Tour Diary
(by Rafa Skam)


Chapter II:  YEAR  1998

23-1-98 Mediterráneo (Puente Tocinos MURCIA)
5-2-98 Cadena 100 (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
5-2-98 Música de Contrabando - Onda Regional (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
6-2-98 De Nai Clú (MURCIA)
7-2-98 La Plaza (Rincón de Seca MURCIA)
11-2-98 Televisión Murciana (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
19-2-98 Contraseña Records (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
23-2-98 La Boheme (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
26-2-98 Psichology Festivities Campus de Espinardo (Espinardo MURCIA)
27-2-98 Kaiman Blú (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
6-3-98 Calimero (Jumilla MURCIA)
7-3-98 Itálica (Molina de Segura MURCIA) (Acoustic)
8-3-98 Pop-Ron (Archena MURCIA)
12-3-98 Final of Villa de Bilbao Contest Sala Bilbo-Rock (BILBAO)
13-3-98 El Tostadero (Arriondas ASTURIAS)
14-3-98 Vegas 2  (Melgar de Fernamental BURGOS)
1-4-98 El Peatón (GRANADA)
2-4-98 Yeskeros (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
3-4-98 High Pop Festival - Bar Deportivo (MURCIA)
4-4-98 Alfonso Escámez Square (Águilas MURCIA)
24-4-98 Xennon (Puente Tocinos MURCIA)
30-4-98 Solidarios para el Desarrollo´s Festival Parque Fofó (MURCIA)
16-5-98 Festimad Mercado Círculo de Bellas Artes (MADRID)
21-5-98 Garage del Mambo (MURCIA)
30-5-98 El Refugio  (Torre Pacheco MURCIA)
8-6-98 Festijoven Parque Municipal (Abarán MURCIA)
11-7-98 Final of Pedro-Pop Contest Calle Mayor (Las Palas MURCIA)
12-7-98 El Sur/Paypé (Moratalla MURCIA)
23-7-98 Capuchinos School (Totana MURCIA)
29-7-98 El Limonar Infant School (La Alberca MURCIA)
15-8-98 La Gasolinera (Nerpio ALBACETE)
21-8-98 Jumiyeah! Festival Polideportivo (Jumilla MURCIA)
11-9-98 III Lemon Pop Festival Murcia Parque (MURCIA)
17-9-98 Festival del Sol  (Mula MURCIA)
1-10-98 Konziertto Blues Bar (Cartagena MURCIA)
9-10-98 Antiguo Mercado Público (La Unión MURCIA)
16-10-98 Zig-Zag (Mojácar ALMERÍA)
13-11-98 Sescarot(Biar ALICANTE)
29-11-98 Happy House (Yecla MURCIA)
11-12-98 Brothers 6 (La Ribera MURCIA) (Acoustic)
12-12-98 Itálica (Molina de Segura MURCIA) (Acoustic)


23-1-98   Mediterráneo (Puente Tocinos MURCIA)
   It was the second time we played there. It was an important rehearsing for the official presentation of our album. Sometimes during our show we could hear the same sentence from the same person: "Turn down the volume".

5-2-98   Cadena 100 (MURCIA) (Acoustic)

    It was another live acoustic session on the radio, but this time I was alone, because I was the only one who could go there that morning, so I took the acoustic guitar and played 3 songs: Ireland, Change and Dad. The sound was different than when we play all, but I´m proud of the acoustic sound of this time at midday. The rest of the band heared it on the radio.



5-2-98   Música de Contrabando - Onda Regional (MURCIA) (Acústico)

    We only played Raúl, Nacho and me. We played 8 songs, and they were good! We recorded the night before, and ut was broadcast this day.This is the only time we have played Success in an acoustic set.


