1. She Says
2. That´s Just Me
3.  Sí
4.  It´s Not Easy
5.  Let It Be Tonight
6.  Brand New Way
7.  Showgirl (The Auteurs)
8.  New Emotions
9.  The Kiss I Didn´t Give You Yesterday
10.  She´s Really A Star

The Yellow Melodies’ second album is finally out. This foursome from Murcia (Spain), who have been round Jabalina’s orbit for some time because of musical and spiritual affinity, have in the end found in our label the right place to release it. A relationship that started long before the inclusion of their song "New Emotions" in our sampler "El Sol sale para todos". Apart from it - a track that belongs to this new record – they also offered an unreleased song called "Puedes llamarme". Right after that, they finally accepted to have their record out in Jabalina.

"High" contains 10 new songs, from a series of sessions that gave birth to a total of 13. In it, they discard their past affair with electronica (as heard in their first record’s hidden track) to focus more deeply in what they do best: guitar pop with an eye in British bands. Their tireless search of the perfect melody has allowed them to find their own source of inspiration: a fresh and smart sound partly inspired in bands such as The Beatles, Suede, The Smiths, Teenage Fanclub, The Auteurs, Pulp, The Velvet Underground, Monograph, Astrid, Cast, and others, but with their own view, tinged with the light of the Mediterranean. The result: lively melodies and colourful scenes.

Their lyrics deserve also a special mention: they’re full of optimistic messages - illusion as a weapon to make your dreams come true, love for life and people... Lyrics that look ahead with a smile and that are best represented by the title of the record: "High".

To sum up, "High" is basically a pretty collection of pop songs that transmit a series of different moods. There’s also a cover: The Auteurs’ "Showgirl", a song they’ve been playing since their debut.

One of the main characteristics of "High" is the care taken in the arrangements: string quartets, oboes, Vox, organs, pianos, saxophones, trumpets, analog synthesizers... There are also some special guests: Ruth from Vacaciones (backing vocals on "She Says" and "That´s Just Me"), Ángel Pop (sax on "She Says" and "She´s Really A Star"), Mª Dolores Schwarz and ex-Popstal (Vox organ), Angie (cellos), Ana María Navarro (oboe), Antonio Robles (trumpet), Mª del Mar (viola) and Javier Desiderio percussionist and sound engineer during the recording and mixing of this CD. We’d finally like to point out that Carlos Torero and Alberto Seara have been central to the final sound of the record, throughout the process of mastering., and that Luis Calvo from Elefant Records has done the artwork.