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-THE YELLOW MELODIES started in Murcia (Spain) in 1996. Since then, the band has released 4 albums ('Repertorio B' -Pussycats, 1998-; 'High' -Jabalina, 2000-; 'Surprise' -Jabalina, 2002-; and 'The championship cup' -Clifford, 2008-), and a huge amount of demos. Many of their songs have been included in compilations in different labels all over the world.

-They have played live over 100 times, supporting bands such as EMMA POLLOCK (ex-THE DELGADOS), or THE PRIMARY 5 (ex-TEENAGE FANCLUB). They have also taken part in some of the most important Spanish festivals like Contempopranea, Lemon Pop,...

-Some of their albums have sold well even in Japan. They have also made shows for different TV channels.

-On November 2008 they released a 10'' mini-lp on Clifford Records ('The Championship Cup'), and a new single is coming out in December 2009, called 'New identities ep', also on the Clifford Records label. Their new album will be released in January 2010. Meanwhile, Cloudberry Records have released a Split CDS 3'' with The Postcards and The Yellow Melodies. They have made 3 videoclips: "Believe" and "The championship cup", directed by Martin Ellerbeck;
and "Mr. Sand and Mrs. Sea", by Faustino Fdez.



     The Yellow Melodies are born in Murcia in November of 1996. Firstly they were called “Beatloss”, but they changed their name to the current one. Yellow Melodies have been Rafa Skam (Voice and Guitar), Nacho (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Raúl (Bass) and Ismael (Drums) until year 2001, where a stage in the band dies and a new one comes out!

     The origin of the band is the II Demo Contest in 'Música de Contrabando' a radio programm of  'Onda Regional de Murcia', where a demo by Rafa Skam won the contest, and then he formed the band. Then the band won the 'Murcia Joven 97' contest, and the price was their first album  “Repertorio B” (Pussycats, 98). Moreover, they won other contests, and they played live more than 100 gigs  all over Spain; they also take part in some compilations of different indie labels, and record a lot of demos.

     In the summer of 2000 they release their second album, “High” (Jabalina, 2000). They tour Spain again, and take part in some important festivals (Contempopranea, Lemon Pop,...). This record got a lot of good reviews all over the world, it sold a lot of copies even in Japan. They also play the "Conciertos de Radio 3 / La 2" for the spanish National TV.

     In February of 2001, Nacho, Ismael and Raúl leave the band, and then a new stage starts.The current line-up is: Rafa Skam (Voice and Guitar); Pilar (Bass and Backing Vocals) and Jesús (Drums). Laura (keyboards) and Ángel Pop (drums) were also in the band. Maria del Mar also leaves the band at the end of 2004.

     In May 2002 they release their third album, a mini-cd called “Surprise” (Jabalina, 2002), with 6 songs, and with the best reviews all along their life as a band. They play again some festivales, like Contempopranea 2002.

    In 2003, with their new drummer Jesus, they film their first video-clip in Granada, of their song "Believe", with Martin Ellerbeck, from the english "A Genius Production" company.

     They record new songs at the end of 2004, and they get back onto the stage to play live in November 2004, after 2 years of absence.

    During 2005 and 2006 the band keep trying to settle down with a definitive line-up. Meanwhile, they take part in some compilations, and they even film a new videoclip in the summer of 2006, with the british director Martin Ellerbeck, from A Genius Production; the chosen song "The championship up".

    In 2007 Jaime joins the band, playing keyboards, so the band is now formed by Rafa Skam (Voice and Guitar), Pilar (Bass and Backing vocals), Jaime (Keyboards) and Jesús (Drums).

    2008 is the year of THE YELLOW MELODIES:
-Firstly they release a new demo, 'New identities', with 12 new songs recorde, mixed and produced for the first time in the Rafa Skam's home studio.
-They play shows with EMMA POLLOCK (ex-THE DELGADOS), THE PRIMARY 5 (ex-TEENAGE FANCLUB) and at the Cáceres Pop Art Festival.
-A new videoclip is out, the chosen song is "Mr. Sand and Mrs. Sea", filmed by Faustino Fdez.
-They enter the studio again to record 14 new songs + 4 covers, for an album coming out in the new year.
-On 24th November they release their fourth album, a 10" mini-lp, on the new Clifford Records label, called 'The championship cup'.