6-2-98   De Nai Clú (MURCIA), supported by Neurotics
    It was the official date to present our brand new album. Before starting the concert we phoned to Bilbao and we were told that we had reached the final of the most important contest, being selected among 781 bands all over the country, and many of them with some albums released. I couldn´t believe, so I started to jump in the phone-booth when I was told. This was another happy day. The disco was crowd of people who had listened to us. The sound was not good, but Javi tried to do any miracle so that we could sound as best as possible. Neurotics supported us, while we had some cold meal at the back-stage. When we began to play, we put the album´s cover´s motorbike on the stage during the whole concert. We could not do any bises, as we had to dismantle the stage at once.


7-2-98   La Plaza (Rincón de Seca MURCIA), with Neurotics
    This was the unofficial presentation of our brand new album. The atmosphere was more relaxing and quieter than the day before. Neurotics played again with us. We enjoyed that night, laughing at the back-stage, telling jokes and funny stories.


11-2-98   Televisión Murciana (MURCIA) (Acoustic)

    We had been a previous interview for this TV channel, and this day we played an acoustic set of two songs: Stupid Girl and Dad. Nacho and I were the only ones who went to the programm as the stage was too small. We didn´t sit down. We played stood and jumping. It was very funny.


19-2-98   Contraseña Records (MURCIA) (Acoustic)

    This was another acoustic session. February seemed the acoustic month. This time was at a famous record shop. Dani, the owner of the shop, asked us to play there.


23-2-98   La Boheme (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
    It was a pub where I had played for some years before with our previous band, called La Especie. There were a lot of people, but the concert coincided with a football match, and some people spent the whole concert watching the match. The audience wanted more and more, so we had to play Love Me True, which we hadn´t rehearsed and we hadn´t played since our beginning.


26-2-98   Psychology Festivities Campus de Espinardo (Espinardo MURCIA), supported by Impresentables and Badulake
    After spending 5 years studying Psychology, I wanted to play there in the Psychology festivities. The concert was at 3 pm, and it was too hot, because we played in a wide open space. There were a lot of people sitting on the ground listening to us. The sight was wonderful. A building was being built just behind us. I dedicated one song to Mª José Castellanos, who was the girl that had called us to play, and later we had to sign for her wherever we wanted all over her body... and I signed her in the bottom.


27-2-98   Kaiman Blú (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
    Raúl looked for this concert. It was a very long acoustic session and we had to play Love Me True again. I think that this is a great song for acoustic sets.


6-3-98   Calimero (Jumilla MURCIA)
    It´s the best place we have ever played, and the best audience we´ve ever had. We had 3 consecutive concerts and we had to share our energies, but we couldn´t, because people here were really special. People knew our songs because they sounded every day in the pub, and people loved it. We were really amazed! Jumilla is a different place! The pub was crowd of people who really loved the show, many of them even more than Sexy Sadie, who was the latest band playing there, and we were really astonished! Almost 100 people had paid 1000 ptas. to attend our concert. And moreover, this is a place where only great bands have played: Sexy Sadie, Ross, Supertube, Cecilia Ann... and Yellow Melodies. I couldn´t believe. People started to jump with our music and they made us come back to the stage for several times, and we had to repeat some songs. We sounded quite nice. We felt very comfortable that night. When we finished in the end, people invited us to everything the whole night long. Meanwhile, we had to sign a lot of tickets for all the people who really had enjoyed our show. This was the nicest concert.


7-3-98   Itálica (Molina de Segura MURCIA) (Acoustic)
    It was another acoustic session near Murcia, in Molina. We had to rehearse soon and fastly because the football match: Real Madrid Barcelona was bound to start. It was a slow and relaxing concert, and people liked it. There was an english guy who made me concentrate on the lyrics.


8-3-98   Pop-Ron (Archena MURCIA)
    We would play in Archena again. Pequeñin allowed us to played there, because he was working there. It was a beautiful place, and it was crowd of people again, like the last time we came here. We sold a lot of CDs. We took part in a bingo, and we won it. That would be a lucky day.


