Tour Diary
(by Rafa Skam)


Chapter I:  YEAR  1996-1997

20-12-96 La Nave (Puente Tocinos – MURCIA)
15-2-97 El Café (Almoradí – ALICANTE)
6-3-97 Psico-Rock Festival- ¡Viva Murcia! (MURCIA)
8-3-97 Bar Deportivo (MURCIA)
16-3-97 Pacific(Archena – MURCIA)
28-3-97 Bar Deportivo (MURCIA)
11-4-97 Bar Deportivo (MURCIA)
12-4-97 Blue(Bigastro – ALICANTE)
25-4-97 Aquelarre (Torre Pacheco – MURCIA)
27-4-97 Tucán (Bullas – MURCIA)
8-5-97 Creajoven ´97 Contest - Murcia Parque (MURCIA) 
23-5-97 Festival Area (Javalí Viejo – MURCIA)
30-5-97 Festival Area (Sangonera la Seca – MURCIA)
31-5-97 Pacific(Archena – MURCIA)
5-6-97 Pub Torito (ALBACETE)
14-6-97 Meska (Moratalla – MURCIA)
21-6-97 La 2 (Javalí Nuevo – MURCIA)
2-7-97 Museo(Garrucha – ALMERÍA) 
5-7-97 Final of Pedro-Pop Contest (Las Palas – MURCIA)
11-7-97 Meska(Moratalla – MURCIA)
18-7-97 Chiringuito Las Brisas (Villaricos – ALMERÍA)
25-7-97 Z M – 1 0 1 (La Manga – MURCIA)
1-8-97 Z M – 1 0 1 (La Manga – MURCIA)
15-8-97 Z M – 1 0 1 (La Manga – MURCIA)
23-8-97 Z M – 1 0 1 (La Manga – MURCIA)
27-8-97 Los Valientes Rock Festival (Molina de Segura – MURCIA)
19-9-97 5ª Avenida (Bullas – MURCIA)
3-10-97 La Falúa (Lo Pagán – MURCIA)
16-10-97 Final of Murcia Joven ´97 Contest – Murcia Parque (MURCIA)
31-10-97 Vega del Thader Institute (Molina de Segura – MURCIA)
7-11-97 Mediterráneo (Puente Tocinos – MURCIA)
15-11-97 Barrio Bar (Molina de Segura – MURCIA)
21-11-97 Colors (MURCIA)
3-12-97 Pabellón de Deportes (Mazarrón – MURCIA)
12-12-97 Santa Sebe (OVIEDO)
13-12-97 Aqua(GIJÓN)
19-12-97 S´escarot (Biar – ALICANTE)
22-12-97 Poncho(Era Alta – MURCIA)
23-12-97 Ceutí´s Auditorium (Ceutí – MURCIA) (Acoustic)

20-12-96   La Nave (Puente Tocinos – MURCIA), with The Satellites (Alicante)
    This was just our debut concert. We were only 2 months in the rehearsing room, and we were very excited and very willingly to play for the first time. Last night I went to a party and I got a sore-throat. I was very afraid of it. I thought I could not sing the day after, but finally I could. It was a great show. We told all our friends to go there, as it was our debut, and we wanted the place not to be empty. After us, The Satellites, a country band from Alicante played their show. There is a 5 minutes´ video of that night that we keep with love.


15-2-97   El Café (Almoradí – ALICANTE)
    It was a very long show. We tried to record it with my video-camera, but the tape didn´t last until the end of the concert. I wanted to record all the concerts with my video-camera, but this would be the last one, as it was just a madness. We played some covers, like Suede´s Beautiful Ones, La Especie´s Ride The Storm, Gene´s Your Love, It Lies, The Auteurs´ Showgirl, and The Beatles´ The Night Before. All the rest were our own songs. The owner told us that we had been the best band playing there, and that cheered up a lot.


6-3-97   Psico-Rock Festival- ¡Viva Murcia! (MURCIA), with The Sueters, Ejército de Salvación, Por Herencia, Comuna, Magdalene and Nos Cuelgan
    It was a disaster of organization, sound and everything. The show was organized by the Faculty of Psychology. We had some new songs to show there, and I didn´t know the lyrics, so I wrote them down in some papers to read them while singing. We got very angry, because we were told to cut off the sound when we had played just for only 20 minutes. It was the same, the sound was awful.


