Gigs 2008

Festival CÁCERES POP ART. La Bola (Cáceres - SPAIN)

Our gig at the Caceres Pop Art was very successful, even as we played first. People at the gorgeous La Bola venue were very expectating at our show, and we felt really well and self-confident on the stage. Directors of Contempopranea and Naval Pop festivals were there, apart from people from other bands and the interesting Mondo Sonoro musical press.
Only the bands that had won any Pop Art prizes would play in that festival, except for us, as we didn't arrive on time for the current year's prizes, and also the director of the festival was really wishing we could play on his festival someday, and this was the time! We played the songs we were recording in ther studio over those days, and people loved them a lot. People came to us after the gig and told us we were the best fucking band that night. There was a tribute to spanish Eurovision artist MASSIEL, so we decided to play a cover of a non very well-known "Mas fuerte que el viento" (our only song in Spanish that night!!)
Juan Pedro (director of the festival and also in charge of the Bon Vivant Records label) told us we would have to come back next year. I hope so! ;)

12 & Medio (Murcia - SPAIN)

It was a pleasure to support Emma Pollock (from THE DELGADOS) in her show in Murcia, we even reherased and played "No danger", from her excellent ex-band. She heard it from the backstage and she told us she really loved it! Oh great! We played our new songs, and people seemed to like them. This was our first gig after 4 years, and the first pop experience for our keyboard player, Jaime. 

12 & Medio (Murcia - SPAIN)

This was our second show in 2008, now supporting another scottish band, the brilliant PRIMARY 5. It was an exhausting weekend. All began the previous night, as Ruth, from VACACIONES, and I went into the Alicante airport to pick up THE PRIMARY 5, and bring them to Murcia. We took them to the hotel, then to a gig in the same venue where they would play the night after. There was a swedish band playing, called TORPEDO. I didn't like them. They were more focused on muscle pop than on the beautiful harmonies that I love. After the gig, we went to La Yeseria Club. When it closed, we made a private party inside. We finally went to sleep a bit at around 7am, but at midday we were woken up, and we took the band to a typical place to eat anything. At the soundcheck we were accompanied by the TV cameras of 'Music On', an interesting program on the Channel 7 TV. The filmed us from the rehearsal room until the soundcheck. We were also interviewed for the TV show. At midnight we finally began our show, a 12-songs set-list, featuring our new songs above all, and including a cover of TEENAGE FANCLUB as a tribute to the PRIMARY 5, as Paul Quinn was playing drums in the 2 best albums by he lovely scottish band. It was "Some people try (to fuck with you)”, the b-side from the “Mellow doubt” single. We were not at our 100% that night, as Jesus, our drummer, was a bit ill, and Pilar had been ill during the week. It was nice that the PRIMARY 5 guys were watching our gig, and they said they loved it. I ended our gig like a possesed and mad kid, making feedback noises with my guitar. Then THE PRIMARY 5 did a nice show, playing their hits from their 2 albums released, and also making some new songs that would be featured in their next album, but in an acoustic format, with Stuart Kidd playing the guitar, and Paul Quinn singing those lovely tunes. They also made "Field of dreams", my favourite one (from their first album). They came on the stage again to make a pair of extra songs, as the audience got crazy with those gorgeous harmonies.