12-3-98   Final of the Villa de Bilbao Contest Sala Bilbo-Rock (BILBAO), with The Sueters and Bliss
    We left very early in the morning and we arrived Bilbao just in time to rehearse. But we had lost our hotel rooms, so we had to look for another hotel, but it was easy. Javi came with us because this is the most interesting spanish contest for indie bands, and we wanted to sound as best as possible. Javi would come back to Murcia in a en aeroplane the next morning. Chon, Raúl´s girlfriend, also came with us. Carlos loved Bilbao. He wanted to take a lot of pictures with my camera, but my camera got out of order, and I blamed him. The place was wonderful and everything sounded nice! Firstly Bliss staged and they were very good but too grunge for me. We sounded good but a bit tired because of the long journey. Javi made that everything sounded fine and nobody could realize that we were tired. After us, The Sueters also made a great show. Javi recorded the concert in a tape, and when we heared it at night we thought that it was the CD. We couldn´t believe it was our live concert from that day. Then we decided to masterize it and make a CD copy for every one. We met some Ruta 66´s writers like Fernando Gegúndez or Javi Gómez, who congratulated us and explained that people go there and stay quiet listening to the bands, so they didn´t move during the concert, but people had really liked our show. Javi Gómez said that we reminded him to Teenage Fanclub. We didn´t go out that night since we were too tired and we preferred to rest and go to sleep, except for Carlos, who went out alone. Bilbao seemed a cold city, and JaviGómez told me that Bilbao was not a pop city, it was just a heavy city. In the next morning we bought the local press but nothing about the concert would appear. It was too soon. We were recommended the egin newspaper. When we went to buy it, we saw a riot among the police and some radical members of a demonstration. Then we left to Asturias and the sightseeing was really beautiful. Firstly we left Javi to the airport.


13-3-98   El Tostadero (Arriondas ASTURIAS), with Neurotics
    We ate in Laredo, a beautiful city of Cantabria´s province. When we arrived Arriondas, Neurotics members were waiting for us. Before staging, we had supper. The concert was empty of people: the owners of the bar, some friends and Neurotics´ members. That night people went out to Cangas, so they sadly lost our concert. Yoli wouldn´t come. We had a good time. Manu, Pepe, Jorge, even Neurotics´ manager Ramon staged on and played with us Stupid Girl, and improvised some songs. When we finished we went to a beautiful place lost in a valley among high mountains and green fields where we would sleep, and Neurotics came with us and we spent such a good time drinking and laughing that we could see the daylight soon.


14-3-98   Vegas 2 (Melgar de Fernamental BURGOS), supporting Neurotics
    When we woke up we went to Melgar de Fernamental, a town lost between the provinces of Burgos and Palencia. The town was very cold and almost empty. The disco where we played was one of the biggest discos in Spain. We would play at 3 am, too late for us, but Neurotics would stage at 4:40 am. We had never staged so late and we were really tired. We were invited to supper cooked with little care, but we were hungry and we ate it up. There were few people in the disco. There was a guy who bought us 2 CDs. The concert was a bit cold because the atmosphere was cold, and we were really tired. We went to sleep, but there were not enough rooms to sleep, so we had to sleep more than 2 people in each room. When we got up next morning Neurotics left to Valencia, where they would play, and we would come back to Murcia, but we had a puncture. We changed the wheel, and later we stopped to eat a little pig in Segovia. We went to Avila to take a coffee, and we got back home. We wanted to have a break even in Albacete, but it was too late and we didn´t stop until Murcia.