8-3-97   Bar Deportivo (MURCIA), supported by McGuffin and Efecto Saltamontes

    We needed some money to enter the studio again, so we made a party, with two other bands: Efecto Saltamontes and McGuffin. This bar was called Club 100 by the Murcia press, each time a concert was held, and there was the only place to play in Murcia.


16-3-97   Pacific (Archena – MURCIA)

    It has been one of the best concerts we´ve had. The place and the audience were really nice. It was crowded of people, and there were some people even in the first row, dancing and singing all over the show. Pequeñín, the owner of the bar loved our show a lot, so he decided to be our manager. Pequeñín paid us even before beginning to play. We knew a lot of people there.


28-3-97   Bar Deportivo (MURCIA), with Eleva, McGuffin and Five Against One

    We were back to Deportivo (or Club 100) to play again in the same month!!. This time was because of a party McGuffin had organized. I liked Five Against One a lot. They played first. We played afterwards, only for 20 minutes. McGuffin played as always, and I also liked Eleva, but the party was too long for me and their music made me feel sleepy, so I had to go to sleep. Those 100 Club´s concerts were very close. I remember them.


11-4-97   Bar Deportivo (MURCIA), with Los Substitutos and Popstal

    We played again in the same place. This time we supported a great band from Valladolid, called Los Substitutos. They played a very fresh music, and they had a lot of energy. I liked them a lot, since they played some Brincos´ covers. Popstal made a great show too, and that has been one of my favourite Popstal concerts.


12-4-97   Blue (Bigastro – ALICANTE)

    Another long show. There were not too many people. We sounded very good, unless for us, so we played very comfortable.


25-4-97   Aquelarre (Torre Pacheco – MURCIA)

    The place was really nice. One half was a bar full of different kinds of beer, and the other half was a place with a stage to play.


27-4-97   Tucán (Bullas – MURCIA)

    There was a festivity there, and people went to the country, so when we began to play, there were only a few people, and they were just some friends we have there and some cousins. Vicente, from La Especie, was there, and as he had been playing in the same band than Ismael, Carlos and I, then he came up to the stage, took the bass and we played Ride The Storm, from La Especie.


8-5-97   Creajoven ´97´ Contest - Murcia Parque (MURCIA) with Sin Razón, Ataharva Veda, La Orquesta del Zoo and Yerbajos

    We couldn´t take part in that contest, as Raúl and Carlos were too old. So we had to play with another bass player, called Antonio, who had been in RAFA SKAM´s age, and had recorded Love Me True´s demo. We also had to play without keyboards. The songs sounded a bit strange, because Antonio has a different way to play bass, more jazzy, but people liked, although I missed Raúl and the lack of keyboards.


23-5-97   Festival Area (Javalí Viejo – MURCIA), with Sin Razón and Fenómenos Extraños

    People were a bit drunk and they didn´t know us, except our friends. They only wanted loudy noise, so we raised the distortion and we had a great show. People enjoyed it. They didn´t listen carefully to our songs. Some children in the first rows insisted in asking for La Macarena. Of course, we didn´t play it.


30-5-97   Festival Area (Sangonera la Seca – MURCIA), with Papa Luna and Evolución 0

    It was very similar to our previous concert. One of those concerts where people don´t know you, drink a lot, and they´re not going to listen to your songs, so they only want loud noise. But there was a woman who paid attention until the end, and later she told me she had enjoyed very much, and that we reminded her of The Beatles. Maybe because we played 3 Beatles´ covers: The Night Before, I´m Down and It Won´t Be Long.


31-5-97   Pacific (Archena – MURCIA)

    As the owner of the place was our manager Pequeñin, so we went to play again, and it was almost better that the previous one. People knew our songs.


5-6-97   Pub Torito (ALBACETE)

    It was the first time we played in the province of Albacete, and that was a fine place, because they chose the bands, and we were chosen among 11 bands from Murcia, some with released albums, but we had only released a demo, and they selected us!!! So we were very happy. Moreover, the people who made the choice were components of a 80´s famous spanish band, called Los Fabiolas. Sexy Sadie was the previous band playing there before us. People were a bit cold during the show. They remained stood up listening to our songs, but without moving. Finally, we were told that people go there to listen carefully to the music, and they enjoyed a lot with our concert. One of them told me we had been the best band that had staged there.