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The Yellow Melodies are:

Rafa Skam (Voice and Guitar)
Pilar (Bass and Backing vocals)
Miguel Ángel (Drums)
Mar (Keyboards)

Rafa Skam
Born: 16-4-72 (Aries), in Murcia (Spain)
Instrument: Voice and Guitar, always in The Yellow Melodies
History:Rafa starts the band in 1996. The most important influence were The Beatles, since he was a child. Life would not be worth without the 4-fab of Liverpool. He has always been interested in music. He bought his first electric guitar in 1989. Then he starts writing songs, and he has not finished writing since then. He has been working on Elefant Records for 5 years, and this has made him realise of the musical business and reality nowadays, but also he has been 24 hours a day involved with music. He also plays the guitar in Vacaciones, in Little Russia, and also in Minibar, and makes a fanzine, called El Planeta Amarillo.
Favourite bands: The Beatles, The Polyphonic Spree, Inspiral Carpets, Suede, The Smiths, Teenage Fanclub, The Stone Roses, The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, The Delgados, Belle & Sebastian, Gorky´s Zygotic Mynci, The Beach Boys, Ooberman, Mull Historical Society, Clearlake, Camera Obscura, I Am Kloot, Pulp, Doves, Marine Research, Heavenly, Tender Trap, Monograph, Morrissey, Rialto, Family, Primal Scream, Flirt, East River Pipe, Tecnicolor, The Doors, Automatics, Milkyway, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Stereolab, Black Box Recorder, The Velvet Underground, Ramones, Leonard Cohen, Papas Fritas, Elvis Presley, Blur, Oasis, Roy Orbison, Astrid, Baxter Dury, Universal Circus, Limousine, Cast, Broadcast, Mike Oldfield (only until 1991), Cooper, Alphaville, Gene, The Cars, Kula Shaker, The Auteurs,...
Favourite records: All of The Beatles; Strangeways, here we come (The Smiths); Suede (Suede); The Stone Roses (The Stone Roses); Grand prix (Teenage Fanclub); The beginning stages of... (The Polyphonic Spree); Life (Inspiral Carpets); Olympian (Gene); The boy with the arab strap (Belle & Sebastian); The great eastern (The Delgados); Yoshimi battles the pink robots (The Flaming Lips); You are the quarry (Morrissey); Highway 61 revisited (Bob Dylan); Strange days (The Doors); Fonorama (Cooper); Shining hours in a can (East River Pipe); The piper at the gates of dawn (Pink Floyd); Forever young (Alphaville); Black box recorder (Black Box Recorder); Haha sound (Broadcast); Hunky dory (David Bowie); Screamadelica (Primal Scream); K (Kula Shaker); Lorelei (Monograph); Rialto (Rialto); Lido (Clearlake); Loss (Mull Historical Society); Strange weather lately (Astrid); Len Parrot´s Memorial Lift (Baxter Dury); Pleasant dreams (Ramones); Deserter´s songs (Mercury Rev); Hunting, high & low (A-ha); Un soplo en el corazón (Family); Hergest Ridge (Mike Oldfield); Space rock melodies (Automatics); Barafundle (Gorky´s Zygotic Mynci); A different class (Pulp); All change (Cast);...
Previous bands: Beatloss, The Newsies, The Unlikes, Rafa Skam, Skam, La Especie, H-Boria, Takiqardia, Hergest Diamond, Nueva Especie, Vacas Locas, Desensibilización Sistemática, Santa Compaña, Panceta, Mustafá Musrafá, Oveja Clónica Melódica.
Best gig: The Flaming Lips, in Wintercase Festival. Arena (Madrid) (17-12-02); Inspiral Carpets, at Apollo (Manchester - UK) (6-12-03); The Polyphonic Spree, at Reading Festival (Reading - UK) (22-8-03)
Favourite producer: Dave Fridmann and Phil Spector
Likes: Music; talk; travel; internet; playing live; Real Madrid; festivals; girls; maps; dream; chinese food; fried potatoes and egg; coffee; sex; recording studios; buying on ebay; musical instruments; football; etc...

---- More information (older) ----

Born: -
Instrument: Bass (in Yellow Melodies from 2001)
History: After splitting up her previous band, The Deliverys, and after a hard casting, she enters The Yellow Melodies on 14th February 2001
Favourite bands: The Smiths, Pixies, The Magnetic Fields, James, Gene, Rem, Radiohead, Suede, Morrissey, Belle & Sebastian, Stereolab, Los Planetas, Migala, Lou Anne, La Buena Vida, Sidonie, The Lemonheads, The Cure, Hello Cuca, etc...
Favourite records: Get lost (Magnetic Fields)
Previous bands: The deliverys, Dancing Grupies, Poseídas and Lauren & Paily.
Best gig: Rinocerose (Lemon Pop); The Pretenders (Auditorio de Murcia); Pulp (Primavera Sound) and Pizzicato Five (Benicásim)
Favourite producer: Stephen Street
Likes: music; gigs; festivals; salads; aguacates; pizzas; the sun; whisky with coke; rum with lemon; tapes of relaxation; la bola de cristal; travel at night ("no need to speak"),...

