I know that BAM chart has been better past years than this one, with bands such as Belle & Sebastian, The Divine Comedy, Jack, Primal Scream, Tindersticks, Lou Reed, Billy Bragg, Lambchop, and so on... but I preferred to go to Barcelona rather than to stay here in Murcia the whole weekend. I decided to go there so I took a bus in the morning and went straight to Barcelona. Moreover, all the bands I wanted to see would play just on Friday. I first went to Moll de la Fusta, a large place in the port, close to the sea, where Flirt would begin some minutes past eight.

    Flirt: They had some sound problems, and they cut their set in four songs, but they played fine, and I enjoyed their songs a lot. They were very influenced by The Smiths, and their fragile and melodic pop seduced me at once, mainly when they played the only song from their excellent 4-song only demo, called Gloomy Words. Of course, I was in the first row all over the concert, singing their songs and following the gorgeous melodies from the wonderful and charming piano, and people stared amazingly at me, as I was dancing and singing their songs all the time. I loved some songs more than other ones, such as: "Caustique", where Lucas also sits at the piano, playing it and singing, next to Joaquín. With "Arquitectura", the show was turning a bit dull just for a moment, but immediately they played their funny, dancing and different song, the last one, called "Are you going to dance?", a perfect end for a perfect gig of a perfect band that only need some luck to sucess.

    Sitcom: the band lined up by two ex-Corn Flakes and one Manta Ray, plus interesting collaborations, at least in their gig, they would play after Flirt, making an impossible to classificate pop. The only label that I can guess is "intense". I don´t know. Maybe I need a next listen to them. The use of samplers, the magic sound of the cello and the improvised percussion final part with my friend Malela at the tambourine would be enough to cause a good impression to me.

    Fang: they have two different sides: the PJ Harvey´s side, when they add a guitar to their songs, but I don´t like this side, as I don´t like PJ Harvey. And the Bristol´s side, closer to Portishead´s trip-hop, but with an own personality, without guitars, and only with the drums and the cmain core of Fang: the bass of Jaume García, and the seductive voice of Mariona Aupí. I do love this Fang´s side. So I enjoyed some Fang´s songs.

    After these 3 spanish bands, I went to Plaza del Rey, a wonderful square in the middle of Barcelona, to see Cane 141, as I had to miss Bustamante because it coincided with Fang. I also missed Goran Bregovic, at the Plaza de la Catedral.

    Cane 141: I had only heard just one song of this Irish band with seven members, which make a sensitive and fragile pop, where there comes up some magic from the perfect mix of the touching melodies of the voice, the wonderful sound from a farfisa organ, the keyboards and analogic synthesizers, the heavenly melodies from the trumpet, a wrapping bass, and the sweet and tender guitars. They played some songs from their album "Scene from 6am" and other new ones that they will include in their next forthcoming album. A great gig.

    I had to take a bus to Madrid at midnight, but I finally got to change my ticket for the nextbus, an hour later, so I got back to Plaza del Rey at once to see The Walkabouts, which played before The Bitter Springs.

    The Walkabouts: I had some expectation on them, but they let me down. I liked the atmospheres created on their music, the rhythm mixed with the two keyboards and the sweet guitars of Chris Eckman, but I didn´t like neither Carla Torgerson´s voice nor the melodies, trying in every moment to emulate PJ Harvey or bring up to date to Janis Joplin. I had only heard half a song on the radio, but listening to them live, it was enough, and even some songs seemed to be a bit long and dull. I would have preferred to see The Bitter Springs, I suppose.

    Then I took the bus at 1am to Madrid, so this was a friday at BAM for me. 

© Rafa Skam