1-4-98   El Peatón (GRANADA)
    We would have 4 consecutive concerts this time, and this was the first one. We had to visit our record company, Pussycats Records, so that we could give them some albums to sell, and talk about our future with them, so we looked for a concert near Malaga, and we went to play to Granada. Last night we had been broadcast in Radio 3, in Jesús Ordovás´Diario Pop, and we were very happy. When we arrived Granada, Ismael and Raúl remained there at El Peatón, a little place to play, so that they could prepare everything, and Nacho, Carlos and I went to Malaga, but the record company was shut. Then I had to phone a friend and in the end I could contact Conde, Pussycats´ owner, so we met him in his house, although he had a headache and we could finally talk to him and give him the albums. Then we returned fastly to Granada, because we were late, but Real Madrid helped us. The concert would begin when the European Championship´s football match ended, but as we were late, we were reported that a stadium´s goal had been fallen down, and the match had remained stopped for an hour so we got in time in the end. We had to play some bises. We met a lot of people. Felipe, a friend of mine, was there. Javi, from Automatics, was also there and he liked the show. And we met Pippa and Rocio, who bought our album, and we tried to go out with them but we had to get back home soon, since Ismael had to work the next day. A lot of people went there because they had listened to us on the radio. Zohair, the owner of the pub, enjoyed it a lot and since then our music can be heared there.


2-4-98   Yeskeros (MURCIA) (Acoustic)
    It was an acoustic session in a presentation of a new number of the magazine Yesca Joven, where I write in the musical section. In this number there was a Yellow Melodies´ interview and an album report. There was cold catering. We sold some albums and met the Medusa Association.


3-4-98   High Pop Festival - Bar Deportivo (MURCIA), with Space Cakes and The Runarounds
    Runarounds´ Álvaro and I organized this festival to support a band from the north of Spain called Space Cakes. We played firstly (our favourite position). There were a lot of people. While I was at the door selling tickets, the rest of the band were drinking at the car park. The Runarounds sounded really powerful. And Space Cakes had a great set, and everybody enjoyed the party that night.


4-4-98   Alfonso Escámez Square (Águilas MURCIA), with Space Cakes and Fuera de Lugar
    The next day we would play again with Space Cakes. Nacho went up onto the stage during the Space Cakes´ show and he sang one song with them. We did our best and even Manolo Marin congratulated us. The rest of the band went to sleep to Raúl´s house, and Ruth (Vacaciones´ singer), Space Cakes and I went to sleep to the youth hostel. The next day Space Cakes, Ruth and I were invited to a meal by the Comunidad Autónoma de Murcia. David was acclaimed by her Águilas´ fans. Alberto would leave Space Cakes some weeks later.


24-4-98   Xennon (Puente Tocinos MURCIA)
    It was a sad concert. There were only 20 people, and the most of them were friends of us, and remained sitting all over the concert. We were supported to play at a low volume. This was the last Carlos´concert. I went to go to colors to see Manta Ray at once.


30-4-98   Solidarios para el Desarrollo Festival Auditorio del Parque Fofó (MURCIA), with Fenómenos Extraños, Estruktura and Dársena
    This was a a human aid concert. There were a lot people and we played first. Our friend Nuria was working at the bar, so we would have free drinks the whole night. Mª del Mar, who played the viola in our album, didn´t stop talking until she went out. I had some fights with the rest of the band and I wanted to have a holiday and leave the band for some time. Then, and with the support from the rest of the band, we had a band meeting where we set our goals.


16-5-98   Festimad Mercado Círculo de Bellas Artes (MADRID), with In The Dark, The Matadors, Los Sugus, Globins, Dei mei, Carayo Drive, Micromachines, Valium, Daisy Cutters, Caskarrabias and Desastre
    This was one of our dreams. This would be a promotional important concert, so we sent letters, faxes and e-mails to the most important record companies, managers, and so on, but it wasnt worth in the end, as the time we played was too soon, at coffee time (4:00 pm). We had a very rehearsed set ready for the time and even we took Javi with us, so we could sound as best as possible. Arianne, from Pussycats Records saw our show, and she liked it a lot. We were talking to Conde and Arianne, but we also carried some CDs to deliver wisely all over the stands. I called my friends from Madrid to go there, but only Marta, Lolo and Elena came in the end. Some Nacho´s friends also came: Jaime and Nacho, from La Pequeña Suiza, and Teresa. Ismael and Raúl returned at once, becauseIsmael had another concert in Murcia that night with his other band: 7 Iguanos.


