Label: Jabalina
Release date: May-2002
Format: MINI-CD
Catalogue number: JAB-021

1. Someone Special
2. Waiting On
3.  The Surprise
4.  Believe
5.  Shooting Star
6.  All I Want In My Life

Rafa Skam: voie and guitar
Pilar: bass
Mª del Mar: viola and backing vocals
Laura Sahagún: keyboards and backing vocals

Music: The Yellow Melodies. Arrangements: Mª del Mar and Rafa
All songs written by Rafa Skam.

Ismael Turpín: drums and percussion
Pepe Moreno: slide guitar in "Shooting Star"
Antonio López: trumpet in "Believe" and "Shooting Star"
Carlos: flute in "Surprise" and "Believe"
Javi Samper: darbuka in "Waiting On"

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at PM Studio (Murcia),
during the months of April and May of 2002.
Sound engineer: Pepe Moreno.

Pepe Moreno and The Yellow Melodies.

Thanks to... Ismael Turpín (drums and more); José Alberto Beltrán (the demo recording and his wise advices); Benigno; Vacaciones, Kiki Machines and Penelope Glamour; the old Yellow guys; Lubianka; Ángelpop; Pepe Moreno; Tanis and Jabalina; Poi; Ángel Sopena; Julio Ruiz; Juan de Pablos; Mariano Robacopas; Javi; Dancin´Groupies and Shits on Stick; Parri; Miguel Ángel Conesa; Mª Carmen Nicolás; Jose and Julio from Cartagena; Ana and Jesús Galvañ; FlipaFlipaFly; María Malevich; Mª Gracia; Marta; Pedritojesús; Miguel Ángel; Air-Sonica; Jon; Rafa-mod and Ana-disaina; Luis and Montse; our families; Anabel "Shooting Star"; Carlos, Toni, Guillermo and David; Viaje a los Sueños Polares; Irene; Rafa Fan; Jam Albarracín; Agustín Fuentes, Pepe Sanabria and Pablo Cordovilla; Astrid; Ladybug Transistor; Lemon Pop; Contempopranea; Roberto and The Village Green of Malaga; comebolas; Miguel Blue Meanie; Tranquilo Club; Love To Art (Ramiro, David, etc...); fanzines El Planeta Amarillo, C is the Heavenly Option, Georgy Girl, The Top Line, Absolutely Fabulous, Las Invasoras...; La Yesería, Moloko and El Garaje de la Tía María; Universopop; Felipe Spada; hotmail messengerl, red-bull and the lemon trees from the Carril de la Escobera.