Hello. Welcome to the The Yellow Melodies web-page.You have just entered one of the most complete and large webs of a pop band, made by the band themselves.

    Here comes the YELLOW MELODIES´s web.

    Here you will find a huge information about the (indie) pop band from Murcia (Spain), which held their fourth birthday in November of 2000. You will also find some information about the musical scene around the band interests.

   This web-page has been made (and translated) by Rafa Skam, main composer, voice and guitar of the band, with the essential technical help of Hugo de Pinós, and all the support from the rest of the band, specially Raúl.

    Here you can:

    And the web is in english and spanish to break all geographic frontiers, but sorry for my translation and for my english, as I´ve only been once in England, and I only want that you can understand the contents.

    This is a web-page which tries to be an essential place to visit for everyone who considers himself a lover of the best indie pop music.

    We hope you enjoy this web-page, and make us develop it with all your suggestions... 

© rafa skam