21-5-98   Garage del Mambo (MURCIA), supporting Hermanos Dalton
    There were a lot of people. Chico, Dalton´s manager knew us and liked "Dad" a lot. Górriz was our sound engineer that night, and he did it well. I played with Josema Dalton´s amp and it sounded loudly and clear. Raúl also played with Carlos´ amp, an Ampeg valve amp, who sounded really powerful. Dalton saw our show and they liked it a lot so they dedicated one song to us. In the fanzine "El Pijama de Úrsula" there were good critics of our show.


30-5-98   El Refugio (Torre Pacheco MURCIA)
    Pequeñin looked for this concert and it reminded me to the Xennon one, bacause almost nobody was reported and almost nobody came.


8-6-98   Festijoven Parque Municipal (Abarán MURCIA), with M-Clan, Ferroblues and Por Herencia

    I got vey angry with Raúl, because he wouldn´t arrive in time for the concert. He came from Barcelona and lost his train. But I listened to Nacho, I relaxed and thought positive. We had to play anyway as there were more than a thousand people over there , so we had to change the set, so that I could play the bass and sing. Then I wrote the chords in a poster and Por Herencia lent me their bass. We rehearsed for an hour, and we waited as long as we could, but finally we had to start without Raúl, so I started playing guitar with Ireland, and then I changed to the bass. The audience liked those changes they didn´t expect. While performing "Dad" Raúl came up onto the stage, he took the bass, I took the guitar and we played as usual the other half of the show. When we finished, I came back home since I wanted to see Hermanos Dalton´s concert on TV.


11-7-98   Final of the Pedro-Pop Contest Calle Mayor (Las Palas MURCIA), with The sueters, El Rostro de Keaton, 7 Iguanos, Super 8, Satopé, Malagüero, Los Crespillos and Amalthea
    We were selected to the final of this contest again. This time I liked El Rostro de Keaton and The Sueters, who had some problems with the organization and the sound engineer, because of their Who´s mod attitude, smashing the stage. Ramirez, the sound engineer, went up onto the stage but he kept on singing, and made a great show.


12-7-98   El Sur/Paypé (Moratalla MURCIA)
    Corleone´s Jose Blesa looked for this concert. The venue was the ancient Meska, but the owner and the decoration were different. It was Moratallas festivities. The owner of the venue was very grateful with us. There were not many people, but they liked it. The owner had a lot of old vynil records in the back-stage.


23-7-98   Capuchinos School (Totana MURCIA), supporting Seguridad Social
    There were two scenes: one huge for Seguridad Social, and another little one for us. We had a little time to rehearse, and they had all the time they wanted. There were more than 3000 people.


29-7-98   El Limonar Infant School (La Alberca MURCIA), supporting Vacaciones
    It was the debut concert for a local poppy band called "Vacaciones" and they invited us to their party. It was in a Child International School, and the audience were all children. We were invited to a supper. I played with a Gresch guitar that Mateo had lent me. This was the first time when our Road Manager´s Nacho came to a concert.


15-8-98   La Gasolinera (Nerpio ALBACETE), with Contragolpe and Los Insoportables
    It was Chon´s town, Raúl´s girlfriend. The town was lost in a valley, among the provinces of Jaen, Granada, Albacete and Murcia. I had a stomach-ache, and I was hungry, but I couldnt eat anything. It was the town festivities. We were supported by a local band who played covers of Burning and Rosendo. We played 20 songs in an hour, very fastly. I think because it was very cold, despite on summer, and we were not used to it. There were the people from the town. It was the first time that we played a song in spanish. It was Los Secretos´ cover of "No Me Imagino". After us, Contragolpe, a classical 80´s spanish rock band played for more than 2 hours. This was the band of Raúl, but even Nacho played with them this night.