Born: 6-3-80 (Piscis), in Jumilla (Murcia) - Spain
Instrument: Drums (in Yellow Melodies since 2003)
History: Jesús joins the band in January 2003, when he saw an ad of a band that was looking for a drummer, but he did not know the band was The Yellow Melodies. He did know the band, and he was a fan of them since he saw them live in his town some time ago. He started learning music when he was a child. He thanks being here to Kurt Cobain and Jeff Buckley. These two rock stars sat him down to the drums.
Favourite bands: Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, Supergrass, Elastica, Cecilia Ann, El Niño Gusano, Nada Surf, Sexy Sadie, El Regalo de Silvia, Australian Blonde, Weezer, Mercury Rev, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Breeders, Belly,...
Favourite records: Nevermind (Nirvana), Grace (Jeff Buckley), Super 8 (Los Planetas), El escarabajo más grande de Europa (El Niño Gusano), Ok Computer (Radiohead),...
Previous bands: My Sharona y Stormchild
Best gig: El Niño Gusano (Happy House, Yecla - Murcia)
Favourite producer: Andy Wallace and Paco Loco
Likes: Listening to music

Instrument: Keyboards (in Yellow Melodies since 2007)
History: Jaime was the last one joining the band.
Favourite bands
Favourite records:
Previous bands
Best gig:
Favourite producer


Others who were in The Yellow Melodies...

Mª del Mar
Name:Maria del Mar
Instrument: Viola and Backing Vocals (from 2001 until November 2004)
History: She has been playing music since 9. At the age of 17, she knew the members of The Yellow Melodies (Rafa, Raúl, Ismael and Nacho) during the recording of their first album 'Repertorio B' and she helped them with the arrangements of viola. Then they called her to play the acoustic sets. In 2001 she turned out to be a member of The Yellow Melodies, with the new line-up. In March 2004 she also joins Vacaciones, the parallel band of Rafa Skam. She leaves The Yellow Melodies in November 2004, two weeks before their first gig in 2 years.

Name: Laura
Instrument: Keyboards and Backing Vocals (from 2001 until December 2002)
History: Laura joins the group in the second stage of Yellow Melodies. This was the first band she has ever played. She was going out with Rafa, and she cheered him to go on with the group. Rafa makes her join the band when he sees her playing the piano at her home. She likes having fun and travelling. She leaves the group in December 2002 just to concentrate in her studies. She designs the booklet and cover of the "Surprise" album. She also designs a trial of Yellow melodies website, that you can still check at:

Ángel Pop
Name: Ángel Pop
Instrument: Drums (from September 2001 to November 2002)
History: Ángel Pop is very well-known in the spanish pop scene. He has played bass or drums at a big amount of bands: VACACIONES, OCTUBRE, POPSTAL, ILUMINADOS, MUSIDORA, COSITA, LA FÁBRICA DE LA LUZ, ELECTROESTAMPITA,... 
He is always in a very good mood. He loves mod scene and all the music from that 60´s. He joins the band as he is a very good friend of Rafa, he was playing with him in Vacaciones. He never felt as a part of the group, so he was essentially a drummer for the gigs... until the group found a drummer, Jesús.

Name: Ismael
Instrument: Drums (from 1996 until February 2001), though he would go on collaborating the group afterwards, recording the drums for "Surprise"
History: Ismael is the oldest member of the band, as long as Rafa. Both of them were playing formerly in LA ESPECIE. He loves THE BEATLES. He collaborated with the band aftwerwards, recording some drums.He would also play at Contempopranea Festival. Now he plays drums in LOU ANNE.

---- More (older) information ----


Name: Raúl 
Instrument: Bass (from September 1996 to February 2001)
History: Nice bassist and an even better guy, he was in the group from the beginning. He is a fan of the spanich new wave of the 80´s. He loved playing bass and having a good time. He was the oldest guy in the band. He always played in another band called CONTRAGOLPE. 

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Name: Nacho
Instrument: Guitar and Backing Vocals (from November 1996 to January 2001)
History:He was the last one in joining the first Yellow Melodies. He was the opposite side of Rafa. Ha was called Nacho Noise. He loved noise guitars. He always had an american taste meanwhile Rafa had a more british influence. Now he´s playing in LOU ANNE. He refused to travel to Barcelona in February 2001 to have his last gig with the Yellow Melodies.

---- More (older) information ----


Name: Carlos
Instrument: Keyboards (from October 1996 to April 1998).
History: He played in the first Yellow Melodies. He was born in Cartagena, and loved pop and new age. He would leave the Yellow Melodies as would not get on well with some of the members.



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