new identities ep
single 7"

A1. New identities
A2. Another wasted day

B1.  Easy pop weekend
B2.  Sisters of mercy

New Identities, new dreams.

THE YELLOW MELODIES were born in Murcia halfway through the 90’s, and spreading their dreamy pop with a touch of melancholy, they have built a career with 4 albums: 'Repertorio B' (Pussycats, 1998); 'High' (Jabalina, 2000); 'Surprise' (Jabalina, 2002); and 'The Championship cup' (Clifford, 2008), and also a lot of demos and songs included in several compilations around the world.

 “New Identities EP” is the second vinyl single by THE YELLOW MELODIES on Clifford Records. It is a record implied with a sense of adventure and a tryout of new stuff which takes a place among many names and sounds of the last two decades. Rafa Skam’s voice defines the songs, and the strings and wind sections provide the right support to set THE YELLOW MELODIES close to the pop atmosphere of bands such as BMX BANDITS, TEENAGE FANCLUB or THE WEDDING PRESENT.

Classic and sophisticated charming pop guided by crystalline guitars and angelic vocals. THE YELLOW MELODIES are long on adhesive melodies and quality in one of the 90’s most inspired and sensitive collection of songwriting.

They have got over some adversities, and “New Identities Ep” raises them into one of their best moments, although their best is yet to come. Among the fine managed lyricism, the epic and the brilliant melodies, they can make the sun shine in a rainy day.

It is exclusively released on vinyl 7” and it’s just an advance of their forthcoming album. They have also shot an astonishing video-clip of “New Identities”, directed by Faustino Fernandez.

“New Identities EP” features four new magnificent songs. The entitled song talks about changes, about renewed energy and about new members. New identities, new dreams. The current line-up are: Rafa Skam (voice and guitar), Pilar Aparisi (bass and backing vocals), Mar (keyboards and flute) and Miguel Angel (drums). Rafa Skam is a pioneer, and in his current position he feels comfortable, overflowing and inspired; always searching for the perfect pop song. "Another wasted day" deals with missing chances, gone days, slackness, boredom and indolence. “Easy Pop Weekend” is an honest tribute to the music festival held in Andorra (Teruel - Spain), one of the most pleasant for the pop lovers, where the songwriter experienced a delirious event. It evokes to BELLE & SEBASTIAN and THE GO-BETWEENS. The unexpected surprise, however, comes with the excellent cover version of LEONARD COHEN’s “Sisters of mercy”, from his first album.

With this “New Identities EP”, THE YELLOW MELODIES have distanced from the power-pop sound, and passing through the psychedelic waves in “The Championship cup”, they have finally moved to a wider and more colourful palette plenty of vocals, wind and strings arrangements, that always look for the perfect chorus, sometimes with a cinematographic taste, making classical pop sound as sparkling and new as never before.

Ángel H. Sopena