21-8-98   Jumiyeah! Festival PoliDeportivo (Jumilla MURCIA), with Sexy Sadie, La Habitación Roja, Mercromina, Undershakers, Ross and Amphetamine Discharge
    This was the most important festival where we had played, because it was a honour to share the stage with these bands. And moreover we played again in Jumilla, where we had succeed some months ago. The rest of the bands were very kind, except for Amphetamine Discharge, who had some ugly details with us. We played the last, and since that day I don´t want to play in the last position, because people were there waiting for hours to see us, and they got very tired. We played at 5:00 am and we were also a bit tired, although we didn´t go to sleep when when we finished, as they were Jumilla´s Wine´s festivities. That night we didn´t have anything to eat, and we couldn´t rehearse. We took Javi with us, and he was our sound engineer, and people loved our songs, but we didn´t feel very comfortable on the stage, because the sound was different. Our friends from Jumilla, Albacete and Ceutí cheered us up. El Señor Guindilla Records, a new independent record company from Alguazas, Murcia, had a stand and they sold our CDs and had our posters. I enjoyed all the bands playing that day. Raúl went back to Murcia, but Ismael, Nacho and I spent the whole weekend knowing Jumilla´s Wine´s festivities.


11-9-98   III Lemon Pop Festival Murcia Parque (MURCIA), with Spring, Chucho, Cecilia Ann, Selenitas, Intronautas, Second, Schwarz and Hello Cuca
    We had rehearsed in the morning. This was a festival with a great amount of nice bands, and this was the third year, and since first year, we had wanted to play here, and although this year was held in just one day, the choice of the bands was really delightful. We would play in the third position. There were a lot of people, some of them congratulated us. We sounded really nice this time, thanks to Javi who did our best once again. One boy phoned to Radio 3´s programme "Diario Pop" and he said that we were the best band that night. Christoph Spring´s manager was delighted by our cover of Velvet Underground´s Sunday Morning. Javi was the sound engineer of the festival, and all the bands sounded nicely. Even Cecilia Ann took him to Barcelona so that he could be their sound engineer too in BAM´s festival. The catering was limited, but we drank Schwarz´s whisky. We met a lot of people and made good friends. The atmosphere of the festival was special. The back-stage one, too. I couldn´t hear carefully the rest of the bands because I spent all night in back-stage talking to the other bands, as a cool groupie boy. Later, we accompanied Selenitas to their hostel. And the bands from Murcia staged the same as the rest, or even better. Nacho, our road manager was delighted this time by our concert, and since this moment he would come to almost every concert with us.


17-9-98   Festival del Sol (Mula MURCIA), with Ross, Art School, Marañones, Second, Los Talismanes, Ferroblues, K´Tel Bourbon & The Hornimans, Estruktura, Fenómenos Extraños, Er Tabardillo and Lucas Ruiz
    This was an incredible place: it was just like a little town inside another town, Mula. This little town was called: Ciudad del Sol. The stage was huge. There were also: a dance stage, a supermarket, some restaurants, a camping, a car park, and so on. At the back-stage we had conditioning air and a catering that we chose, with whisky, ice-cubes, beer,... We played in the second position, at around 8:00 in the evening, but this was the last good thing that day. After this, during our concert, the amp didn´t have a channel change. The scene was huge, but there were very few people there. A lot of bands and only few people. But the day after it would be the same again, or even worse. I blamed the chart of the festival, because in the same day you could see heavy-rock bands followed by pop bands, or folk ones, and I think that a chart has to be coherent. I only enjoyed very few bands. The bars were lack of people and you could remember people faces there. And the security guards did it. They remembered Nacho, Rubén (from Riff Raff fanzine) and me, so next day when we went again to see the rest of the bands (we were Neurotics´ close friends) the security keepers treated us very badly, because they thought we were tickets´ falsifiers and under the hard rain that was falling down, we were interrogated and even beaten. Nacho was taken to a secret place and the security guards beat him and threw him onto the floor. They tried to guess who was our boss. They were really nuts. Last day we were kings, and this day we were treated as criminals, robbers or something like that. I could see later how eight security guards took one drunk man and beat him repeatedly until they broke his face. Then Nacho and I could reach the car and left to Murcia. Uff! We were alive in the end. The festival was cancelled the third day and there was a great loss of money. I am still waiting for the organization to give me back the back-stage cards that Neurotics had lent me and that the security guards stole from me that night. This is the story of a festival to forget.


