Tour Diary 2004
18-11-04 Party of the 'El Planeta Amarillo #7' Fanzine. 
Super 8 (Murcia), with The Shake.
   Uffff... 2 years without a gig... maybe too long... we were too excited... this party was organised by the Fanzine 'El Planeta Amarillo #7', an issue that could not be finally out fr that day, but well, there was a stall with older stuff, records and demos and t-shirts by both bands playing in this party, The Shake, from Almeria, and us. The coldness and a gig on Thursday brought less audience that we expected. Firstly The Shake went upon the stage, and it was such a nice gig! pop songs with a 60's flavour that made us shake and dance all over their set. Then it was our turn. We did not feel comfortable on the stage, maybe it was such that long time without playing live, or the venue, it seemed like it did not have a soul, we felt a bit strange on the stage, we made some mistakes, and we did not play the bises, we were looking forward to finishing our set. Anyway, I don't regret of the gig, yes, maybe it was a too long rest away from the stages, but we have to face it up playing and playing again... I was happy to see there Carlos and Angel from vacaciones, they even helped us with the stall! It was a bittersweet feeling, but two days later, I met a girl (Alicia) in the wc queue in the same venue, and she told me she came to the gig and she liked our show. That was great! I even thought that nobody liked it! Once our gig finished the party remained until the morning, and yes, firstly with Dj Shaker, who djed the best pop from the 60s, and then myself, dj rafaskam, and I djed other charming hits from the ninetees... the picture you see was made by our friend Chema, from (thanks!!)