Label: Jabalina
Release date: Julio-2000
Format: CD
Catalogue number: JAB-2016

1. She Says (4:02)
2. That´s Just Me (3:09)
3.  Sí (2:48)
4.  It´s Not Easy (3:31)
5.  Let It Be Tonight (3:14)
6.  Brand New Way (2:53)
7.  Showgirl (The Auteurs) (3:49)
8.  New Emotions (2:20)
9.  The Kiss I Didn´t Give You Yesterday (2:22)
10.  She´s Really A Star (4:54)

Special thanks to:
Tanis Abellán, Joan...: they trust us!
Luis Calvo: cover, boklet, desing, advices... all!
Nacho Abadía and Guillermo Calimero: other 2 yellows!
Miguel Ángel Keaton: Rickenbacker
José Alberto B. "Vacaciones": Gibson Les Paul
Carlos Campoy "Ferroblues": Hammond
Lorenzo Bond: Synth Roland SH-101
Miguel Ángel Orengo: Cascabeles
Luismi: Incubus
Dr. Midi: Strings, Piano, Glockenspiel and Warm
and all of those who still believe what we do...