1-10-98   Konziertto Blues Bar (Cartagena MURCIA), supported by 5º Mandamiento
    We were called to stage on the inauguration of a new venue that would programme concerts since then, and it was also the first time we played in Cartagena. It was crowd of people. And we sounded so loudly that the neighbours put 23 denunciations because of our loud sound. Many people had listened to us on the radio. One young man told us that we were the ideal of the band he wanted to form. One girl told me she really liked the lyrics, and I got surpised, as it was the first time someone tells me a thing like that about the words. She said she could understand what I sang, and I sang in english!!


9-10-98   Antiguo Mercado Público (La Unión MURCIA), with Por Herencia
    This was a disaster. It was a nightmare. I think that this wonderful place was enchanted, because they happened such strange things. There were goblins all over the place. In the beginning I could only hear the voice, but I could not hear my guitar. I had the volume turned off. Nacho had smoked something before, and when he broke a string he was wrong at changing it, and he lasted too much and when he came back to the stage he was not in tune, so all sounded terrible. We had to improvise one song, and stop that song before finishing. We played Roll With Us, that Jesús Ordovás had broadcast on the radio some days before. In another song, the sound of the bass went off, and minutes later, the whole sound within the stage disappeared. We wanted to reach the end of the set soon. This concert was recorded in a tape, and we save it at home.


16-10-98   Zig-Zag (Mojácar ALMERÍA)
   Juanfra, M-Clan´s manager, looked for this concert. He trusted us and he said he would look for more dates. It was on the beach, in a venue owned and frequented by foreign people who spent their holiday there or who lived there. I wanted to stage soon, so I had to come back to Murcia, sleep some hours, and wake up early to take the car again to drive to Barcelona, to see Divine Comedy in concert. But it happened the opposite thing: We began too late, we did two sets with a rest in between, and we were playing until 4 am. I didn´t know if speaking english or spanish between song and song, because of the people, but finally I decided to speak spanish as I was in Spain. People were a bit cold. The owner of the venue too. We played "Sunday Morning Sun", and we experimented with it, lasting more than 10 minutes. It gave me good vibrations.


13-11-98   S´escarot (Biar ALICANTE)

    This was the second time we played here. The venue was crowd of people during the concert. The sound attempt was very long, since the voices didn´t sound fine and we didn´t know why. Before beginning the concert, the owners of the venue gave us a surprise: they invited us to supper. Some people that had listened to us on the radio came from Alicante and from other towns of the province. When we finished, we went up to the back-stage and when we came back down the place was crowded of people waiting for us to play again, so we had to do it. This second time all the sound got better, and people did too. So we could see people jumping and dancing with our music, and we had to repeat some songs that people asked us for. We played an experimental Sunday Morning Sun that attracted people attention. Some albums were sold that night and we had to spend some time signing posters and CDs. I liked a Christmas´ star that was at the back-stage, and I thought that it could be useful for our video-clip, and then I asked Antonia, the owner of the venue, to lend us for the video-clip, but she gave me it as a present. I was surprised, and then she gave me away a star that is part of the decoration of the venue, because they had moons, suns and stars on the walls, and beautiful and sweet Antonia gave me one star that would lead us to Success. I put it down on my guitar case. And then I signed and dedicated our poster and our CD with very special words that she only knows. All the owners were really fine and invited us to whatever we wanted. About to get back, I knew Fermín, Antonia´s brother, who had been in our concert by chance, and he told me such wonderful words about our music that I forgot all the envy and hatred that there is sometimes in our city, and I know that these kind of words are sincere and they´re like steps that lead you to Success. This kind of people makes me go ahead and feel that all you do is not a waste of time, and makes you believe harder in yourself.


