Total Control Racing: Spitting out happiness

    I still feel astonished by the new bands that are being born now and that they call "piruleta pop".

    Some play fine (I´ll say no names), but others... (I´ll also say no names); they all have something similar and something different, but my favourite band is TCR; since they were been broadcast at Ordovás program, they sounded good, with a marvellous voice and incredibly sticky melodies mixed with shameless and ironic lyrics which charm you at once.

    They say they play Pop-punk, but the only "punk" that I see is a forward attitude that has caused them some misunderstandings.

    With an only album released ("TCR"), and a previous single called "A la parrilla" (both released on Subterfuge) TCR are one of the charmest national bands, and they could achieve to be the band of the summerhit, like happened last year to their friends (and always compared to) Los Fresones Rebeldes, with their hit "Al amanecer". They only need some luck.

© Javi Nasty