14-6-97   Meska (Moratalla – MURCIA), supporting Sexy Sadie

    They called us the day before, but we couldn´t find Ismael as he was lost somewhere on the coast. Then we told them we couldn´t play. But then, on saturday night, while I was watching a football match on TV, R. Madrid vs. At. Madrid (if R. Madrid won that match they´d win the Spanish League, and at last they got it, so I was very happy) I received a phone-call and I was told to look for the band immediately, and go to Moratalla to play and to carry the back-line. Then, I tried to find the rest of the band, except Ismael, and then we took the back-line, and we went to Moratalla. It was 2.30 a.m. and Sexy Sadie were waiting for us, ´cos they hadn´t brought their back-line, so we had to go there so that they can play. Carlos didn´t come, because he was in Cartagena, and we were in a hurry, so when we arrived there we were going to play a few songs without drums and keyboards, but the assistant sound engineer, called Andrés, finally played the drums with us. There were less than 10 people there. We dedicated "The Night Before" to Sexy Sadie, and they did the same to us, they played "I´m A Loser" for us. We exchanged demos and CDs. Miqui was still with him.


21-6-97   La 2 (Javalí Nuevo – MURCIA)

    It was another concert in the Murcia roundabouts. It´s one of the bars where the most of Murcia´s bands have played. There were not many people there, but when we finished our show, we had some drinks and afterwards we went on playing, because we felt fine and some friends had come to hear us, but we had to lower the music, as it was too late. The songs sounded differently, but kindly special. I love when we sound loudly, but I also love when we sound at a low volume. It depends on each moment.


2-7-97   Museo (Garrucha – ALMERÍA)

    We went to Almeria´s coast, that Raúl had just covered with his car, looking for some places to play. We had to lower the music because they had just been punished by it. There we knew 3 beautiful girls that took some pictures of us, and they enjoyed the show, so we gave them our demos as a present. We´re still waiting a copy of those photographs. I´m sure that "when we´re famous", they´ll get rich by selling copies of our pictures.


5-7-97   Final of the Pedro-Pop Contest– Explanada de La Ventica (Las Palas – MURCIA), with Bond, Amalthea, Malagüero, Zagora, Malahierba, Araña and Extremaunción

    We went to all kind of contests, and this was the older one of the province, but it was not the best, because the panel was terrible: people of the town, musicians that had never heared the radio, some neighbours, ... really awful!!! But you had to go there to have a good time, not to expect to win any prize. I liked Bond, but they were too young and too immature, but with a great future. I also liked Amalthea, who were finally the winners.


11-7-97   Meska (Moratalla – MURCIA), with Sex Museum, The Braslips and Micropuntos

    As we did them a favour last month when Sexy Sadie ran out of their back-line, then he called us to play there again. I had to work the day after at 9 in the morning, and I arrived home at 7, so I only slept for 2 hours, and it was my first day at a new job!! The rest would do the same, but they didn´t work the next day. The catering was really nice. Sex Museum were very hard.


18-7-97   Chiringuito Las Brisas (Villaricos – ALMERÍA)

    It was an isolate bar lost on the beach seashore. All Raúl´s friends from Águilas came here. We had to play too long, during almost 2 hours, so we had to play everything we knew and we had to improvise some instrumental songs, full of noise, feedbacks, and so on. The sound was not important, as they were only few people. Some girls came to us and ask us to play any Australian Blonde´s song, but we didn´t.


25-7-97   Z M – 1 0 1 (La Manga – MURCIA)

    Fity, the owner of the pub, enjoyed our demo, so he asked for us to play 4 times during that summer. It was a pub near La Manga, at the seashore. My friends from Playa Honda came always to hear us. La Manga´s Nacho´s friends also came to this concert. It was very wet and all the back-line was suffering a lot: there was also a lot of sand.


1-8-97   Z M – 1 0 1 (La Manga – MURCIA)

    Our rehearsing rooms were our concerts, as we didn´t have any time to rehearse, and we were playing all weeks. So we had the same set of songs during all the summer.


15-8-97   Z M – 1 0 1 (La Manga – MURCIA)
    This was a special date. We distributed the set in two parts. The first one would be the last concert with our previous name: beatloss. We did a break, had a drink and the second part would be the first concert with our current name that would last forever: the Yellow Melodies. So this was the last beatloss´ concert and the first Yellow Melodies´ one. Nacho and I had come back from Benicasim´s Festival. I liked Suede a lot. It was my favourite band. But Geneva also surprised me. Nacho liked Luna and Pavement.


23-8-97   Z M – 1 0 1 (La Manga – MURCIA)
    This was the last concert at ZM. I was a bit cold by the humidity. The waitress was very beautiful, and she took some pictures with us.