29-11-98   Happy House (Yecla MURCIA), supporting Spring
    We were proud to support Spring again. We played at Lemon Pop Festival two months before and we knew them and they were very kind people. And I was also proud to play in this venue, because it´s a special place where famous bands had played, like Gigolo Aunts, Pyramidiacs, Australian Blonde, Automatics,... Tomás, the sound engineer, was very good and made the two bands sound nice. The venue is very small, but it has a special charm. It has a video-camera, and so all the people all over the pub could see the concert, from the TV screens. Antonio Galváñ´ Parade, a genius of 90´s spanish pop, was among the audience. The scene was so small that we couldn´t move so it was a bit uncomfortable. Our inconditional Jumilla´s fans came to hear us. Nacho and Ismael returned as soon as we finished because they had to work the next day, but Nacho and I remained until they shut. We saw Spring live and we liked a lot, more than listening to their albums, since they create a very special and sensual atmosphere, there´s magic on the air when they play, and Alex, their beautiful and warm voice, thanked us for having played with him and she dedicated us one song. We were astonished. When they finished we were talking to them, and talking with two friends: Paco the archeologist, and Juan Luciano that we met last year in Biar. We knew very strange people that night.


11-12-98   Brothers´  6 (La Ribera - MURCIA) (Acoustic)
    We had decided to add a new string section for our acoustic sessions. We wanted to add cello and viola, but this weekend we only played with viola. We spent a whole week rehearsing with Mª del Mar, the one who played the viola at "Repertorio b", and would repeat again this time, so we had spent the whole week bringing out string arrangements for viola, and choosing the right songs that would sound good in an acoustic session. The concert sounded nice and there were a lot of people hearing us. They made us play bises. We met Herminio, Vargas´ manager (I know he wasn´t) who really loved our show. He was a nice man, and we gave him our tape as a present. The bises sounded much better, since people paid more attention to our songs. We were told we sounded that night like Australian Blonde, La Buena Vida or Beautiful South. Mª Violanda (Mª del Mar) gave a magic touch to the songs with her viola. She played and improvised very good, and she only had been rehearsing one week with us!! We knew a lot of people, like the boy with the Oasis´ t-shirt, who had come from Murcia to see us and he also had our album. I thought I knew all the people who had our album, but it was not true. Jesús, the owner of the pub, said we were a "Brothers´ 6 band", just the band he expected to play someday at his venue. Raúl went to sleep very soon as he had to get up at 5 to work, but Ismael, Nacho, Pili (the Sr. Guindilla´s feminin voice) and I remained there, with the help of Ismael´s bag, singing new backing vocals to Bob Marley´s songs, until Jesús shut the pub. Then I came back to Murcia, but Ismael and Nacho went to Zenia, to sleep with Pili.


12-12-98   Itálica (Molina de Segura MURCIA) (Acoustic)
    The concert had been cancelled, but we wanted to play, so we achieved to play in the end. We were told to stay there at 5 pm, but it was a nonsense, as we were wasting all the afternoon. It was very early. It was Nacho´s birthday. But I beat him playing billiards. We had some exquisite pizzas for supper. Last year we were invited to pizza, but this not. There were very few people at the concert, and the most of them were our friends. That day I felt under the influence of Migala´s singer and Astrud´s Genís... Sometimes I performed just what the lyrics said. I didn´t like the sound very much, maybe because I didn´t have my voice like other days, but people didn´t notice and really liked the show. We had to play some bises again, and when we finished, I went home at once, as next day I´d get up early in the morning to go to Madrid to Elefant Records. This weekend turned to be one of the nicest ones I´ve ever spent.