos I, 16
30153 Corvera (MURCIA)

(demo) OCTUBRE - "LOS VIAJES EN OCTUBRE" (15-5-99)

    Five round and fragile melodies, 4 sung in spanish and one in english, sweetened with some "parapapás" and enjoyable at a first listen. This is one of the most interesting bands of Murcia nowadays. The band is headed by José Esteban and their privileged voice, accompanied by the everlasting Dele, on the bass; Ángel Pop, on drums (ex-Vacaciones) and Pepe, on the guitar (also in Spop). Luxury collaborations on this demo: Ana and Rafa, from Vacaciones (mmm... this Rafa sounds more familiar to me), on the backing vocals. Sometimes they remind me to La Habitación Roja, but with a more mod attitude, more sixty, even closer to Flechazos.