27-8-97   Los Valientes Rock Festival (Molina de Segura – MURCIA), with Fenómenos Extraños and Impacientes
    There were a lot of people. I was terribly cold. My fever raised to 39º C. But I liked being on the stage. There we knew Raúl´s manager, a crazy guy, who enjoyed the show and wanted to be our manager. Ismael couldn´t play, as he also plays in another band, 7 Iguanos, and he had a more important concert with them (for a contest), so we had to play with Javi Desiderio, our sound engineer. He had been playing drums in a band called Pandora. He did it quite good.


19-9-97   5ª Avenida (Bullas – MURCIA)
    My Bullas´ cousins didn´t come this time, as I didn´t report to them, but the place was crowd of people. Iluminados, one of the best Murcia bands that I like a lot, were there. Ana liked a lot.


3-10-97   La Falúa (Lo Pagán – MURCIA)
    It was a great pub on the beach. We played upstairs. It was a wide open space and we were a bit lack of sound volume. Afterwards, we were invited to one drink and another. It was the last rehearse before Murcia Joven´s Final. Ismael found a movil telephone: Nacho had pulled it up from a booth in the street. That night Ismael and Nacho seemed a pair of f***ing british hooligans.


16-10-97   Final of the Murcia Joven ´97 Contest – Murcia Parque (MURCIA), with Popstal, Amalthea, Rock-cinante and Juan Perro
    It was the D Day and the H Hour. This date was very important for us, and we had spent a lot of time training to do our best this day. We did several rehearsals for this day and I even got to learn just what I had to say between song and song. Javi Desiderio would be our adviser and our sound engineer. He had won two finals of this contest, and he gave us a lot of good advices. His experience was very important for us. He came to the rehearsal room one day and when he listened to us, said that we could win the contest. He said what we had to do and what we shouldn´t do. The final was very hard because we weren´t the favourite band to the local press, and we sang in english, and it would be the first time that this contest is won by a band singing in english. Javi lent us his 12-string acoustic guitar to begin the concert with Ireland. This day, the four bands were invited to have a meal. I was afraid of Popstal, because they were the favourite for the press. After the meal, Popstal and us remained in the same place sitting and drinking until the beginning of the Final. We played first, and we sounded roundly and really nice to the audience, but the sound on the stage was a bit annoying for us. I broke a string and had some problems with the amp. None of the bands wanted to win this contest, but us. We did want. Besides the promotional concerts the winner would record an album. When we finished our show, Javi told us we would win, but we couldn´t believe him. The panel of judges was terrible, except for our friend Jam Albarracín, and a member of the multinational record company RCA: David López. Ángel Sopena told us that David López had enjoyed our show, but we should sing in spanish. In fact, he was looking for a band like us but singing in spanish, so I ran to him to give him our two demos. Some strange clues made me think that we could be winners. I was very excited. I went to piss behind the stage, and meanwhile I began to listen to Héctor Madrona´s voice reporting the positions: 3rd... Amalthea. 2nd Popstal... 1st ... I hurried to the stage, expecting to... In that moment I could only hear the Yellow Melodies. I was just expecting him to say the name. When he said it, I began to jump onto the stage, and all the people congratulated us since that moment. I went down to look for Javi and the rest of the band, to embrace them and to hold the victory. This day, when we were invited to the meal, we were given some tickets for drinks that night; then, at once, we went to the photocopier and made a lot of copies so that we could invite all our friends this night at the VIP bar. I disappeared during the second band´s concert. I was cutting the tickets, closed for half an hour at the WC, so that they can be useful, and we used them until the drinks wore out. This day was one of the best days of my life. I would keep the smile on my face for some days. The next days were full of interviews for press and radio, and congratulations from all over the places. But the worst thing would come in some days, because we didn´t have a record company that would release the album. This would be released by the Comunidad Autónoma de Murcia, which would be very negative for us, because they didn´t support us, so we had to fight since that moment against the politicians. The latest bands that had won this contest had disappeared, and we didn´t want to disappear. We achieved to release the album with a known record company, Pussycats Records, and we controlled the whole recording from the beginning to the end. We wanted to record the album with Javi Desiderio, but it wasn´t possible, so we had to go to Pepe Moreno´s PM studios. We needed some time to pre-record the album, but we weren´t allowed, and we were told to enter the studio in few days.


31-10-97   Instituto Vega del Thader (Molina de Segura – MURCIA), supported by Cosmic and The Muppets

    This was one of the Murcia Joven´s promotional concerts, but it was terribly organized. Nobody was reported and almost nobody appeared that day, just some friends who came with us.


7-11-97   Mediterráneo (Puente Tocinos – MURCIA)
    This was one of the typical places which programme concerts with bands from Murcia, but it´s very classical, and they usually contract classical rock bands and blues ones, but we did our best, and we sounded loudly. They told us to turn the volume down, but we didn´t do it.


15-11-97   Barrio Bar (Molina de Segura – MURCIA)
    This was the only concert that Raúl´s manager looked for, and he only lasted as our manager that day, because he didn´t carry out his promises so we fired him. These days we were in the studio recording our first album.


21-11-97   Colors (MURCIA), with Second, Puffins and Bohem
    This was a party with four Murcia´s bands and we were mixing our album. The place was crowd of people. We played in the third position, and after us, a lot of people went off. Nacho and I remained to see Bohem. I was very influenced by the Oasis concert in Madrid and their sound, so I staged with an Oasis T-shirt.


3-12-97   Pabellón de Deportes (Mazarrón – MURCIA), with Popstal

    We played with Popstal, who made one of their greatest shows. We also sounded very fine, but the place was too big, so the atmosphere was a bit cold. The people were mad about us, and they didn´t stop asking for more songs. This was another of the Murcia Joven´s promotional concerts. There we knew Miguel, a special person who gave us some drinks while playing, and we´d meet him again the year after in Festival del Sol. We also met another guy who said he ripped joints with 40 papers.


12-12-97   Santa Sebe (OVIEDO), with Neurotics and Space Cakes
    It was the best Murcia Joven´s promotional concert, as we had never travelled so far. Almost 1000 kilometres. We´d play there with the two winners of the same contest there: Neurotics and Space Cakes, who were also pop bands. And besides, this day was Nacho´s birthday. Javi Desiderio and his girlfriend Ana came with us. They had lived there some years before and knew the place. The journey was too long. We left very early in the morning and arrived there at night. We had 3 rooms in the hotel. Raúl would sleep with Ismael. Nacho would sleep with Carlos, but at last, he would sleep with Raúl and Ismael. I had to sleep alone, but this was not a surprise, even I preferred it, since I carried my acoustic guitar with me and they didn´t want to stay with me. In the next morning, our cassette had been stolen from the van. The place where we played was crowded. There were people from 40 Principales, and from record companies like Astro or Boomerang. I staged with a Beatles´ T-shirt. Someone told me we reminded him of Suede. I bought Space Cakes´ and Neurotics´ brand new records. We visited some pubs at night and Raúl, Javi, Ana and I went to sleep. Nacho and Ismael would remain awake until the morning, as they lost in the motorway to Gijón, but in the end, they came back alive and kicking.


13-12-97   Aqua (GIJÓN), with Space Cakes and Neurotics
    Gijón was near Oviedo. It was very hard to park the van. The place where we were playing was very large. We played first and very early. Undershakers´ Cristina and Alicia were there and congratulated us. They said that we were better in live than in demo. There were more important people over there: Félix, from Doctor Explosion; and Fran and Tito, from Australian Blonde. We exchanged our demo with a band called Roadhouse. Javi made a good work with us again. We also met there Béznar Aries, from the Norte-Sur´s record company, who loved our show and he´d be interested in us in the future. I wanted to go out and know Gijón´s pubs, but they wanted to go back to Oviedo, so we came back. We had supper in Oviedo and soon we went to sleep because we were a bit tired. The next day we bought some presents and we tasted "Fabada". I didn´t like it, so I ate soup and salad.


19-12-97   S´escarot (Biar – ALICANTE)
    Nacho looked for this concert. The decoration of the pub was really beautiful, with a lot of moons, suns and stars all over the wall. It was the anniversary of the pub and people enjoyed our show a lot.


22-12-97   Poncho (Era Alta – MURCIA)

    This was a live concert for the Onda Regional´s radio programm Musica de Contrabando. It was very difficult to sound good that night as in the next room there was a punk-rock band playing very loudly, called Radiactivos, and the sound engineer couldn´t do miracles. We only played own songs. I´m still wishing to hear it. I want a copy!!


23-12-97   Ceutí Auditorium (Ceutí – MURCIA) (Acoustic)

    This was the last concert of 1997. It was for Onda Color, and for a human aid. We had an interview and a live acoustic set of two songs: Stupid Girl and Dad. Javi, our favourite sound engineer was with us again this time.